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Sightbox books and pays for your eye exam, then delivers a 1-year supply of contact lenses over the year.

Affordable Contact Lenses

Do you wear contacts? Sightbox books and pays for your eye exam, then delivers a 1-year supply of contact lenses over the year. Memberships are $39 per month, including for people with astigmatism. 1-day lenses are available for an additional cost. Sightbox members receive discounts for adding family members and referring friends.

Sightbox members can choose to see their own optometrist, but most people have the team research and recommend a top local office. If you have a current contact lens prescription, Sightbox can begin shipping your contacts right away and wait until your prescription nears expiration to book your next eye exam.

All major brands of soft disposable contact lenses are supported, including:

– Acuvue Oasys
– Acuvue Oasys Toric
– Air Optix Aqua
– Air Optix Toric
– Air Optix Colors
– Air Optix Night-Day Aqua
– Biofinity
– Biofinity Toric
– Freshlook ColorBlends
– Proclear
– Ultra

Sightbox is compatible with HSA/FSA accounts and works in all 50 states. If want to learn more or need help deciding if Sightbox is right for you, team members are standing by to answer any questions via chat or phone. If you need contact lenses and don’t have a current prescription then Sightbox is the simplest possible way to get them. Sightbox can be delivered to anybody within the United States.

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Verified Review - March 2019

Want to be treated well go else where

By melissa

Let me be super clear when I stumbled on sight box I was so happy I hated buying contacts I felt like dropping the cost all up front plus the visit to the eye doctor was too much to deal with… The first year was great.

However since than I am livid. It started when they never bothered to get my update script from the doctor, claimed they didn’t know I went to an appointment they set up. Than months later I get my first set of contacts so far so good, Than they kept running out over and over and over again every time I tried to reach anyone and was given the runaround.
Here we are now after months of fighting with customer service I am still having the above issue only now I use dailies and so when they ” run out” I am screwed. Again reached out and was lied to over and over again.


Verified Review - October 2018



I have been waiting for a return phone call from sightbox for 3 days! They have charged my card an authorized amount and will not respond to me via phone or email. After sending me an email saying my contacts were out of stock and will not be available until Oct 26th they then ran my credit card for $69, an amount I never authorized! Not sure what it is going to take to get them to respond!!!!

Verified Review - November 2017


By Natalie

I was extremely exited to find a company that had affordable contacts as I had heard nothing but great things about Sight box…of course, I made the mistake of signing up. The company immediately took my money and I was expecting, in return, the service I paid for right? Wrong!.The customer service department lacks training and makes false claims against clients. After many emails and me expressing that I was 1.Not being helped on a timely manner and 2.I would not be attending an appointment that I did not confirm I was then wrongfully accused of missing 2 appointments(which they were never able to prove). I explained that I had not confirmed any appointment and the CSR insisted that she had already scheduled me and that I ,and I quote “if you cannot attend this exam then we will have to cancel your membership and you will no longer be eligible for Sight box services in the future”. Please take my advice and do not trust them with your money!

Verified Review - November 2017

Disappointed in the customer service


My contact lens subscription expires on 11/10/17 and today is 11/8/17 and I have not heard back from anyone at Sightbox regarding the scheduling of my next doctor’s exam. I normally do not write bad reviews but I’m truly disappointed in their customer service.

Verified Review - November 2017

Difficult to reach a live CSR

By Kota C.

As far as value goes, this can be really helpful if you have an expensive prescription like Toric Lenses, which I do. Also, if you can’t afford to pay upfront for an exam and lenses, this service is also helpful in that aspect as it is broken up into manageable payments. In the end I believe it ended up costing me about $50 or so more than if i had paid upfront out of pocket, but I had no way to do this and desperately needed an exam and lenses. The downside: it is near impossible to get a person on the phone. It is also a bit of a hassle for me to call as their customer service center is in a different time zone from me so i can’t always try to call at a time that is convenient for me. When I do call, I have only reached a live representative twice, and unfortunately I have had to make numerous contacts with the company due to having issues with my lenses, change of address and trying to find out out to cancel my service. I did not realize that after my 12 month obligation was fulfilled that I would continue to be charged UNLESS I contacted them to close my account. This goes back to me previous complaint of it being VERY difficult to actually reach a person to talk to in the first place. Even with emailing, it takes several days to get a response and sometimes no response. Everyone I have spoke with has been very polite so no complaints there. It would just be nice to be able to get someone on the phone or get a prompt call back as in the same day. I may use the service again in the future but not positive as I was told at my last appointment that the Toric lenses that i need for my prescription won’t be made anymore and there doesn’t seem to be another company interested in making the strength I need. On that note, I just hope that Sightbox will refund me for the one month they continued to draft my account after the initial 12 months. If i can ever reach a CSR…

Verified Review - October 2017

Not what it seems

By Jeff

They pick you doctor, your doctor may not participate. If during your dilation further testing is needed this is an uncovered expense. This could run hundreds of dollars if you need a visual field (which the drivers license test may require), or a funds photo to document unusual pigment , or an OCT which gives laser images of the nine layers of the retina the doctor can’t see. Remember your paying over $400 a year to be a member. They really aren’t paying for a complete exam , because that is different for each patient. Beware!!!

Verified Review - August 2017

This Service is a Scam!!!

By Theresa

I have been charged for 3 months now and still have yet to receive my first pair of contacts! Customer support is impossible to reach and the login button does nothing in their site from my phone browser (Firefox). It’s like an empty button!

On top of that, they charge a fee for you to cancel. A big one! So now if I want to cancel this crap service I would have paid a total of $150 for zero contacts.


Verified Review - August 2017

Daily wear contacts are too expensive

By Blindbat

If you wear monthly or 2 week wear lenses, Sightbox is a pretty good deal. But dailies are way too expensive through them. It’s $50 additional per month on top of the $39 monthly fees, which means you would be paying $600 just for the contact lenses. Plus you pay $39 x12=468 and I don’t know anywhere that charges that much for an eye exam and contact lens fitting. You are way better off just paying out of pocket at an optometrist office at this price.

Verified Review - July 2017

Great for people who need toric or multifocal lenses

By Aaron

Overall I think this is a really cool and convienent service. They book your appointment for you and send all of your lenses to your door. All you have to do is show up for the eye exam. For some though this may not be a great deal, but for people who wear expensive toric or multifocal lenses this is an amazing service. Without Sightbox I would have paid $230 for the exam plus another $250 for a year supply of toric lenses, so I’m saving around $30 plus the convenience of not having to book my own appointment or order my own lenses. The only thing I’m not a huge fan of is the fact that it takes 5 business days to schedule an appointment, but I guess that’s not a huge deal. Customer service is also amazing!

Verified Review - July 2017

I'm super happy; relieved it's legit

By Ben David

I was pretty skeptical at first. I had read about other services that do contacts online, and even saw some horror stories of cheap lenses from Sightbox’s competitor ruining people’s eyes. But I asked my aunt-in-law if this company was legit (she was an eye doctor for twelve years!!!) and she did some research. She told me that they care about eye health and it was worth it, so I took the plunge. Turned out to be an awesome decision! I just got my contacts and I’ll keep getting them, the eye doc they sent me to was so nice and easy to talk to, and I didn’t have to do anything except sign up and pay. Totally worth it. Nice people at sightbox and at eyes on you (Dr Khong was great) and I love my new Acuvues.

Verified Review - July 2017

So easy, so convenient, GREAT customer service!

By Shay A.

Somehow things like making appointments always end up at the bottom of my to-do list. I hate doing it, and work a ton, and end up putting off the routine health items that I know I need to do. Sightbox was awesome – just a few taps and an easy signup process and they called around, researched a really great eye doctor for me, and made my appointment. I’m a first time contact lens wearer and the optometrist they found was so kind and great at explaining everything. Sightbox paid for the exam and they also paid for the new wearer training and the follow up appointment so that I could trial a few different lenses. I love that Sightbox will make sure I go back again in a year for my annual exam and will send me contacts when I need more. Less to think about and I can see so much better!

Verified Review - May 2017

Waste of money

By Alyssa M.

The concept seemed nice in the beginning, and within 24hours of uploading my prescription my box of contacts were shipped UPS next day air. Which was really great since my eye doctor botched my new glasses and I was completely without anything.

When the box was delivered, I also received an email from Sightbox with the delivery confirmation and account details. It said my next box would ship in late July. However I would be charged every month even if I wasn’t receiving any product that month. At $460 a year, this service just isn’t worth it.

After some digging online, I found I could get a full year supply of my contacts for $170. As I already had my eye exams, I don’t get the benefit of having those costs covered, so the subscription only provided contacts shipped to me without having to remember to reorder when getting low. Again, for $290 more a year, that’s just not worth it.

The same day I received my first box, I used the chat feature to request to cancel my account. I thought the process would be simple. Wrong.

I was informed that in order to cancel my account, I would have to buy out of the membership. Not only was I not getting the $40 back but they wanted another $91 just to close the account and no longer charge me. Mind you, I had JUST signed up, JUST received the first box and had not used or opened the product. They never even offered for a return, just assumed I would keep the product and pay their inflated price (I had to request to send the product back).

They advertise their service doesn’t have a catch and that they’re not a scam but charging people ridiculous amounts of money just to cancel the account sounds like a scam.

I’m sending the box back asap, and will report any future charges from them as fraud. I hope to never have to deal with this company again.

Verified Review - February 2017

Used My HSA

By Lewis

I tried Sightbox because I just moved to a new city and didn’t have an eye doctor here. They scheduled my exam with Dr. Annie at the Eye Department and we went through the full procedure, and a follow-up appointment before deciding on the contact brand that felt best in my eyes. I got to test out several brands that Dr. Annie suggested before settling on the right one. My right eye had an astigmatism, so some of the lenses were definitely more comfortable than the others. I’m glad there was plenty of time to choose. Since my exam, Sightbox has been mailing me a new box of contacts every 3-months. It has been helpful to spread out the cost into monthly payments instead of paying for everything at once, but the biggest thing is that I was able to use the HSA account that we just set up for our family. The HSA money is tax-free, so it really helps the dollars go farther. I’m happy that Sightbox works well and I don’t have to think much about it

Verified Review - February 2017

Sightbox was easy, convenient and an overall smooth experience. It's not everyday someone else makes your doctor appointment's, schedules your appointment, pay's for it and you pay a small monthly fee. My contacts arrived two days my door step! This is a user friendly membership service, it is simple, easy to use and the Sightbox team are exceptional! Thank You Sightbox!!!

By Jessie

Sightbox was easy, convenient and an overall smooth experience. It’s not everyday someone else makes your doctor appointment’s, schedules your appointment, pay’s for it and you pay a small monthly fee. My contacts arrived two days later…at my door step! This is a user friendly membership service, it is simple, easy to use and the Sightbox team are exceptional! Thank You Sightbox!!!

Verified Review - January 2017

Easy and

By Andy

If your goal is spend the least amount of money possible on your vision care, then there are probably cheaper options out there. For me, $39 per month fits my budget and I like that Sightbox sent me to a nice independent shop rather than a mall doctor. Not going out to a restaurant or bar once or twice a month pretty much pays for it.

Verified Review - January 2017

Doing This Again

By Edward G

I finished my first year of membership with Sightbox last month and just signed up for another one since my prescription is going to expire next week. They reached out to me before it did and now I won’t have to worry about running out of contacts. I like being able to pay over the year.

Verified Review - May 2016


By Mark T

The concept is nice but when you actually calculate everything out it’s not a deal at all. If I wanted monthly lenses and an exam with sightbox it’ll cost me $468 in the end. A contact lens eye exam at Costco is around $100, throw on another $100 for a new fit if you’ve never worn contacts, add on a YEAR SUPPLY (which doesnt have to purchased all at once) of monthly contacts and it’ll cost another $100. You could even find my monthly contacts online for as little as $16/box which ends up being $64 a year. The total if you just got up and did the work yourself would be anywhere from $264-$300. Why pay the extra $168? It’s like paying $168 for shipping and the service of them calling the clinic for you.

Verified Review - May 2016

Perfect from signup to delivery

By Adam

This is an amazing concept. Pay a transparent monthly fee, they handle paying all doctor exam fees and set up your appointments, then send you lenses according to your physician prescription. No big up front costs, great customer service, seamless process.

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