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Switch is a new designer jewelry rental subscription service that allows members to rent jewelry, any piece of jewelry, for $29 per month

Designer Jewelry for $29/month

Switch is a new designer jewelry rental subscription service that allows members to rent jewelry, any piece of jewelry, for $29 per month. It is the first and only service that allows members to rent jewelry by brands like Hermes, Chanel, David Yurman, and more.

The introductory “Gold” plan let’s you rent one piece of jewelry for $29 per month. The intermediate “Platinum” plan gives you access to two pieces of jewelry at a time for $49. The highest “Black” plan gets you three pieces for $69/month. Regardless of your plan, you get access to every piece in the Switch collection.

In addition to the global luxury brands, Switch also carries some fine jewelry–we’re talking 18K gold and diamonds! They’ve been featured in WhoWhatWear, The Knot, and the LA Times, amongst others.

Shipping is always free, members can keep jewelry for as long as they want, and they can exchange their pieces as often as they please!

For the time being, Switch is only available in the US.

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Verified Review - August 2019


By Stephanie

I was so excited to try this subscription. The $500 “24 hr hold” on your credit card is an absolute nightmare to get back! DO NOT DO THIS!! First of all it should be explained a lot better when you go to sign up. You really don’t get much of an explanation that they’ll be taking this out of your account. I signed up on Tuesday, on Wednesday the money was still not released back into my account. I sent an email Thursday and they sent back a screen shot trying to prove the money had been released and that I should see it back in my account that day. It’s now Friday night and I still don’t have this money back!!! I sent yet another email and I’m waiting to hear back from them.

Verified Review - August 2019

Life changer

By Bailey

I gave switch a try after my friend recommended it to me. I was so impressed by the selection of not only designer jewelry I was familiar with, but also cool new designers that I’ve grown to love. I cannot tell you how easy this service is to use— almost seems too good to be true. Quick shipping, great customer service, wide selection, and great price (I pay $49/month to rent 2 pieces at a time). <333

Verified Review - August 2019

Amazing customer service!

By Michelle

I absolutely love this subscription service! I’ve saved close to a thousand dollars that I would’ve spent on buying jewelry just through their black plan. Whenever I see a piece that I like that’s been borrowed, their stellar customer service always helps me pick out something similar that’s available! I always look forward to picking out a new Gucci or Sophie Rather piece each month to mix brand name and fine pieces.

Verified Review - July 2019


By Danielle

Value: The value is really incredible. $29 a month to rent jewelry from the likes of Chanel Dior and Gucci. It’s a dollar a day.
Love: The quality and style of the pieces really fit me and I love that you’re able to choose your own pieces.
Delivery: I get my pieces in 2-3 days and their turnaround times are quick. I honestly haven’t switched much. I’ve held onto these diamond earrings from do not disturb for a while now
Customer Service: The best. Response time is within minutes and they really know how to help when you’re in a crunch.

Overall I think Switch is really underrated. It’s a great compliment to my current rotation. They’re constantly making changes to cater the customer. I also love how you can earn purchase credit toward buying pieces. Highly highly recommend

Verified Review - July 2019

Absolutely obsessed!

By Chrissy

I randomly came across the Switch Instagram page last week and decided to check out their website and it has been the best thing I ever did when it comes to a subscription!

I haven’t been that keen in the past on subscriptions and tend to think they’re a waste of money but for switch— I think the opposite. You get to choose luxury jewelry (gold, white gold, diamonds etc) and rent them at such an affordable monthly price and what’s even better is that you get credit toward purchasing items that are already at a discounted rate!

On top of that, I’ve been a pain in the a** and have emailed them about waitlists, how the pre authorization works, even accidentally deleted my email with the tracking number for my package and they have responded literally within minutes!

This is such a fresh and exciting take on fashion, jewelry and overall subscriptions in general. I would recommend this jewelry service to anyone who loves fashion, jewelry, switching up their style and who gets bored easily and likes to invest in jewelry without spending a ton of money doing so

Verified Review - July 2019

Tried to sign up, but it's just very, very sketchy

By NotThrilled

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. Upon attempting to sign up for a membership, it kept “declining” my card, however my CC company is showing their pending charges just fine on their end….over $500 worth.

I have attempted emailing, calling, etc these people to find out what is going on, and I cannot get a hold of anyone. At the very least this is poor customer service and IT/Web design. But I have a uneasy feeling that this is fraud on their part.

I’m still out $500, and no “membership” or access to their “services” at all, at present. Hoping that my CC company will set them straight.

Verified Review - June 2019

Good idea - terrible execution - customer service is fine if you have no problems

By Elaine M

I’ve had a subscription for a year. It had a “waitlist” in the beginning. It’s to be expected while in startup mode and ramping up. Several issues during the year:
* items showing as available, added to “closet” for shipping suddenly not available due to computer issue.
* delays with packing and shipping the items. New options were added for you to pay for expedited shipping each time.
* wrong item shipped.

Each time something goes wrong you will get offered $10-$20 credit towards anything you want to purchase. This is useless when you do pick out something you want and it’s “borrowed”… effectively it’s not available to you. The catch is you have to keep paying the monthly subscription indefinitely until the item is returned and made available to be borrowed.

There is no waitlist and no notification for anything “borrowed” that you have your eye on. Most of the nicer items are always “borrowed”.

There is no history of borrowed items online. You have to email their not to stellar customer service.

The website glitches from to time. The “favorites” page is where you can bookmark what you like however it keeps losing pieces I’ve bookmarked and I have to go search for it again to rebookmark.

It’s fine if you are ok with one (maybe two) shipment a month picking from whatever’s available. Customer service goes downhill outside of this expectation.

Do yourself a favor and skip the subscription costs – buy used from ebay or knock offs and save yourself the hassle of dealing with joinswitch customer service.

Verified Review - May 2019

Long overturn in rental

By Fire

Jewelry is beautiful. At least the 2 pieces I rented so far looked better in person than the pics. The delivery came fast. But after sending it back to get my next piece, It’s been 5 days already and yet my closet still says pieces are still out. Meaning the overturn is way tooooo slow and I don’t think I’ll be getting a month worth of rental. I’m pretty sure I will be canceling my membership.

Verified Review - April 2019

Amazing customer service, fantastic selection: love, love, love.

By Andie

I don’t know why there are negative reviews on this company! Switch is an AMAZING service! I was very hesitant at first, because I wasn’t sure of the authenticity of the items, but I quickly realized that everything is genuine and also, everything is in great condition! May I also add, I questioned a piece’s authenticity once and the customer service agent forwarded me right to the place they purchased it, a site which has a stellar history of providing authentication services. So, yes, I have had to contact customer service several times, but I’ve always found them to be responsive, kind and extremely knowledgeable. In fact, for a store that specializes in designer jewelry, I find them to be incredibly down-to-earth and warm — and that’s not easy to do by email, so I commend them. I’ve been a Switch customer for over a year (February ’18) and I regret nothing. Try it out 🙂

Verified Review - April 2018

Do not sign up!

By Unhappy

I wouldn’t recommend this company to anyone. The customer service is horrible and I feel like the company is a joke to be honest.
I follow many bloggers hundreds of thousands of followers who at some point has tried to promote this company.
I plan on letting them know what has gone on and after ready some other things and investigating a little more, it seems that this is a regular problem…
I don’t think any known/big blogger will want to promote a company like this.

Verified Review - November 2017

Nice selection, but untrustworthy/disappointing customer service

By Rhiannon

I was so excited to try Switch – mostly to mix and match bracelets and see if there was a particular piece I loved enough to buy. I was first disappointed that they charge you once you sign up for membership – meaning, you begin paying for the “month” of rental even before they ship out the jewelry to you. So in my case, I had paid for “4 days of rental” even before I got any of my pieces.

Secondly, their customer service sounds like a really disgruntled, entitled teen. It’s now my second month of this service, and I have gone back and forth with their customer service because USPS has delayed the delivery. Instead of apologizing and trying to provide me information, they have not called USPS ONCE to see what was going on with my delivery. When I told them that I was upset because I have been paying for a week of “rental membership” with no rentals, they said they would ship out another 2 pieces to makeup for it. Those 2 pieces (4 days later) still have not shipped out. So I’m still without anything. They haven’t agreed to refund me. Overall I like the pieces they have, but jesus their operation is so cumbersome and annoying – and NOT customer-centric.

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