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Bonjour Jolie is a premium subscription box designed exclusively for you to be pampered on your period! Designed to take the frustration out of your period and put the happy back in - easy to signup, no special plans, no more late nights runs to the store.

Pamper Your Period Today!

Bonjour Jolie is a premium subscription box designed exclusively for you to be pampered on your period! Designed to take the frustration out of your period and put the happy back in – easy to signup, no special plans, no more late nights runs to the store.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A hand curated gift
  • Bath and body pampering items
  • Specialty teas and drinks
  • Artisan confections
  • Feminine items
  • Feminine wipes
  • Advil, midol, or tylenol if you need it too!

Signing up is easy – choose your plan, create your own personal profile, add custom options to fit your needs! Any allergies or dietary restrictions? Bonjour Jolie have got you covered! Nut free, kosher, sugar free, organic, gluten free, halal, caffeine free, and vegan options are available!

Shipping is worldwide, so anywhere you are, Bonjour Jolie can come to the rescue! Prices start at $16 a month, shipping is extra and depends on location.

Don’t Let Another Period Cramp Your Style! Join Bonjour Jolie Today!

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  • Rated 2.3 stars
    2.3 / 5 (10 )

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Verified Review - August 2020

Disappointment from start to finish

By Melanie

This was a lovely idea in theory, and something I bought for myself as a treat. I never received my first box, although I was given an email that stated a shipping label had been created foe the USPS, it evidently was never delivered to the Post Office. I asked about a replacement, a refund, asked to cancel my subscription all with no response at all from what passes as their customer service department. I was billed for a second, and third box. I did ultimately cancel and replace the cards I used so they would not be able to bill me again, but I bet I’ll hear from them when the payment attempt fails.

I filed a complaint with the consumer complaints division of the Florida Attorney General, and urge anyone else to do the same.

Verified Review - August 2020

Nice Products but Crappy Customer Service

By AJ Stoeltzing

I was interested in this box because they had a gender neutral option and a Facebook group I’m in mentioned it. However, the customer service wasn’t good. I ordered the box a month before my period so it would be here in time for me to try it. It didn’t arrive until the month after, despite claiming to be arriving 10 days after ordering. I never got a confirmation email and they didnt reply back to any of my (polite) emails asking questions. I left a comment on their Instagram and they deleted it. I just got my box and even though it was a nice surprise of items, the service left a bad taste in my mouth.

Verified Review - January 2020

Ignores emails and no boxes

By Takenusernames

I only received one box and even then it came in 4 weeks late. I have been emailing for almost 2 months to cancel and refund but they ignore them. Seems my only option is to go through my bank which will be a hassle.
Not worth it at all.

Verified Review - October 2019

Unreliable, Ignores Cancellation

By Alex

The boxes, when they arrive, are good quality and filled with nice things. However, only half of the boxes ever reached us, and when we reached out to customer support, they promised to send out replacement boxes that… also never arrived.

We cancelled by sending a cancellation email to the address listed on their website, as directed, and six months later we’re STILL being charged and are still only seeing about half the boxes. We will be attempting to cancel one more time before taking legal action.


Verified Review - September 2019

Never got my box, will not email back

By Harmony

I ordered a one time box a few months ago. I got an email saying it had been shipped about a week later as well as a tracking number. However, after a good few weeks, I never got any shipping updates. I emailed their support team and politely asked for an update on what was going on with the shipping. I never got a reply to that email.

After a few more weeks with no updates, I sent another email, more strongly worded, and stating that I had read some not so pleasant reviews and that I would hate to add to that. I got a response about an hour later saying that they would tell me when they had it figured out. I still have not received an update, have not received my purchase, nor any compensation. I have emailed their support team twice since that time and have still received no response.

Don’t bother wasting your money on this crap. I thought it’d be nice to treat myself to something nice that would seem like someone giving me a care package and I could have a nice relaxing afternoon, but frankly I should have just gone out and bought myself the same crap they would put in it, put it in a box and mail it to myself. It would’ve been cheaper, and actually would’ve shown up.

Their support team has done nothing for me and I doubt they will at this point. I don’t even want the box anymore. I just want my 40$ back.

Verified Review - May 2019

Never received my boxes, won't unsubscribe me

By Lucid

Do not subscribe to Bonjour Jolie. I have now been subscribed long enough to have paid for four boxes from them and I haven’t seen a single one. The first one I contacted Bonjour Jolie and received a tracking number for, and it got stuck in a warehouse somewhere in Florida. The rest I have heard and seen nothing about. The Bonjour Jolie customer service team is practically unreachable. After giving me a tracking number for my first box they have refused to contact me. In refusing to contact me they also refuse to unsubscribe me from their service.
They are stealing my money. Absolute scam. I need a refund and I need to unsubscribe. I ordered my first box on March 7th and still have not seen it 2 months later. I began emailing them asking for a replacement on April 21st and have received no reply for a month. I asked to be unsubscribed on May 5th and have received no reply for 10 days. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO BONJOUR JOLIE.

Verified Review - January 2019

Bonjour Jolie is not worth the aggravation

By Sue

I subscribed to Bonjour Jolie a few years ago when my younger daughter first started menstruating. Even though she was only 13 the add-on items (like jewelry) were really childish. We threw most of them into the Goodwill box. Then we had boxes not show up two months in a row, so we cancelled. Now fast forward, my older daughter is away at college and thought this would be really convenient and fun since the nearest drug store is quite a long walk away. The first couple of boxes arrived with some difficulty getting the shipping address correct. They sent the first one to the billing address. I contacted them and they said they changed it, but I got a shipping notice that it was coming to the billing address again. I contacted them again and they got the next one correct. Well in December she still hadn’t received the October or the November boxes. The November one arrived mid-December but the October one never arrived. I contacted them and they sent me tracking information. If they’d actually looked at the information they provided me they would have seen that the October box was delivered someplace in a completely separate city. So I contacted them and they said they’d “look into it”. I waited two weeks and emailed them again (email is the ONLY way to contact them). No response. I waited a week and emailed again. After my fifth email they replied that they had responded immediately and refunded my money for October. Well, I checked my bank and no refund had come through, and certainly not weeks ago. So I went on my account and the refund was processed the day they got snotty with me that they “had refunded it weeks ago”!!! While I like the convenience of the monthly box, I’m really not sure that I appreciate being blatantly, nastily lied to. I understand that they have a really cool policy of hiring their customer service personnel from the deaf community. But being deaf is no excuse for lousy customer service!!!

Verified Review - January 2019

Love this box

By Samantha

This is my favorite Subscription Box to date! I get about 15 different boxes a month and this is by far my favorite. It definitely has it’s money worth in the box! I received about double the value of the actual cost of the box/shipping. The box inside was all neat and tidy, everything was all wrapped nicely and opening it was like Christmas. Everything is always bagged up in little fun bag or fabric bags. so its like opning little presents The best part is everything inside it is stuff I use! I have been getting the box for over a year, and so far everything I got I use. November I got a large handmade rice heating pad, that alone was a life saver! I use that almost every day. Cramps. check, knee pain, check, it is so versatile! Had to change a few things in my dub do I email them (they are a deaf community and only use email DUH) it is fine though cause they are fast with their reponses, and always help quick. Highly recommend this box!.

Verified Review - June 2018


By Iz

I have emailed Bonjour Jolie three times over the past three weeks to help me cancel my account. I have received no replies to any of them. Now it says they are shipping out my box, but I do not want it, and I do not even live at the shipping address anymore. It’s just so ridiculous that they are charging me and sending me the box and won’t respond to me to cancel it. They said to cancel it all you have to do is email them, but clearly that doesn’t work.

Verified Review - August 2016

Love this Box!

By Katie C

I first saw this box on a youtube video by some perky little red head, she was cute and loved the box. I just had to have one too!

I first bought a single box to try it, and when it arrived it ended up being damaged by the post office. It arrived in a plastic bag with a big note on it from the Post Office that said, oops we broke it. sorry 🙁 I was so sad!! So I snapped a pic and emailed Bonjour Jolie to see what they could do for me.

Bonjour Jolie responded within a few hours and sent out a replacement box that day! I got my new box two days later and it was perfect, and awesome. They had really great customer service and I totally loved the box.

I signed up for a 6 month subscription after that, since I loved them so much. They really were awesome!

So far, I have gotten 3 boxes from them, and loved and used all the items in them. I am seriously impressed with the variety of items and quality of items too!

I highly recommend them!!!!

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