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Hand-picked healthy snacks. Healthy and some not so healthy snacks delivered to your home or workplace.

Hand-picked healthy snacks

Healthy and some not so healthy snacks delivered to your home or workplace. Pick the snacks you like – choose from over 100 – and then Graze handpicks a selection of four in to a letterbox size package and mails it to you.

Graze also offer other specific boxes, like breakfast selection and also low calorie boxes – all 50-150 calories each (are people REALLY still counting calories in 2015?) although maybe dedicated low carb, low sugar, gluten free etc boxes may be more on trend. They also offer Goody Box selections – perfect for kids, which I am guessing includes big kids (you’re 35!!).

Snacks on offer include nuts, dried fruit, dips, olives and seeds, as well as some well-deserved flapjacks, cakes, popcorn and natural treats.

Graze do push a healthy motto, but they are pretty clear that Graze is not suitable for people with allergies. All the food is packed in the same place, so cross-contamination between any of the ingredients is likely to occur. Snacks may contain traces of gluten, eggs, peanuts, soya, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, and sesame.

Cancellation is easy, although as the boxes are put together in advance, you do need to give them a couple of days notice to make sure there is not already one winging its way to you!

If you’re looking for accessible healthy snacking that will have you reaching for nuts, olives and the like instead of crisps and choccie bars, you should definitely give Graze a try!

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Verified Review - February 2016

Love graze

By Jade

Amazing service. Was shocked on how fast it came. Loveing the jaffa flapjack ???? This box gave me a chance to try new things I’ve never tried. Great for the whole family my mums a big fan of the rubarb and pear mix. Beautiful cant wait to order agin ????

Verified Review - January 2016

Friday Treat day from Graze ????

By Karen

Friday for me is a little bit like Christmas Day, well it’s nearly the same! It’s the day the postman delivers my Graze box! I look forward to what treat/snack I’m going to be surprised with! And have to say I’m never disappointed, great value for money and perfect variety!
Love the savoury ones as much as the seeeet treats! ????
Everyone should have a graze box in their life!!

Verified Review - January 2016

Awesome snacks

By Rachael

Awesome snacks, always delivered on time

Verified Review - January 2016

Spot on

By Perry Tully

I find that Graze is a great on the go snack, as like everyone I’m on the go all the time and try to live a healthy balanced lifestyle, I’m also a fitness model and play rugby so as an healthy in the go snack I find Graze spot on and great value for money.

Verified Review - January 2016

Graze Box

By Ryan Osborne

I love the graze boxes. Ever since my mum introduced me to them, I’ve been getting them. So handy and convenient. Much cheaper than spending money on loads of mini snacks

Verified Review - January 2016

Highly recommended!

By Trin

I got the ‘light box’ but added in jerky for the occasional treat. I think this service is such good value at only 3.99 and it is so easy to tailor it to even the fussy-est eater like myself. You can go on their website and sign into your account to view all the snacks and you can select “bin” “try” “like” “love” and “send soon” so unkess you are trying something new you are guarenteed to not get anything you wont like. There are also options to remove all snacks with commonly disliked things like raisins, olives or spicy things so you don’t have to go through all the snacks to take those out.Fits through the letter box so no hassle either. Try it!

Verified Review - January 2016


By Nettiejo

Graze allows you to tell them no nuts, no gluten. They have several subscription sizes and the snacks are not only healthy but taste like treats

Verified Review - January 2016

Tasty, affordable and compact

By Edona

The Graze Box is a great way of watching what you’re snacking on and provides a great variety of snacks which are both filling and tasty. The snacks are securely stored inside a compact box which you can fit neatly into a bag if you’re taking it with you. The snacks are also individually packed so you can make the box of snacks last a few days instead of eating all of them on one day!

The snacks themselves are wonderful because you get to select from over 100 different options, deciding which things you want to bin (never receive) and things you love. All of the snacks have nutrition labels so you know what you’re eating and the benefits you’ll get from it. You get a good portion of 4 different snacks in the variety box which makes it worth the £3.99 you pay. Bonus: your first box is free!

It’s a very affordable subscription which you can alter to meet your needs – whether you want a box weekly, fortnightly or monthly. And if you’re away, you can snooze your box for when you get back. The fact that you can cancel at any time is also attractive because there’s no set obligation. Delivery is very prompt! I got my box on the exact date that it was due.

Verified Review - January 2016


By Chloe

Definitely one of my favourite snacks, and would recommend the flapjacks for anyone???? It’s so worth the money you pay

Verified Review - December 2015


By Helen Pencil

I literally couldn’t live without my graze snacks! I am a teacher and my morning break consists of a quick forage into my cupboard for my snack and literally three sips of tea. I have chocolate boxes. Obviously.

Verified Review - December 2015

Love to Graze

By Nichola

Love the Graze box so much that I am getting my three children one each (please change it so they can have their own choices, etc on my account). Anyway I love getting my weekly box and it works out no more expensive than buying individual snacks. Got my children a biz each as a gift, they loved them

Verified Review - December 2015

Love my Graze boxes!

By Anita

Graze is perfect for little snack-type treats every week, very affordable & they have such a great choice! Also, the option to choose which options you want to receive again or not receive makes it personal to you. I recently moved house from Scotland to Devon & the peeps at Graze swapped my address over seamlessly & I didn’t miss a single box! Definitely recommended!

Verified Review - December 2015

Graze is great

By Lu

I love getting my graze box! The food is so lovely and very good value for money! The customer service is amazing and they’re always helpful and polite. The delivery is normally great, however it was a day late this month but that doesn’t effect me snd that’s probably just because of the slow Christmas mail!

Verified Review - October 2015

Great for taking to work

By Stephanie

I no longer receive Birchbox due to financial reasons, however when I did I really enjoyed them. They are great to stick in your bag to take to work to snack on during the day and stops you from that dreaded trip to the vending machine mid way through the afternoon. Good value for money and a really good selection of snacks.

Verified Review - December 2014

What a great box of nuts and healthy stuff

By James

I love Graze box, it means I don’t snack on crisps all day and end up weighing 300 lbs

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