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Treatsie helps you find amazing artisan sweets you’d normally never find unless you stumbled across the shop. Each month you’ll get a box of the best gourmet sweets from ever-changing vendors all over the country. Boxes ship the week after the 15th, and each box includes up to $25 of gourmet sweets per month from […]

Gourmet artisan sweets

Treatsie helps you find amazing artisan sweets you’d normally never find unless you stumbled across the shop. Each month you’ll get a box of the best gourmet sweets from ever-changing vendors all over the country.

Boxes ship the week after the 15th, and each box includes up to $25 of gourmet sweets per month from 3 different vendors.

During the hot months, Treatsie ship orders with chocolate in insulated packaging with ice packs that keep the sweets nice and cool. Monthly, quarterly or annual billing is available, and you can cancel anytime. Fancy a treat?

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Verified Review - October 2017

Do Not Order From Them

By Jen

My sister in law ordered us a subscription for Christmas. It was supposed to come every 3 or 4 months and we only received one box. When she contacted them to see what had happened they claimed there was never an order. I attached a copy of the slip from them so that she could show them that they were lying. We still have not received any more boxes from them. I am so disappointed in this place. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

Verified Review - August 2017


By Karen

Worse subscription box company!! Ordered and they couldn’t process my order but they charged my credit card! When I cancelled, because I didn’t want them to send me anything, they still didn’t refund me. Sent them an email to address the problem and NEVER heard back from them. They still have my money and I never received a box!!!!

Verified Review - July 2017

Treatsie is a Big Scam!

By Diana P

I was one of the lucky ones as the first time these people were late with my order, I was able to talk with a staff member, however, they weren’t exactly truthful about when they would be shipping my order. My order was already late and after a week went by and I found out from their staff that they still couldn’t ship my order because they didn’t have the inventory that they always filled their original customers orders first. I asked to speak to one of the owners. I was given a day and time at which one of the owners would get back to me, but the call didn’t come. I told them to cancel and refund my order, which they did. Prior to that, I went to their Facebook page and complained, which is how I was eventually able to get their staff member to contact me. My complaint was not vulgar or disrespectful, but it was a negative, yet truthful a statement. Treatsie blocked me from there Facebook page which was the only way to reach them since they never answered their phone.

Prior to placing my last order with Treatsie, I participated in a contest they hosted for free confections. I won $125.00 worth which was added to my account in redeemable points. I had a year to use them. However, Treatsie went into a downward spiral to the point that even though they continued charging their customer’s credit cards, they weren’t shipping out any subscription boxes. Treatsie sold subscriptions and a la carte items. The points I won were only redeemable on a la carte items and significantly before the year was up, they stopped selling a la carte items so there wasn’t any inventory for me to redeem my points on as they announced on their website that for the time being they were focused on their subscription boxes, so again, there was nothing for me to redeem any of my points on. This continued on until after the year ended and I never got the opportunity to use my points. Eventually, Treatsie took my points back without giving me the opportunity to use them. At this time, their website claims they aren’t taking any more subscriptions, but that they have a big announcement coming soon. I sure hope they aren’t considering screwing some more unsuspecting customers. They need to close shop permanently.

The following article was brought to my attention: Even though the Treatsie owner was let off by the police department, I found this article troubling and weird to say the least.

Verified Review - July 2017

Scam artists

By April

This company is appalling. They took my money, and never sent a thing. I’ve called and emailed numerous times to no avail. They are thieves. The Better Business Bureau can’t even contact them.Stay Away!

Verified Review - July 2017

Same issues as everyone else...

By Lisa S

I’ve spent some time on the phone today disputing the charges to my CC for boxes that have never even shipped. I signed up in January and have received at least 5 emails with promises of shipping, but not a box in sight…
Wonder if anyone has filed a complaint with the Arkansas Attorney General? This company is scamming folks left and right, and their web site is still active! Grrrrrrr

Verified Review - July 2017

Crooks and scammers


Treatsie takes your money and delivers nothing but empty promises from their customer service people. I received a 3-box subscription as a Christmas gift in Dec 2016. It is now July 2017 and I’ve received 1 box with three items in it that combined would cost less than 1 month of Treatsie. I’ve contacted customer service 6 or 7 times via email and every time they tell me they’ve revamped their subscription service and will be fulfilling all orders. I’ve been hearing this from them since February.

Long story short: They are scammers. They are crooks.

Verified Review - June 2017

Total crooks

By Wendy

If I could give these people less I would. They owe me $120. Took my money even after I cancelled my account with them owing me 2 boxes. Total scumbags. Repeatedly tried to contact them for months emails phone calls. No answer to any of them. But they answered PayPal when I filed a claim against them so no money back for me. I had to go to my bank to stop them from taking more of my money. It’s companies like this who are scum that make it hard for ligitimate ines to function. Save your money try orangeglad. Much better. So disappointed

Verified Review - June 2017

Scam Subscription

By Freddie

This company has an unacceptable level of service and recurring lies. I ordered a subscription in Feb 2017 and my card was charged. We’re now in June with nothing received. I have sent numerous follow-up emails to their customer service. Surprising, they responded a couple times apologizing and even saying the box would be shipping within the following week. Still nothing received and no responses to demands for refunds at the end of April, May and just today. Shameful.

Verified Review - May 2017

BEWARE of this scam!

By Sree

This is THE WORST subscription service ever! The whole thing is a complete scam. I started the subscription in March, 2017 and haven’t received a single box ever since. Their customer service is horrible too. There is no contact number on their website and it took me a long time to even get a response via email. I eventually got in touch with someone via email and requested them to cancel my subscription and credit my account and that hasn’t happened yet. Please do not get cheated using this service.

Verified Review - May 2017

Not sure what happened

By Emily

I started a monthly gift subscription in December of 2015. Things were great through November 2016, then things went south. I had to cancel my subscription in March 2017 and still have not received February’s box.

Verified Review - May 2017

Do not waste your money. You will NOT be receiving your order!


“Your box will ship in the coming week and you will receive an email with tracking information included.”
Week… after week… after week… after week… I have ordered from them in the past and they got the shipping address wrong for MONTHS even after communication to the service department (if you can even call it that) and it was still wrong! I cancelled my subscription and recently decided I would try it again in hopes of better service and ordered it months ago as a present and the person still has NOT RECEIVED ONE BOX. I am waiting to hear back on a refund for services NOT provided by this joke of a company.

Verified Review - May 2017

Contact your bank

By Libby

I echo what the rest have said here. I filed 3 charge backs with my bank for the boxes never shipped and the bank returned every penny to me after less than a week. Do it, don’t wait. I’m dismayed to see Treatsie still has a website up after all this. Anyone in their state needs to contact the Attorney General’s office.

Verified Review - May 2017

ugh. not worth it.

By victoria

Subscribed to this box for about a year. ran into problems when their vendors didn’t follow through for 2 months in a row. my boxes were 3 months behind when I cancelled. they have no contact number, and the only method of communication is through email on their site. those went unanswered for 3 MONTHS before someone finally responded to me. in the response they said they would refund the missed months back to me, NEVER HAVE! not worth it at all. don’t waste your time, money, or energy with this box!

Verified Review - April 2017

Never received my order

By Wheezey

I had a treatise subscription for 2016. In the beginning everything was great! By the end of the year they fell a little behind but were caught up by December. Against my better judgment, I renewed my subscription Dec 27, 2016. Today is April 28th and I have not received anything!!! I have sent 4 emails and the response is always the same-they are a small company and boxes are set to ship but of course they never do! Save your money do not order from these people, they are scammers!!

Verified Review - April 2017

Empty Promises, But Charged Me Again

By Les

Signed up in December as a gift for my 91 year old Mom….after many excuses finally had first box shipped in March. Emailed them two times with no response about when they will be caught up with no response. Then in March still they billed me another three months. After several emails and leaving voice mails with the company WITHOUT ANY RESPONSE, I called my credit card company and have disputed.
There were several apology emails sent by Treatsie, many apologies but nothing every delivered. A company is only as good as its word…. in this case not worth much.
Stay away…dispute your charges before they close up and run with the money.

Verified Review - April 2017

Started subscription Feb. 7th., 2017. By end of March, I had received nothing. They still took money from my Mastercard. Cancel Subscription prior to March 30th. Was told a refund for the 2 months would be processed. That takes 5 minutes. It is now April 12, 2017 with no refund. I found the cell phone number of the CEO. Left him a detailed message that if my Mastercard is not refunded, then I will call the State Attorney General's Office of Arkansas and file a Complaint. That medsahe as well as 2 e-mails to Customer Service was today. Has an F Rating with the BBB of Arkansas due to complaints with the same problemroblem.

By Carol

Never received product since Feb. 7th. Refund promised by Customer Service prior to March 30th. It is April 12, 2017. Company has poor communication, but just found the phone number of the CEO and left him a message that I expect my refund immediately or I will forward to the Attorney General of Arkansas.

Verified Review - April 2017

Never Received Treats

By B

Was gifted a subscription at Christmas from my sister in law (Dec 2016). In Feb, got nothing. When she emailed, she got a semi-personal but auto generated response saying boxes would ship out in next 2 weeks and they were sorry. Followed up in 2 weeks with a similar “we are sorry response”. It is mid April -still never got anything. Nor has the company ever proactively responded to me/her about additional delays.

Verified Review - April 2017

Year Subscription SCAM! Food sub par!

By zoe

I ordered a year subscription as a Christmas gift for my sister. I ordered it in November and also ordered some sample items to try and others to package as an official Christmas gift because the first box was going to come after out Christmas party. The food I tried was VERY sub par. Two types of cookies were both extremely crumbled. Half the food was made by the company and not 3rd party bakers.

In early April my sister asked me aobut the subscription. SHe said she received the late December box but not one since then. I called Treatsie customer supoot and was met with no person but had to leave a message during regual business hours. WHen they finally called back, two days later,

Verified Review - April 2017

Treatise. You mean Tricksy.

By Cheri Edwards

Signed up for subscription in February. Still waiting for treat box in April. No wait. Treat boxes because they billed me in March too. Stay away from them. No phone number in website and any emails receive an automatic excuse about being a small company and someone will contact me. Still waiting.

Verified Review - April 2017

Very Disappointed

By Carolyn

I restarted my subscription in October 2016 after trying Treatsie the year before. I got my October box on time, November’s was late, but I got it in December along with the December box.

I was charged for the next quarter in January but hadn’t received anything. I contacted them in early-March to inquire since I hadn’t received any notification. I received a box (my guess is it was in response to my inquiry) a week later. Since then, not a peep other than the auto reply. Shame on Treatsie!

I cancelled my subscription so they can’t try and charge me for another quarter of nothing, and I’ll be contacting the card company and BBB to see what my options are. I’m guessing I might be stuck since they charged me in January.

I’d give them zero stars if I could right now, that’s for sure.

Verified Review - March 2017

Never received my boxes!!!!

By Tquad64

This company is a scam. They stole $56.00 from me for a 3-month subscription, and I have never received anything from them. I have contacted their customer service every day by email and I still have no received a response from them. I asked for a refund and have not heard anything back from them. I filed a report with the BBB and I am hoping for a resolution to this issue.

I cannot believe their website is still up taking money from unsuspecting customers, when they have not delivered or fullfilled their current customers orders. I would stay away from this company as they steal your money and give you nothing but a headache in return. 🙁

Verified Review - March 2017



ZERO STARS! Total SCAM. They take your credit card. Run it. Send you one box. Keep the rest of your money.

Look at the reviews on line (including BBB) – BAD, BAD, BAD. Stay away. SCAM

Verified Review - March 2017

Just all around bad

By Jackie

Got out first box on Dec. Thought it was okay but by the time I canceled in early Jan they had already charged me for that month (the boxes shop out the 3rd week) I figured no problem, i have canceled, I will get this box and be done. I have been waiting and it is almost April. Received many emails stating that the boxes are being shipped and as others have said the emails are addressed to “Tim”. They do not reply to emails sent to the customer service. Finally had to call my bank to get my money back. They have an F with the BBB. Complaints on their Facebook and sure site are constantly deleted. From what I have seen most people have had to contact their bank or the BBB to get their money back. I would just look for places around you or at another sight for treats. Stay way from Treatsie.

Verified Review - March 2017

buyer beware

By Carrie

From what I can tell, this company has had difficulty shipping out products on time, or even at all, for some time. While they have deleted all of the negative comments from their Facebook page, you can still read some here, on Yelp (they’re based in Little Rock, Arkansas), and on the BBB site. If you are somehow unable to obtain sweets where you live and want to place an order with Treatsie, arm yourself with knowledge of how to contact your credit card company to stop payment (I believe credit cards are the safest way to pay) or how to contact to PayPal to get a refund if your box never arrives. I would advise people not to order from them when there are established and reputable companies that send out candies, cakes, and cookies — Harry & David, Cheryl’s, Vermont Country Store, just to name a few. I am not associated with any of these companies and actually consider them a bit too expensive for myself, but they have certainly been reliable in my experience.

Verified Review - March 2017

Slow to Ship, Quick to Bill

By Carol

Ordered a three-month subscription in December as a Christmas gift. Received an email lin early Feb that the January shipments were running late, but were out the door any moment. Instead, the FIRST box arrived in the third week of March, and they have already billed me for the second quarter renewal. Am now arguing with their customer service to cancel the subscription. Not impressed with a company that is so slow to ship, so slow to notify customers of problems, but is quick to bill me for another three months of poor service.

Verified Review - March 2017


By Bill

My review would also be zero stars. This company is a rip off and scam. My daughter gave me a 3 month subscription for Christmas. Nothing yet, of course. She forwarded me an email from the CEO saying they were busting their humps and all boxes would be packed and shipped 3-1 to 3-3. Still waiting while they are busting their humps counting the money they scammed from people. The kind of company that ruins it for all the good ones. STAY AWAY

Verified Review - March 2017

horrible horrible

By Underwhelmed

I wouldn’t even give this one star. I purchased a six month subscription for a very good friend’s birthday. The first box was late and she said she felt badly because she knew I probably paid a lot and it wasn’t very good. Then the emails started coming from Treatise about why the boxes weren’t being sent. I asked for a refund and was basically told I was being unreasonable. Then someone contacted me wanting to speak with me and asked for my phone number. I said that unless they were calling to tell me they were refunding me my money, there was no need to call. So, they DIDN’T. haha!! Not surprising. I would NEVER recommend them and I would never ever use them for anything at all. I am totally embarrassed because I gave my friend a crappy gift for an important birthday.

Verified Review - March 2017


By scamalert

SCAM. I ordered in December and now, three months later, I have still received nothing. Do not order.

Verified Review - March 2017


By XmasGiftRuined

I subscribed from my mother to get a box of sweets for 6 months on Dec 22. Since then I’ve gotten NINE apology emails and my mom has received ZERO sweets! I remained patient as I figured it was kindof great they were experiencing such high volume. Thats exciting as a small company and I was happy to support them!. However, now it is almost three full months later and they don’t even leave a way for me to contact them to simply cancel and get my money back. I’m pretty convinced now I fell into a scam. Learn from my mistake.

Verified Review - March 2017

Terrible shipping and delivery

By Pam

What can I say? It’s tough to review a product that I haven’t received. I subscribed in December. It was meant to be a holiday gift for my husband. It is now late March and I haven’t received any boxes yet. I’ve paid for three, I think. Apparently they think it’s fine to continue charging customers without delivering a product.
These treats have better be amazing. I’ve been waiting 4 months for my first box.

Verified Review - March 2017



This is a huge scam. I have two subscriptions that I paid for back in December and have only received one of the six boxes I was promised. These were gifts for my mom and grandma for Christmas. Only grandma received a box. Mom was just promised a cool Christmas present from me and nothing arrived. To top it all off, my 3 month subscriptions were automatically renewed and my credit cards charged for more boxes. Whatever you do, find a different website to order through. This one is terrible.

Verified Review - March 2017

Avoid Treatsie at ALL costs

By Ray

I will only be rating Treatsie’s customer service since I ordered in December (for a pre-Christmas delivery) and still have received nothing as of 3/4/17. They take your money, rarely respond to emails unless you threaten then with going to the BBB (they are an FYI in their home state of AZ)….however, they do like to send emails full of excuses and empty promises….if you do get an actual reply from the company, they just send template emails…usually a dressed ton”Tim” regardless if you are Tim or not. Lime I said, no products delivered, abysmal service. stay clear of this train wreck of a company!

Verified Review - February 2017

Stay far, far away

By Alli

I’d give this joint zero stars if I could. From totally underwhelming boxes to the most atrocious customer service (at least for subscription services) since Citrus Lane was purchased by It is now two days before March and I have yet to receive my January or February boxes and no response to any email I’ve sent to Treatsie regarding this issue. And this is on top of the November box that showed up long after November ended and the December box I got in January. Thank God my subscription ended with the non-existent February box or I would be beyond livid. Although I would not be surprised in the least if they try to charge my credit card for another year worth of missing boxes. Their BBB rating of F+ is well worth it.

I also don’t know why their automated email responses talk about their small team like it’s some kind of burden. I’m not sure why they need a team at all if they don’t respond to customer service issues or send boxes. What else is there to do? Now I’m off to go dispute this charge with my credit card company so I can at least recover my money for the two months worth of missing boxes.

Verified Review - February 2017

Total scam or poorly run business

By Erin

I signed up for this subscription box on November 29, 2016. As of February 28, 2017 I have only received one box, which was not worth the money. Needless to say, I have cancelled my subscription.

Verified Review - February 2017


By angry

in one sense i can’t review treatsie because i have not receive even one box from them. on the other i can tell you that they have withdrawn money from my account for the past three months. and not sent me a single box. today is President’s day so the state’s attorney generals office is closed. tomorrow when it opens i plan to call and ask what my legal options are and alert them to this scam in texas.

Verified Review - February 2017


By Jen

I placed my 1st order mid December 2016. My credit card was immediately billed. My 1st shipment was supposed to come in Jan 2017. I still have not received it and it’s now Feb and I’ve been billed for a 2nd month and still no Treatsie delivery!!!!!!! Save your money and go somewhere else!!!!

Verified Review - December 2016

Major operations issues; underwhelming boxes

By Eric

I started with Treatsie in the first week of October 2016. Their FAQs states that if you start prior to the 15th of a given month, they will ship you that month’s box in the first week following the 15th. I got my first box in November, so, it took longer than expected. No problem. The contents of the box? Very underwhelming. Fewer items than expected and not gourmet in any sense. You can find treats of a similar quality or better at any ordinary Whole Foods.

Treatsie then charged me for November in the first week of November. But no box. Then December rolls around, and they charge me for December. Still no November box. They’ve now charged me for two months without sending me one box. Looks like they are having operational issues.

I emailed inquiring about my box status and asking to cancel moving forward SIX days ago (including a weekend). Still haven’t received a response. No idea how this could take so long to simply respond to a one-liner email.

Verified Review - December 2016


By Janice

Ordered in Oct still waiting on 1st box. Customer service is rude and blows you off. Each week I ask where my order is and they just say it will be another week. If you can’t deliver close down your business. This is a scam!!!

Verified Review - January 2016

Love Artisan Sweers

By Nettiejo

I absolutely love the gourmet artisan treats they bring you each month.

Verified Review - December 2015

1st time box subscription

By Jill

It’s nice to never know what you might get but for the price I think there can be a few more items in the box. A little less stuffing and a little more stuff! So far I have loved almost everything over the last 3 months since I started. And I enjoy the add to box option but keep in mind you are purchasing that item separate and yet still have to wait for your monthly box to ship.

Verified Review - November 2015

Okay items, need variety

By Vonnie

I was excited to try Treatsie and received an extra treat during my sign up. There are strict shipping standards, so for me, since I missed the cutoff by 1 day, my box wouldn’t be shipped out until the next month. That is clearly stated, so just be aware.

Unfortunately for me, the box wasn’t worth the wait. I received some salt water taffy, a variety mix of assorted hard candy and 3 different flavored biscotti. That is not worth $20 to me. The ads for the box show chocolate and caramels. I was expecting a decadent 1 month treat for myself, didn’t happen.

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