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CurlBox - An affordable, effortless and EXCLUSIVE way to experience products for CURLY HAIR!

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CurlBox – An affordable, effortless and EXCLUSIVE way to experience products for CURLY HAIR!

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Verified Review - October 2018

Don’t waste your money

By Dai

They do these promo boxes for about $10 then when you get your subscription box it will have the same things as the $10 with just one extra item for $25 a month. Also not all of the products they send you in these boxes are good for natural hair. I got one box from a brand that makes perms. Nothing was a parabean or sulfate free. The latest box (October box) was a ripoff they made it seem like they were sending new products but all we got was some Cantu products (that can be bought for under $10 at any beauty store) and they new item they wanted you to be excited about was simply a new comb they were selling. Any comment you make on their IG page that they don’t agree with they delete it and block you. I mad a comment saying the last 2 boxes were disappointing, they wrote me asking me to explain why and then blocked and deleted me 1 minute after I wrote them back. Their customer service is horrible and the wait list for these boxes is to long for them to send you stuff you can’t even use or already have. Out of the 4 boxes I received I only have used products from 1 and a half.

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