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Wohven gives customers an alternative to shopping for that perfect men's t-shirt, and instead deliver it directly to your door each month for as little as $11/mo. Free shipping and no hidden fees.

Premium Tees. Non-premium Price.

Wohven gives customers an alternative to shopping for that perfect men’s t-shirt, and instead deliver it directly to your door each month for as little as $11/mo. Free shipping and no hidden fees.

On top of that they offer a blank version, or a uniquely designed tee by a new artist each month. Join thousands of men around the country changing the way they shop for tees.

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Verified Review - April 2021

Woven. They trash potential customers online

By Xanadu

I liked the T-shirt’s and design from the ads but if you read their comment page they are literally trashing people online for comments they don’t like. For that alone I didn’t finish my purchase. It’s like they’re trying to sabatoge their own brand. They are not even defending themselves but just trashing people they don’t like. . It’s horrible PR.

Verified Review - July 2020

Good - But I Cannot Recommend


Just my two cents from doing tons of research and reading reviews like these. Over all, the quality and fit are great. Especially for the cost. The wear and tear on these are decent especially if you wash them as they recommend. A word of warning, their customer service is VERY poor and almost seems a bit unethical. They will not let you return a shirt ever for any reason and they will not refund you. I was sent a shirt with a hole in it and sent another shirt that was not the color I selected and I was told, “well, that’s just too bad. we’ll try harder next time” Also my very first order I though I was getting different color shirts but ended up being the same color. They said I would know that if I read the FAQ which describes graphic t-shirts and not solid color t-shirts. I would rather pay a bit more for my shirts at a more ethical customer service friendly company than waste anymore time with a garbage company that although has a decent product does not care about the people they are selling their product too.

Verified Review - June 2019

5 stars!

By Patrick

I love the shirts! Good quality, great designs and the price is right. I wear them all the time and people like them, not uncommon to get asked where I got it: “Sign up on Wohven!”

Verified Review - February 2019

Very Unprofessional Company , no returns, no refunds , WATCH OUT!!

By Tim

Got the first shirt a Large which is my size , doesn’t fit, so they tell me they will send an XL next month , that doesn’t fit , now they want to send me a XXL , I just want to cancel and get a refund , but Oh nooo! They don’t do refunds or returns or even have a telephone number. Endless emails. Horrible customer service! Save your money because no satisfaction here!

Verified Review - January 2019

The best men's t-shirt subscription!

By MonthlySubscriptionBoxes.net

I get Wohven every month and I looove it! The t-shirt designs are minimalistic and timeless – and the tees are soft and wash very well! We can’t wait to get a new t-shirt every month!

Verified Review - January 2019

This company is a horrible, stay away!

By Randall

This company is a scam, they don’t have a phone number to call when there are problems and they only use email. I ordered a new subscription and they sent me old designs. I contacted them and they will do nothing to fix the issue. It has been endless emails back and forth and they will not resolve the issue. They will not refund my money or allow me to return the shirt. VERY dishonest to send multiple of the same design and not fix the mistake that the COMPANY made! STAY AWAY! The hems on multiple of the shirts that I have are already coming unravelled and un stitched. Poor quality customer service and a product that doesn’t hold up.

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