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SCENT BOX is an affordable and fun way for members to seek out and sample wonderful new designer fragrances each and every month. Each month you'll choose a 30-day supply of a new designer fragrance that we'll send right to your door.

Designer fragrance monthly box

Scent Box is an affordable and fun way for members to seek out and sample wonderful new designer fragrances each and every month. Each month you’ll choose a 30-day supply of a new designer fragrance that we’ll send right to your door, choose from over 650 designer fragrances and get them delivered right to your door in our signature keepsake box.

Free Shipping & cancel anytime! At only $13.95/mo Scent Box is affordable luxury that beats the competition. Scent Box has both women’s and men’s designer fragrances so it’s a great option for everyone.

Scent Box was started by two brothers just like you, fragrance lovers that loved to try new and different scents all the time. With over 1000 new fragrances launched each year, they found it difficult and expensive to try new scents. They went on a mission to develop a better way to explore and discover new and amazing designer fragrances….and Scent Box was born.

We also have gift subscriptions that is the perfect gift for any fragrance lover. Let them choose scents each month that they love, perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, holidays, etc.

Currently delivering in the US only.

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Verified Review - September 2021

Scents don’t last

By James Pelton

The scents don’t last. Obviously not the real colognes.

Verified Review - July 2021

Nice Variety

By Mrs B

I have been using scent box for a year now and I like it. I’ve had no issues with exchanges and when I don’t want to be billed I just pause my subscription. After pausing for a few months I had to email customer support to activate it again and the representative was pleasant. I will continue using this service because I like trying different perfumes and Scentbox helped me find my signature scent.

Verified Review - February 2020

Worse company I ever bought from

By Leah

I ordered from them and then tried to cancel my account on Jan 22, 2020, the customer service rep said it was canceled and I saw it was canceled under my account. On Feb 21, 2020 I was charged again. I called again and they said that I didn’t cancel my account so they won’t refund my money. Calling me a liar. Like what the hell. I wasn’t very nice when I called the first time I canceled this account so I believe that’s why the customer service rep changed it. I know I shouldn’t of acted that way but that still doesn’t give them the right to do what they are doing.

Verified Review - December 2019

True Treat

By Nikita C.

I subscribed three months ago as a lover of high end fragrance who wanted freedom to always be trying something new. Not disappointed at all. My account is charged on the 21st monthly and scents ship on the 28th. Products are well protected in shipping and the gold shipping envelope feels exciting after a long day.

I keep fragrances in my purse and the atomizers are easy to use, don’t leak, and don’t take up my space in my purse. I have gotten so many compliments and my boyfriend loves it. Easier to pick up a scent he likes without a trip to Macy’s or the like. The fragrance counters can be like running a gauntlet.

For me, it works and it works well.

Verified Review - December 2019

Great customer service

By Windsor

My credit card was stolen and when I reached out to scent box to get it refunded they did it very fast and was wonderful throughout the experience. They even gave the address and other information to give to the police. This company handled everything wonderfully!

Verified Review - November 2019

DONT DO IT!!!!!!

By Rjones90805

I was offered an introductory offer of $9.95 then regular billing at $14.95 when requesting my next order for the following month every request was considered a premium subscription. Feeling like this was a scam I told them to cancel my service! They sent me a upgraded item I didn’t order and charged my card! I told them to cancel! They said it’s already preparing for shipment and they don’t take returns! They charged me card $3.95 and $19.95 now the won’t answer the phone from my number. THIS IS A SLEEZE BAG OPERATION!!!! DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE!!

Verified Review - October 2019

Subscribed for 3 far..Great!

By Greg

They deliver and bill on time. They offer free exchanges if you don’t like the fragrance. So far, I exchanged one, and was sent another scent (of my choosing) within a reasonable time, without hassle. Have nothing but good things to say about them.

Verified Review - July 2019

Don’t use Scentbox

By Christine

I purchased a 6 month subscription as a gift for my mom last Christmas and she has received one month. Customer service never calls me back and I’ve been emailing with a representative since March that keeps giving me different excuses and ignores my requests for a refund. I have used scentbird in the past with no issues I highly recommend them over Scentbox. This has been a terrible experience.

Verified Review - May 2019

So impressed

By Jess

I am beyond amazed with the customer service.. My husband didn’t a fragrance i had chosen for him, and not only was it replaced for free but it was very speedy and I always recieved a response from customer service with in a timely manner.. I am so satisfied with the service… Thank you so much .. I am defiantly recommending..

Verified Review - March 2019


By B


Verified Review - March 2019

Horrible customer service

By Nikki

I was new to the subscription process and received an unfavorabl scent. I sent an email to inquire about the return process, after never receiving a reply I opted to call. I was so extremely disappointed in the employee Florence who identified herself as the business manager. She was rude, lacked integrity and professionalism. She disconnected the call twice after speaking over me and not allowing me to address my concerns. I will never patronize an organization that clearly doesn’t value its consumers.

Verified Review - March 2019

Best Perfume Subscription

By Suzie

I was drawn in by their large selection, I was hesitant though because I had a bad experience with another perfume subscription. I was pleasantly surprised though, my first month came quickly and in the cutest packaging. I’ve been with them 4 months now and have loved the fragrances I’ve gotten, and haven’t had any issues with slow delivery. I really like that they send a full case each month as well, I’ve got a nice collection of fragrances now, definitely a great deal and exciting to get new fragrances each month.

Verified Review - March 2019

Signed up never received anything

By Jennifer Thomas

I was so excited to sign up. Waited a whole then I contacted customer service. The reps name was Dottie that I spoke to. She was very rude and was not helpful. She kept telling me that my order was shipped. I never received anything.

Verified Review - December 2018

Horrible customer service

By Mariko

I had signed up for the premium option and I have been subscribed for several months. I received the wrong perfume one month so I contacted their customer service via email. They wanted me to send them back the wrong perfume and in the mean time, they would send me the correct one. I told them that for how much the monthly cost is, it’s not worth taking the time out of my day to send this back to them. It was their mistake and me sending them a picture of the incorrect perfume should be enough, especially since they won’t be able to use it again anyway.
The customer rep I was talking to was Dottie and she told me that it takes 5 min to send it back…. which it would if I had my own free standing mailbox, but I don’t and the package will not fit in the letter box that we have. Just very rude and she treated me like I was a dumb kid that’s never had to return items before.

Verified Review - October 2018

Beware of SCENTBOX! Scammers

By Sunny

If i can rate Scentbox a negative star rating, I would in a flash. When i first signed up for Scentbox, I was hoping it was going to be better than Scentbird. My first payment was made and received my fragrance within maybe a week or so. Impressed by the packaging and whatnot. However, month 2’s payment was taken out on the day it was supposed to, but i didnt get my package for almost 2-3 weeks later. I didnt like that theyre quick to take your money but slow to ship your items. It should not be like that! Also, whoever is running their email customer service department is not courteous at all. So i decided to cancel my subscription after only two months, on Sept 21. So im thinking everything is ok. Nope! I go to check my bank acct and notice they have taken October’s payment out on Oct 7! a whole $21.95 (deluxe subscription). Didnt understand how this happened especially if i cancelled my subscription on Sept 21. I wrote in, on Oct 11, demanding that i receive my refund. They gave me the run around for a couple of days, sending me false emails making it seem like i reinstated my account on Sept 25 in which i did not. After about 4 days i finally received an email stating i will be receiving my refund. However, today is October 31 and i looked online and I still see my October fragrances labled “Sent”. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SCENTBOX EVER! They will bill you on time each month and have you waiting forever for a package, and they are scammers!

Verified Review - October 2018



i signed up for scentbox bout a month ago. 1st subscription was on time and exactly what i ordered. on 10-19-18, my 2nd subscription arrived but the perfume bottle was completely empty. you could tell not a drop of liquid had ever been in the container. i called cs and emailed. received an email saying sorry and that another would be shipped. I honestly feel like i should have my money reimbursed for the inconvenience. I’m thinking about trying scentbird, they have more of selection anyway.

Verified Review - August 2018


By Alon

Wow, absolutely a waste of time and money. I am deeply offended by what scam artists and liars these people are. I was sent two fragrances that I was already familiar with and knew what to expect from: Gucci Bamboo and Angel; both absolutely stunning fragrances which last and last (if they are real). However, the samples Scentbox sent me were extremely, and I mean extremely weak, especially Angel; which is renowned for its power and presence. The Angel sample I received didn’t last more than five minutes, literally…and that’s me being generous. Seriously, don’t waste your time and money with Scentbox. Go to Scentbird! I have tried their subscription as well and every fragrance they sent me was 100% legit. Scentbox is an absolute rip-off scam. Don’t waste your time and your money.

Verified Review - July 2018



I have been a scent box customer for about 5 months now- and I LOVE it. If you are debating between scentbird and scentbox, DO NOT GO WITH SCENTBIRD. First of all, scent box gives you a new case with every perfume, their shipping takes literally two days, the customer service reps are responsive and get back to you in a timely manner, AND its cheaper than scentbird! I had so many issues with scentbird, they were constantly billing me incorrectly and never getting back to me. Two perfumes with scent box is just $21 a month, thats an AWESOME deal. They even send you different color cases so you can pick and choose which ones you want to use. Very happy customer, good job Scentbox.

Verified Review - July 2018

Scent Box

By Kelly

I did not like this subscription. Received in the mail first box was broken. Contacted customer service and no one answered. Did not reply to any emails either. I also had a problem to cancel. It was a waste of money. It took forever for me to even box.

Verified Review - June 2018

Disatified customer

By Tammy

They say you can pick out your perfume but it only happened once for me and my recent scent I can’t stand it!! I’ve tried to put in my preference several times to No prevail.,….. remind you I’m very disappointed… please please help before I cancel.,,……

Verified Review - April 2018

Stinky Service

By Jerod

This service has been a nightmare. Joined 12/17 and the first two months were great! Then the nightmare began.
My third shipment was never received yet was marked “completed” in the status section. I waited patiently for a week and then reached out. The customer service person was cordial and apologetic and promised to rectify immediately. Well I waited another two weeks and nothing. I reached out again and was told they had an issue with their system and some members were affected. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP! I never received a notification although they admitted they were aware of the situation. Wasted my time.

The most frustrating aspect is thatnits IMPOSSIBLE to keep your monthly selections in your “calendar”. If you receive a shipment at all don’t expect it to be what you initially selected. EVERY time I check my calendar they have made a change to some random cheap scent.

I’ve decided to share my experience now because I’m waiting on my fourth shipment again. Said it was completed a month ago. Nothing from luxury scent box except the charge on my card. I’ve cancelled, hopefully that doesn’t take months to take effect!

The product if received does appear to be legit. I brought them to a department store for comparison and could tell no difference. I cannot make any claims that they sell imitation products.

Buyer beware!

Verified Review - March 2018

Great Value - Awesome Company

By Cece

I love the ability to pick my monthly fragrances, the little bottles are awesome to carry in your purchase, and customer service has responded quickly to my questions. Great way to sample different scents without going broke on one scent you might not like! Love the site!

Verified Review - February 2018

Excellent service and shipping

By Tabitha

It’s worth the money after all you’re trying out fragrances without wasting money on a full bottle that you just may not like.
So no need to say you don’t like the company. I am a perfume queen. I love fragrances and especially when they are beautifully packaged.
I love the cute packaging from scent box and the sleek black atomizer that house the juice.
I was using scentbird but the only problem with them is shipping and they don’t give a case to house the fragrance but so every often.
I’m staying with scentbox as long as they are still around. A place that has niche and designer fragrances. I say scentbox is a winner!!

Verified Review - January 2018


By Margarita

I canceled my subscription but was still charged. When I called they informed me they couldn’t do anything. I paid for a premium perfume but received a perfume from the standard section. The perfume smelled horrible. Couldn’t get a return or refund for this purchase that I didn’t want. All this company can say is “sorry but we can’t assist you with that.” DO NOT JOIN !

Verified Review - December 2017



I tried scentbox thinking it would be interesting to try different fragrances at a reasonable price but after 2 deliveries I decided it was not for me. The frustration that I have is they advertise it is quick and easy to cancel but their website does not have a cancellation option that I can find to save my life.

Does, anyone know how to CANCEL?, I have left a voicemail along with emailing me.

Verified Review - September 2017

Happy customer! Plus I smell good too ?

By Linda

I researched and read as many reviews that I could find on all the companies that offered this type of service. I was actually surprised that I didn’t find much on YouTube or web for ScentBox….but I guess the “other” companies send out free product and sponsor certain YouTubers to get their name out there. I must say I was a bit nervous when it came down to making my choice, but I figured since Scentbox was willing to offer the 50% off the first month, if I didn’t like my experience, I would just cancel and be out $6.98. So I went for it, and boy am I HAPPY I did! From the sign up and the ease of choosing the calendar scents….I was constantly aware of my shipment progress. I was disappointed I had to wait 1 week before my shipment was sent out because of the time of the month I signed up at, but once it shipped from CA…I got it in 3 days! The packaging was very professional and I was very impressed with the color coordination they use for the atomizer, PLUS I will get a new color every month….AWESOME! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company.

Verified Review - May 2017

So far so good

By Amanda

Thus far im satisfied I received notification of my shipment as advised prior to my subscription. I received my first box as promised on time and I’m super satisfied with my first fragrance I chose so looking forward to my next month’s fragrance.

Verified Review - April 2017

Scentbox Review

By Leah

I recently received my third frangrance from I have always been a perfume lover and knew I was at a point in my life where I wanted to find a new scent for myself. My first scent was Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium which I LOVE! The company indicates it is a 30 day supply and I still have most of the bottle. However, I do not wear it daily because I work in an office setting and stronger scents are never a good idea. I love having the option of several scents at my disposal depending upon my mood when I do wear it. The 2nd scent I received was Gucci Bamboo and I HATED it! Personally I think it smells cheap and gives me an immediate headache. The nice thing is that I’m only out $15 dollars. I gave the scent away to someone who liked it. My most recent and third scent is Judith Lieber’s Night which I also like. I choose my first 12 scents right off the bat based on the types of scents I like (oriental, spicy, woodsy). Another great thing is when I do find the scent that I have to buy a full size bottle of, I also get a discount on my purchase. If you are a fragrance lover, its worth a try!

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