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The Personal Barber is a unique monthly subscription service for true gentlemen. Rediscover the joys of the classic shave with a box of fine wet shaving goods delivered to your door.

Experience a proper shave

The Personal Barber is a unique monthly subscription service for true gentlemen. Rediscover the joys of the classic shave with a box of fine wet shaving goods delivered to your door.

Delivered once a month, the box contains everything needed for a luxurious shave. The first delivery includes their signature engraved safety razor, shaving brush, soap/cream, blades and more.

Each subsequent delivery includes new soaps/creams, blades and extra pre and post-shave products to try out such as oils, balms, colognes, alums and more.

By using high quality goods combined with a single blade, razor burn and rash become a thing of the past allowing anyone an irritation-free shave. The Personal Barber’s aim is to introduce men to the benefits of using a single blade whilst making it an enjoyable experience to look forward to.

In short: They make shaving luxurious and fun so you never see it as a daily chore again


  • Using a traditional razor and brush creates an experience to be savoured
  • Receiving new products each month creates anticipation and excitement
  • A single-bladed razor causes less razor burn, cuts and ingrown hairs
  • Never run out of shaving goods again whilst discovering new products each month
  • A safety razor and shaving brush brings sophistication to the grooming regime
  • Free traditional safety razor and soft shaving brush in your first box
  • Shipping is free in the UK, slightly more for international deliveries

Pricing starts at £24.95 per month. All subscriptions are very flexible; boxes can be skipped or cancelled at any time.

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Verified Review - April 2017

Love it!

By Dave T

My first shave with the new razor was really fun but I didn’t do a very good job. Luckily the instructions and tips really helped and I’d say by my third attempt I’d pretty much mastered it. Now I’m really enjoying the boxes and never knew that shaving could be such a satisfying experience. I’ve started shaving more often just to get the most out of it!

Customer service was good, they let me know when my box would be arriving and if I had any questions. Seemed very responsive.

You get more than enough of everything in each box. I shave 4-5 times a week and there’s still loads left as well as blades to spare. Definitely value for money

My favourite blades are the green Astras by far

I couldn’t recommend it enough!!

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