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The KitNipBox is a monthly subscription service for cat owners that makes it easy to keep their cat(s) healthy and happy consistently, conveniently, and inexpensively. They ship to US, Canada and UK addresses – with free delivery to all US customers. Each box contains unique products that cannot be found in big box pet stores. […]

Monthly cat toys & treats

The KitNipBox is a monthly subscription service for cat owners that makes it easy to keep their cat(s) healthy and happy consistently, conveniently, and inexpensively. They ship to US, Canada and UK addresses – with free delivery to all US customers.

Each box contains unique products that cannot be found in big box pet stores. This includes fun cat toys, delicious treats, health and hygiene products, must-have accessories, innovative new gadgets, and other high quality goodies.

KitNipBox offer two subscription options. The Happy Cat KitNipBox is $19/month and comes with 4 or more goodies. It is perfect for households with one cat. The Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29/month and comes with 6 or more goodies. It’s the best option for households with two or more cats, or just one extra pampered kitty! They ask questions about your cat, and have a no treat/food option that you can select at Checkout in the “Tell us about your cat” section and they’ll send other great goodies to replace any food/treats that come in regular boxes.

KitNipBox are also committed to working with shelters and other animal welfare organizations and donate a portion of all proceeds to these organisations.

Boxes are shipped on the 1st or the 15th of the month, so plenty of opportunity to get buying, get pampering and get some love from your kitty!

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Verified Review - January 2017

Love love Kitnip

By Danielle

Been ordering kitnip for about 3 years. Great products. My kitties and I can’t wait till our box comes.

Verified Review - March 2016

Feline heaven in a box

By cmj5112000

Great value for the money. My kitties loved the box especially the catnip toys. The treats were also a big hit.

Verified Review - March 2016

just subscribe already!

By Ashley

My cats loved their box. And other reviews are spot on. The one review about the cat that died turned out to be a lie. Some scammer with no life trying to get money. Do you really think KitNipBox would put something in their box that would be harmful to the cat? No. This company cares about you and your four legged fur babies. My two loved the variety of toys that we get and its a nice bonding experience for us to open the box together. KitNipBox has spot on customer service and efficient delivery. Just do yourself a favor and subscribe to this box already.

Verified Review - March 2016

1st Box could not be happier

By Julie

We just received our 1st KitNipBox and couldn’t be happier! Sterling immediately started playing with the spacecraft and chewing on the fish! He is a pickey eater so I wasn’t sure if he would like the Simply Nourish Turkey treats, but he does!! Very happy with our box!!

Verified Review - March 2016

Crazy for KitNipBox!

By Heather

My cats go crazy for KitNipBox! I have four cats. We received our first box last month. The cats loved the treats and toys. When we received our second box this month the cats knew what they were getting before we showed them the box! I think the company sprays the box with catnip. I have one cat that claims the actual box as a bed. The price is right too. I’ve spent twice as much going to a pet store. Definitely keeping our subscription!! 😀

Verified Review - January 2016

Cats and cat lovers will love

By Bri

We received KitNipBox subscription as a Christmas gift and we love it more than we thought we would. We have two cats that we spoil and all the items in the first box made the cats go bananas. They loved the edible treats (organic) and literally the toys were all around the house in minutes. Crinkling toys, some with cat nip, as well as dangling feathers were all so cute. It came with a cat scarf (made by @the_vegan_cat Twitter) and it is so darn adorable. One of my cats wore it and cuddled with the soft fleece. Definitely recommend this box for cat lovers!

Verified Review - October 2015

Happy Kitties :)

By Jennifer

Great value for the money and very well curated toys and treats! Kitties go crazy each time the box arrives and I love watching them dig in. I’ve subscribed to many different boxes in the past, but this is by far the best one I’ve ever signed up for. Love the quality and carefully selected items in each box!

Verified Review - October 2015

KitNipBox is amazing for both cats and owners!

By Morgan

My fur baby received his first box this month and both him and I were equally excited to get it open! He was on top of the box within seconds digging out the toys. I was pleasantly surprised to see healthy snacks that I felt comfortable feeding to him, as well as toys that were a Halloween theme. He usually gets bored with toys within a day of two of getting them and never plays with them again. A week later he still is going crazy for the catnip toys, the feather wand, and even the little motorized mouse guy! The box was full of entertaining toys for him, and nothing makes me happier than to see my little man playing with the toys day after day. From a human perspective, I am in love with their customer service, fast shipping, and adorable packaging. I would highly recommend KitNipBox to all kitty lovers out there!

Verified Review - October 2015


By Lindsay Kemp

Wildly entertaining not only for Fluffy, Guinness, and Panther – but for us! When we opened the box, the three of them actually were crowding around us out of curiosity…we had a good laugh as we “introduced” each of the toys to them and how they responded – Guinness could not figure out how the wind-up mouse toy was moving! Fluffy seemed to think the catfee catnip was a pillow, and did not want the others to interrupt her “beauty sleep”. (She is quite the princess!). Panther was all over the treats, as usual! The 3-D glasses were especially Meow-nificent! Thanks for such a well curated and quality box of goodies! We love KitNipBox!

Verified Review - October 2015

My kitties love KitNipBox!

By Carla

I’ve been a subscriber for over a year, and KitNipBox continues to impress! There’s always a fun surprise in store, and the products are just excellent. The customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with. The people at KitNipBox clearly care deeply about their customers, both cat and human. I follow them on social media and love that they foster cats in their office – it makes me feel like I’m supporting a great company and a great cause!

Verified Review - October 2015

My cats enjoyed the catnip toys best

By Char17

I received the KitNip Box with three toys (one cardboard tube with a busy ball, two cute, hand-made felt toys with catnip in them – 1 was a taco, the other in the shape of Texas), Greenies cat treats (my cats hadn’t tried them before and loved them), and a little bow-tie that could be attached to a cat collar. An illustrated card was included that explained where the items came from, and this month’s theme (September) was Southern Rodeo.

I felt that thought was put into the creation of the theme, and the toys seemed well made and thus far haven’t disintegrated- I have 10 cats ranging in age from a few months to a 20 year old cat, so the fact the toys have survived is nothing short of a miracle.

I read the previous reviewer’s story about the Mylar and feel terrible that her kitty died as a result of eating that type of toy/streamers. There was nothing in the box that I received that could fall apart, be swallowed, or cause harm. I hope that the creators of this box won’t include Mylar toys in the future. I’ve had a similar experience as I had a cat that loved to chew plastic too, though he died of old age and not as a result of a toy.

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