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Book of the Month is a subscription box service that will send you the best picked books of the month, selected by their panel of Judges

The best books, delivered monthly

Each month the panel of Judges selects a limited number of exceptional books to offer to you. Book of the Month announces New Selections on the first of the month, and members have six days to decide which book (or books) they would like to receive. Book of the Month ship books to all of the members at the same time, so members can read and participate in the discussion forum as a group. One book per month is included in the membership fee, and members can purchase up to two additional books each month for $9.99 per title.

Books ship after the 6th day of each month and you will receive an email confirmation when your monthly box ships.  There are currently three membership plans to choose from, but you get the most bang for your buck when you select the 12-month plan. Shipping is always free. The cost of the plans are:

1-month plan = $16.99 per month
3-month plan = $44.97, per month $14.99
12-month plan = $143.88, per month $11.99

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Verified Review - May 2021

Not worth signing up

By readinganyone

I was hesitant going into the Book of the Month subscription, but they had a book that I was PSYCHED for for only $9.99 (the price for your first month) so I caved and subscribed. I didn’t realize that they charge your account every month without any sort of notification. I wasn’t aware of this (since I was month-by-month I naively assumed that I paid only on months where I chose a book and if I didn’t choose any, it would pass that month). The only way that I found out was when my bank account was charged and I flipped out. There is no way to be refunded, so you can cancel your account. But you know how I still got charged when I hadn’t chosen a book (because most of the books are wayyy out of my interest range and I have heard this from many others), I got a “credit.” This could be used on one book. Not a backlist book as they call them “add-ons,” but it had to be a book of the month. However, if you cancel your account your credit is completely lost. So I don’t like any of the books but I have $17 that I unknowingly paid for. Now every month I have to set an alarm (since, again, there is no warning email) to check if, by some completely random odds, there is a book that I like. Of course there isn’t so I have to skip that month. I forgot one month to do it and got charged again. Now I have 2 credits and I don’t want to waste them, but it is very anxiety-inducing knowing that I could get charged.

Also, the BotM logo printed on the cover/spine is ugly AF and I am pretty unhappy with it. So, overall, I would highly recommend to not use Book of the Month. It is nothing but a scam to take your money.

Verified Review - March 2018

BOTM scams its customers

By Jules

They should rename themselves to “scam of the month.” I spent $80 on a gift membership and received a “free” credit. When you claim your credit, you get signed up for a membership and get charged, even if you don’t buy anything else, and even though it says “$0” at checkout. After I saw the charge, I called for a refund, and they refused to provide one, although I didn’t buy anything besides my “free” book.

Verified Review - November 2015

I love it!

By Heather

I received a 3-month subscription to Book of the Month as a gift and I love it! Unlike other book subscriptions, you are provided five book choices. So far I’ve received 3 books, 2 of which happened to be on my to-read list (got a free extra book for filling out a survey this month). The books ship really fast and I think it’s a great deal for hardcover books. I like it so much, I plan on asking for another 3-months as a Christmas gift!

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