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Lip Monthly is a retail discovery platform for beauty and cosmetic products. They want to the way women discover beauty products by bringing the retail store to their door.

Pucker up and look after your lips

Lip Monthly is a retail discovery platform for beauty and cosmetic products. They want to the way women discover beauty products by bringing the retail store to their door. Lip Monthly is a platform for small and large brands to expose themselves to 750k-1million women on a monthly basis.

At the same time, they’re enabling tens of thousands of women discover niche brands to name brands through the monthly membership service.

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Verified Review - March 2021

Buyer Beware

By Bev

At first, everything was great. Products we’re good, delivery on time. But I have been waiting on my February and March bags and here it is almost April! I am completely done with this service! They can keep that $26 they have screwed me out of (because I don’t think I will ever get the bags). I am rethinking beauty subscription services entirely. Hey, I only have one face.

Verified Review - November 2019

Worse ??

By Mariane Bellini

I had a month to month subscription and I canceled a long time ago and now they just charged me for a year subscription and don’t want to do the refund ???

Verified Review - July 2019

want travel size and samples - not just full size

By Robyn

Had a sub for a year. Cancelling. Want sample size and travel size in my box, not just full size. I can use them for travel, sampling expensive products, and small to put in my makeup bag for an evening out. TOO MANY full size products, and they dry up before I use them up.

Verified Review - June 2019

June 2019 bag

By Harley

In my bag I recieved an all natural lip balm, that retails for $10. It was very nice and hydrating. I got a brown lip liner (definitely not my color) but it went on smoothly and it stayed on without trouble! I got a regular tube of pinkish red lipstick with the brand “lipmontly” on it. It was the best product in the bag. Worth it for sure! Stayed on well and went on smooth. Didnt transfer either! I was actually shocked at this product as I’m not sure the actual cost value, but my husband loved the color on me as well. The worst product was the liquid lipstick. I am DISAPPOINTED in it. It went on great and dried fast, it also was kiss proof! But it wore off fast, started to crack and it was HARD to remove with makeup wipes and remover (made my lips peel trying to take it off!) The color was great but the formula wasn’t good for any longer than 5 minutes unfortunately. The bag everything came in was sort of cute I guess, but I wish I was better quality like ipsy. The zipper gets stuck a lot and the bag has a rough, thin feeling to it.

Verified Review - February 2019

Disapointment-buyer beware.

By Taylor

I give it a 0-as that is what i recieved after 2 payments. Do not order this subscription. While it appears to be a fun way to try products, the products do not deliver. Paid for in Dec 2018 for delivery in Jan 2019, while package shows shipped it was never recieved. Contacted lip monthly, their reply was they have no resposibilty to consumers after product supposedly leaves for shipping. So basically consumers play lip monthly lottery by paying for a subscription then being surprised by if products are actually received. Please report to BBB if this is your experience. This is consumer fraud. This company is promising products, failing to deliver, stealing consumers money.

Verified Review - December 2018

Don't do it

By Rachel

I paid for my subscription in the beginning of October and I haven’t received anything. I’ve contacted them through their site (live chat is always die for maintenance….i got a couple messages back on fb and then ignored completely). It’s now December 11th…they still won’t respond to any of my emails….and won’t return my money….

Verified Review - December 2018

Extremely Unprofessional

By nicolemarie_thatsme

I started out with a 3 month subscription and got 1 month free when I did so. I do review on Instagram including subscription services which is pertinent to the story. The July bag was okay but my August bag which was supposed to be their “Best Of” bag was pretty awful and what made it worse was that I received 2 of the exact same Bellapierre lipsticks, I did post about this and sent 2 emails hoping to resolve the issue but both emails went unanswered. I didn’t post about my September bag because I was so disappointed in the subscription and was happy that it was my last month but apparently it wasn’t because Lip Monthly without my permission charged my credit card for an additional 3 months. I then posted on Instagram about the new issue and again about the August issue that was never taken care of. Well Lip Monthly did see this post and reacted extremely unprofessionaly and very childishly. They sent me DM’s saying that they would refund my money and send me a Bellapierre package, this was a bribe because they would only do these things if I removed my post, I found this to be appalling and when I refused to take it down they started commenting to each follower that commented basically calling me a liar, I am far from okay with this because I have worked hard to gain my followers trust and would never be dishonest about anything, so I did go ahead and block Lip Monthly where they just went ahead and started sending DM’S to my followers that had commented and from what my followers have told me Lip Monthly has told them that they fulfilled everything they said they would with me. Stay very far away from this subscription, they are shady, childish and unprofessional

Verified Review - November 2018


By Rachel

Well. I paid for my subscription to lip monthly on October 11th 2018. It’s now November 28th 201i. I still haven’t received anything. I tried to contact their customer support…i sent maybe 5 emails. Nothing. Finally I posted on their public Facebook post and someone messaged me on Facebook saying that I just needed to be patient… patient would be a couple days late….its almost a month late. Isn’t there laws that require them not to lie about shipping or their “customisation ” that doesn’t exist?

Verified Review - September 2018

Excellent experience ordering a box

By Deepak Shukla

I got this for my partner after stumbling upon their site I don’t quite remember how or when I found them. Anyway I don’t know much about Lipstick (well I know nothing) but what I can say is that we’re several months into this relationship and for the first time I’ve found a company that makes my partner happy

She wears a bunch of this stuff all the time!

Verified Review - August 2018

Just received my bag today!!

By Rebecca

I was blown away on how cute my bag is and I’ve already found a favorite product. I got the Pixi by Petra and absolutely love the Shea Butter Natural Lip balm.

Sign up was easy and I don’t see me cancelling anytime soon.

Verified Review - August 2018

Never Had a Problem, Love the Little Surprises Every Month

By Melanie

By now I have tried almost every makeup subscription box out there, but Lip Monthly and Ipsy are the only ones I still subscribe to. Like most subscriptions not everything you get every month is going to be to your taste. For $12.95 you really can’t ask for too much personalization. However, I’ve found that every box comes along with at least one or two products that I really like (a better average than when I was paying for Birchbox and often a better average than Ipsy) Going recent in August I loved the Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics Play Stain ( a great. lightweight lip and cheek stain, excellent for late summer when the last thing you need is heavy, cakey products) . In July I loved the Estate Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick. I got Lolly and it was fun and again, pretty lightweight and good for summer. Never had an issue with late boxes or overcharges as some here mention.So I’m happy.

Verified Review - August 2018

Love my bag!

By Becky

My bag was full of products that I may not have tried on my own! I’m excited to see what I will get next month.

Verified Review - May 2018

False advertising (rewards)


I do subscription boxes reviews (in spanish). When in 2015 I discovered Lip Monthly, they had a promotion where it says that from EACH REFERRAL you will receive a free month. So, I used my mailing list and my website and refferred over 30 girls over many months period, but they kept on charging me. I emailed “customer service” and they told me that that promotion never happened, that it was a lie. I had screenshots of the promotion ON THEIR WEBSITE as well as at emails they have sent. Im looking at them as we speak, it says: “For each friend who joins, you get 1 month free” (email) and “After each month, you will be able to refer a friend to get next bag free” (website under the Rewards tab). They even sent me an reply to one previous email about other issue (actually to an email I sent them asking how many refferals I had, because they website dont show, it only shows points, and I also asked them if they had a Bloggers Programs with affiliate links) and they told me that she didnt know if they had affiliate links because they have never had a customer referring as much people as I had (remember, this was practically the year they launched).

So I sent them the screenshot of the promotion and they didnt apologize or correct themselves or told me a way to work this out. No. They just told me it wont happen. I told them I wasn’t asking for 30+ months/bags (even if I had the right—the promo said so), but that it would resolve this if they gave just a few bags so I could do a giveaway for my followers. It would be basically marketing FOR THEM, but they just say NO. Nothing more, no alternative solution, no refund, no free months, no bags, not an apology, nothing. I posted briefly about this on my social media and many girls replied with other customer service issues, most of them about billing. I retired this company from my recommendations and dont do reviews on them anymore. If you know a way I can do a formal complaint somewhere (abou the false promotion) please email me at info at micajitapr dotcom

Verified Review - May 2018


By Nancy

This company does not even deserve one star. I never received my first bag. They send proof that is was delivered but it was never delivered. Not worth trying to continue to contact them. They never send notice when your item has been delivered. Boxycharm is the way to go.

Verified Review - May 2018


By Court

LIP MONTHLY IS SO HORRIBLE!! Seriously, do not get it. Every single month they tell me my bag will arrive the 15th of the month, yet I never receive mine until the 20th or later. Also, it’s no MAY and I still haven’t received my APRIL bag. When I email them asking for a refund or free bag they just don’t answer. Hate this and so mad I wasted my money.

Verified Review - February 2018

Lovely Lipsticks and Customer Service

By Donna

I find this service absolutely valuable for the money, quality and quick response from customer service. I love that products are cruelty free, that service is right on time and that customer service has responded in a right and nice way each time I had questions. I could definitely recommend it just so you can try it yourself and see if you’d like it. I personally love it 🙂

Verified Review - January 2018

Worst customer service ever

By Sarah

Cheap, garbage products, skimp on giving you products promised, website doesn’t work and LITERALLY THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER DEALT WITH. They make cancelling your subscription a nightmare. So ridiculous that you can literally have no customer service in this day and age

Verified Review - January 2018

Crooks & thieves

By Sandy

So I ordered let monthly back in November and paid for the five dollar sign up fee and never got a bag. Then was billed 12.95 and December and was billed again in January and I have not received one bag. There’s no phone number to get a hold of these folks so I emailed them. They keep responding they cannot give me a refund and that they’ve contacted the shipping department Etc Etc . All laws. They tell me to cancel my subscription I had to get on my account on their website and then they explained what I had to do once I got there. Well now it’s like I never even had an account with them I can’t sign in under my email. So at this point something has to change and something has to happen I’m not gonna let them just steal my money. So anyone reading this if you’re smart you won’t have anything to do with this these people

Verified Review - January 2018

Garbage products, horrible customer service, late packages

By MeganM

The lipsticks and lipglosses are not always full sized as advertised, they’re often minis, and they’re awful quality at that. The first month, I got a mini lipstick that was orangey and metallic, it had a horrible copper taste and zero pigment, I threw it out because it tasted so disgusting. I got a full sized liquid lipstick–or i think that’s what it is supposed to be–but it has the weirdest texture I’ve ever seen for a lip product. It feels like putting oil on your lips and it doesn’t dry down at all. Even lipsticks and lip glosses dry down a little bit, and with this product it just sat on top of my lips, I had to wipe it off. I’ve never had a lip oil be that oily… I gave it another month to see if the products would improve, and I was again disappointed. The second month, I got a purple liquid lip that smelled exactly like a lip gloss I used to have from Claires, the kiddy store in the malls. You can just tell the products are cheaply made.

They also lost my delivery in the mail in December. While it was supposed to come from December 8-11, it still didn’t arrive. When I asked about it, they sent me an “updated” shipping code (aka they never sent it in the first place.) That was supposed to arrive the 15-19th of December. It did not arrive until the 24th.

Finally, the second month that I did, I signed up for my mom, because she wanted to try the products too, so they were in her name. She was really excited about it and was disappointed when they came late. After that, we had both had enough and we both unsubscribed. But they still charged her for the January box–we do NOT want to pay $13 for utter garbage, dollar store makeup! I emailed customer service and I do not think we can be refunded. Don’t waste your time and money on LipMonthly!

Verified Review - January 2018

My favorite monthly subscription

By CandyRush

I’ve had such an amazing 2017 subscription year as I called it. I subscribed to several subscription services including Lip Monthly and Ipsy and I have to say I prefer Lip Monthly over Ipsy for several reasons. Customer service of lip monthly is just an amazing, their products are cruelty free and their products are a best quality products I’ve used so far. I would recommend it for anyone who is a Lipstick freak like myself. 🙂

Verified Review - December 2017

I've had great experience. Recommend this subscription to EVERYONE

By Jessica

Around a year ago my close friend recommended me this service. I’m 40+ so makeup is the crucial part of my daily life and well being. I must say I was hesitant at first. I Only purchased lipstick or any sort of makeup products on the spot, I don’t shop online and I was completely uneducated when it comes to this. Thanks to my friend I discovered online shopping and the first thing she told me is that I have to use this service. After a year of being the member I must say I’m amazed with how well their products fit my needs. They are cruelty free, light on the skin and most of all original. I can’t stress out enough how important are these things. I’ve had skin reactions on products that are way more expensive. Realizing how healthy and beautiful these products are will make you sign up right away. From scale 1-10 I give it 15. I recommend Lip Monthly to anyone who had bad experience with other Monthly Subscriptions, to people who wanna try real, amazing lipsticks and to all people who just want to have fun and who love makeup. Cheers

Verified Review - December 2017

Lip Monthly Stole From me

By Sedera

Don’t purchase this subscription. They stole my money, never gave me product, blamed me for all of it despite proof from my bank and then the customer support disrespected me via email, lied AGAIN and said they would send me product for my troubles and not only have still not gotten the product or refund but they had the nerve to try and charge me for another month.

Verified Review - November 2017

Monthly Surprise

By Marimi

The products inside the cute little bag are always more than $12.95. I like the feeling that you don’t know what’s inside until you received it. To be honest, I don’t always like the products or colors that I receive every month but I have my mom or friends to whom I can give it to. I’m located outside US so I expect that delivery is more or less a month after it was shipped out. Highly recommended! You’ll never get disappointed because the products are all more than the monthly subscription rate and definitely not leftovers!

Verified Review - November 2017


By Mara

Lip Monthly has great products! i love all of their products!!

Verified Review - November 2017

Happy And Satisfied

By Gina

Subscribed last month and I have a great experience. I’m so happy with the products I got, the lipstick shade are very nice and most of their brands are cruelty free ^_^

Verified Review - November 2017

Unique & Exciting

By France

Lip Monthly is such a great and awesome company. Very unique with other subscriptions boxes and exciting because i get different lip products and cosmetics that i haven’t tried before. Their customer service as very excellent and helpful.

Verified Review - November 2017

Affordable and quality products

By Liza

Lipmonthly has great selections of full-sized lip products. Just got my first bag for $5 and it’s really worth it!!! I got 4 lip products in different shades that I cant wait to try on!!!

Verified Review - November 2017

I love my lip monthly subscription

By Danielle

I;ve been subscribed to lip monthly since september and really LOVE my bag. I haven’t had any issues and their customer service seems fine when I’ve emailed in a ffew times. I would definitely recommend it!

Verified Review - October 2017


By Tiffani


Verified Review - September 2017

Not worth your money

By Araseli B.

I had the subscription for two months; the first month bag arrived on August 23 even though my bank account was charged on the 1st it took 22 days to arrive. On the first box I received ONE product that I was able to use as the other products were colors that do not go well with my skin tone. I just canceled my subscription today after two months the second bag i really did not like any of the products and the bag also arrived just yesterday on the 21st so to spend money in something you WILL NOT USE IS NOT WORTH IT. I did not had to contact customer service, but I logged in into my account and canceled from there then an email was sent offering discount to keep subscription otherwise a link is attached to continue with the cancelation. I have other subcription boxes and they all arrive within 10 days of my account being charged so im not sure why this happens with Lipmonthly

Verified Review - September 2017


By Nat

I say subscriber beware….just check out their BBB site, they have an F rating with 36 unresolved complaints, mine included. Even their own Facebook page has tons of comments with people posting about their issues. I NEVER RECEIVED MY FIRST BAG, I cancelled. They confirmed my cancellation via email, and proceeded to charge my card $43 FIVE DAYS AFTER CANCELLING MY ACCOUNT! I love subscription companies but this is the worst I have ever dealt with….how they get away with a policy of NOT issuing refunds is beyond me. Hands down the most deceptive company with the worst customer service and the most fraudulent billing practices I have ever dealt with.

Verified Review - August 2017

Not worth it at all

By Danielle

Save your money. When you try to cancel they won’t let you. Get boxycharm instead. You get 5 full size products rather than little samples you won’t use like with lip monthly.

Verified Review - August 2017

Dishonest and Not Worth Your Time or Money

By Savannah

This subscription is Not worth your time or money or Frustration! I tried to cancel but they charged me again and sent another box. They advised after a request to cancel is submitted they email and ask you to confirm-it’s at the bottom of a schpeel about something else so I missed it. Okay moving on, they then sent me a bag with Nothing that met my preferences. Their Facebook advised everyone would get a specific lip liner-I didn’t. It’s like I got leftovers because I tried to cancel. I received a BROWN lipstick, a GOLD eye shadow crayon, a pale/very light glittery “lipstick” and a bright pink lipgloss. Nothing sent matches my profile (age or coloration or preferences.) Very unsatisfactory. I can’t wear any of these items and I was charged after asking that they unsubscribe me!

Verified Review - August 2017

Extremely unhappy!

By Don’t recommend

I received my first lip monthly bag and decided I did not want to continue my subscription. I canceled their website about 3 weeks before the next billing cycle. They still charged my account and refused to refund me even though I have an email saying I was canceling on the date that I originally cancelled. They said that cancelation email wasn’t enough to show I canceled. Because of them, I received an overdraft fee from my bank that I had to pay. I will never recommend them to anyone every again as I am very displeased with how they treat customers.

Verified Review - July 2017

Horrible Experience!

By Unhappy

They have gotten HORRIBLE!!! I am ao angry with this company right now!
After over a year with this subscription box and being 100% happy with them something has changed.. for the last 4 or 5 months my boxes were coming at over a month late, I had to write to them every month just to even get my box sent even though they had taken the money out of my account on the 1st of every month still they didn’t send my boxes until I contacted them. The at my renewal I signed up to go from a yearly paid account to a monthly paid account , after trying several times I did get it switched an got confirmation that my account had been switched to a monthly account.. then this month comes an yet AGAIN I do not receive my box, so I contacted them AGAIN , they told me that I had not signed up for a monthly account I told them I had a confirmation that showed I did and I sent them a copy of it.. They never apologized never admitted their mistake an so I decided to end my subscription with them permanently.. I would seriously suggest NOT doing business with this company they do NOT care about their subscribers and even when faced with a mistake THEY MADE they refuse to admit it or even apologize for it. Going as far as dismissing proof that the account had been changed to a monthly account, proof was shown an I was still treated like I was an idiot. Never again with these guys! ever!

Verified Review - July 2017

Don't waste your money

By rae

I subscribed for 5 months. I only got a few colors I will actually wear. The customization is a joke. There is no way to write reviews and get rewards points. And the bag they sent last month was nothing more than a cinch tie muslin bag. When I tried to cancel, they send you an email that you have to do a second step to cancel (which I didn’t see). I guess I just assumed that if I’ve told you I want to cancel once, I shouldn’t have to repeat myself. So, they charged my card anyway after I cancelled. Then they offered a refund, then they said they could’t do the refund. Don’t waste your money. Really bad service.

Verified Review - April 2017

Lip Monthly nightmare!

By Tefta

Never sign up for them! They are so shady! I signed up for the March bag, didn’t get it till March 29th, logged into my account to change it into 4 month subscription, they charged me for 4 months right away and another month for $12.95. When I contacted them, they said they’ll refund me the one for 4 month and never mentioned anything about the extra month. When I asked again, they came back with “we regret to inform you that we have already started shipping, and hope you understand” ….how you ship when costumers don’t get their product till the end of month and when I asked you to cancel? Ipsy is amazing and their costumer service is great! Lip Monthly is a nightmare!

Verified Review - March 2017

not great

By Jessica

I signed up to lip monthly for 4 months. I got one of my friends to sign up and should have received a free bag (I did not). I emailed lip monthly to make sure that my friend referral was received (it was not reflected on my account) and was advised that it was there. I asked them if I didn’t want another four months would I still get my free bag? I was told to downgrade my subscription to monthly and I would get my free bag. Now let me just make this clear, I was not happy with the products I received so I knew after about 2 months that I didn’t want this subscription anymore. I’ve had a few make-up mail subscriptions and this, although full sized products, was the worst! I downgraded and did not receive my free bag. I messaged customer service again and was told my account was canceled…. Customer service was horrible. Every email comes from a different rep and nothing gets accomplished. I eventually gave up after a month of emailing back and forth.
I would advise anyone looking for something new to try not to sign up for this subscription. Go with ipsy, top box, or boxy charm.

Verified Review - February 2017

Great and fast

By Hadi

They forgot to put a lipstick in the bag but they emailed me back that they will send it! I’m very pleased! Great customer service! The products are full sized as well!

Verified Review - December 2015


By MakeupBySehar

This company is a complete scam! There are so many people that have billing/ customer service issues. They delete negative comments from their social media to make themselves look better and than block the people. Their customer service is terrible, I didn’t get my issue resolved for over a month!!! Please BEWARE!! There are also so many complaints against them at the Better Business Bureau.

Read my complete blog on them at

I have links to other blogs/articles with similar issues.

Verified Review - November 2015

Love Lip Monthly!!!

By Amy Wajda

Lip Monthly is an awesome subscription, for 10.00 a month you get to try all name brand Lip Sticks & Lip Glosses soo worth the money!! They come in a cute makeup bag and you get a card with it showing you the retail prices of them it’s worth way more than what you paid for the bag!! Give it a try! I love it!!

Verified Review - November 2015

Amazing monthly box

By Bridget

I just got my first box, and I’m blown away by how many amazing products you get for only $10 bucks a month. I can’t wait to see what comes next month. 🙂 you will not be disappointed!

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