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Scentbird is a fast growing subscription service for luxury perfumes. Inspired by the razor-razorblade model, Scentbird ships 30-day supplies of designer perfumes (Hermes, Gucci, Dior) in a sleek aluminum case. Scentbirds secret sauce is a scent recommender powered by 500,000 authentic perfume reviews.

Designer perfume subscription

Scentbird is a fast growing subscription service for luxury perfumes. They’re all about the fun and magic of fragrance. Designed exclusively for the pickiest girls and boys who’d like to date luxury perfumes before marrying them.

By signing up you’ll get access to a 30-day supply of hundreds of top designer fragrances, including Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs delivered to your door for just $14.95/month.
Scentbird’s mission is to make finding a new perfume indulgent, personalized and fun. To make their matches they take advantage of an exclusive database of thousands of scent profiles and perfume reviews by real people. They also allow you to find your dream scent match by searching brands, moods, occasions or personalities. You’re able to keep customizing the recommendations by rating fragrances: the more you rate, the more personalized your recommendations become (and the better their database and matching system is – clever huh?)
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Verified Review - January 2018


By Jeremiah

Signed up for 3 a month at $35 and so far a month later still nothing has been sent. I have sent 20 emails to them and every reply is “We will look into it” I am going to my bank tomorrow to file a fraudulent charge form!

Verified Review - January 2018


By Rosita

My first delivery was a really awful scent that no one around me ever said its good. They even asked where did I get such a bad-smelling perfume and why did I buy it? So I did some research and found out that they said we can “customize” the perfume we would like to be delivered the next month. So okay, I picked my perfume preference for the next months and was excited to wait for it to be delivered. Guess what? The second perfume came out different as what I requested and I logged in to find out that the perfume I requested was “out of stock” so they just sent me another really really bad scent. Even worse than the first one. So I was ready to unsubscribe but I gave it another try. I requested another one and hey! They said they are “out of stock” AGAIN!! So instead they sent me another random perfume which totally off my preference and wasted my other $$. I tried to find unsubscribe button but never find it. I finally emailed them to unsubscribe and they replied the next day asking the reason why, so I replied and explained my situation there. Its been a week now and I never received any reply from them. Sent another follow up email to them but still no response. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP! There is no way to delete your saved credit card as well, so they will keep on charging like its their Dad’s money! I have to find another way to free myself from this bad scam!

Verified Review - January 2018

do not buy from scentbird!

By phil

Like many others have stated, I paid for my order, funds were taken out of my account, but nothing was ever shipped out!!!! Scentbird is a scam company IMO I have read way too many issues with their customer service and business operations. I had to call my credit card company to have them block future charges, and put in a dispute for the charges on my card. I am really really disappointed with scentbird. After doing some research, scentbird is the most expensive way to try cologne. I went into JC Pennys and they have a men and women cologne and perfume kit where you try 16-20 small bottles and you have a redemption card for a full bottle. I have had some friends that ordered and did receive their products from scent bird but they would never let them cancel. My buddy told me good luck getting in contact with them. He said you need to call your cc company because when you sign up there’s no way to cancel. I wish I would have never messed with scentbird, and I hope this company gets shut down!

Verified Review - January 2018

Really Bad Service

By Audra

I never received my December fragrance and customer service just told me to be patient. Now its almost two weeks into January and I still haven’t received it but of course they charged me for it.
I cancelled my subscription

Verified Review - December 2017

Perfect for those who like variety

By Monique

I love this service. I’ve been subscribed for maybe 2 years now. I like the option of trying new fragrances. I don’t wear perfume often, so the samples last forever. I don’t always love every scenr, but it makes Me so glad I didn’t commit to a full size bottle! This service has helped me realize which types of scents for me and which don’t. I’ll remain a subscriber

Verified Review - December 2017

Awful Customer Service!

By Sheila

This company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. Every time I have a problem, I have to send multiple emails and they never get back to me to fix it. I ordered a gift of perfume and a new case for a friend for Christmas. I ordered it the first couple of days of December. It is now Dec. 26 and not only have I not received it, but now I go on the website and it looks like they cancelled my subscription??? They never indicated that they would not be able to get this to me in time for the holiday. I have tried to get in touch with them many times but all I get is an autoreply and nobody gets back to me. At this point I am furious! I The website is very disorganized and they have no phone number…how convenient! There is no way to speak to a human being. If you are thinking of joining, DON’T.

Verified Review - December 2017

Authentic Scents that Decide

By Clover

I LOVE ScentBird! Being a 2 year customer, I have found my signature scents for just about every moment in life…🤗. The price point is reasonable for the amount you receive which can last quite awhile. Two sprays a day is all you truly need. Customer service is great and they have always responded promptly and sincerely to my needs. Trying them out has introduced me to this new world of fragrances that I didn’t know existed. I am now a long time lover and a permanent customer of ScentBird.

Verified Review - December 2017


By Yvonn

Personally, I have not experienced any issues with Scentbird. I have been a subscriber for about two years and have never been disappointed with either the service or the fragrance I received. Having read prior reviews, it appears that the company has a long way to go. There are far more negative reviews than positive. Had I read such reviews two years ago, I would not have subscribed; however, I have no plans of cancelling my subscription. As I said, my experience has been a positive one and I hope it will continue in that manner.

Verified Review - December 2017

Not perfect but still the best fragrance subscription service

By Ashleigh

I’ve tried three other fragrance subscriptions over time, and Scentbird is the only one I’ve stuck with for any length of time (I’ve been a subscriber since late 2014). I like that you can skip months and select your fragrance so you know what you’re getting, with a huge selection of both designer and niche fragrances. I have had a few issues with fragrances not being sent or lost in the mail, but Scentbird has resolved my issues and provided complimentary perfume or extra cases to compensate for the upset. Their shipping timeline is quite slow, and I think my satisfaction would be better if they didn’t wait until the 3rd week of the month to ship out your fragrance when they bill you in the first week. Though this particular subscription gives the subscriber a lot of freedom of choice, which I appreciate. I also take a long time to finish the fragrance- they do last a lot longer than a month for me and the amount you get is definitely a great value for your money, especially if you’re purchasing niche fragrances.

Verified Review - December 2017

It's been a good run!

By Pete

I have so many subscriptions to monthly clubs, having one for cologne was the best idea ever. With every good experience, there are bad ones. I’ll just list off my Pro/Con items.

Pro: -New scents every month (I get 2 monthly)
-Perfect size for gym bag, or travel
-Try new scents, go full-sized with what works

Con: -Tracking is very questionable, if you get a shipping notification it doesn’t actually ship for a day or so after
-Scents you don’t like you can’t send back to trade out for one you do
-Full-sized bottles are still as expensive as retail

In closing, I really like the service (going on year 2) but it’s the nit-picky things that make me say “I’ll cancel after these next scents come in.”. Fixing the shipping, and being more attentive to customer concerns would help with my final decision. Try it for a month or two, decide that way.

Verified Review - December 2017

Never a bad experience

By Shannon

I have been with scentbird going on four years. I have never had an issue with them sending the product or having low quality products. I have found some really unique fragrances without having to spend huge dollars until I know I like it.

Verified Review - December 2017

That's Scentertainment....

By minkwheel

Scentbird…. if you’re on the fence about joining a monthly club, GET OFF OF THE FENCE ALREADY and give SCENTBIRD a try… Nothing really to LOSE, because you may cancel orders anytime. What IS Scentbird? –it’s a monthly subscription service that will send you a small vile and dispenser containing a 30 day supply of an expensive cologne or perfume that you are curious to test drive, and a very affordable price instead of doling out hundreds of dollars on a bottle of cologne that smelled great in the store, but just wasn’t “you” the minute you put it on for the first time at home…. Give them a list of the scents you wish to try (they have literally 450 ever expanding brands to choose from…. or let THEM send you things they hand pick themselves—following YOUR specific “likes”…. Variety is the spice of life, and variety is what Scentbird has in SURPLUS. Trial sizes so you are not committed to a bottle that costs a Benny. Service is fast, polite, and above all….AFFORDABLE for the man or woman who wants to make an impression, but smart enough to save a few scents. Give Scentbird a try. I am VERY GLAD that I did.

Verified Review - December 2017

Love scentbird

By Santa Fe woman

Love scentbird. Great idea. Please make your service website more mobile phone friendly. As it stands right now, the website is difficult to operate from my smart phone. It took months to get into my account even though I contacted your staff about the issue. Finally I can get into the site. Now I can’t manuver my queue. I used to be able to, no it’s impossible. Please please make your website more user friendly. It’s the worst one I have encountered EVER.
Thank you.

Verified Review - December 2017

ive not had too many complaints

By mel

ive been a member for two years now and i havent had too many issues. the samples are more than enough for me and i still have many that i havent finished so its worth the price for me. the scent lasts long enough for me more so since i onoly spray them on my clothes and not my skin.

the only gripe i had was that i missed two month which were paid for last year that i never got but thats it.
i can understand the wait time since it says it’ll take a while for replies so i dont worry about it too much.

im happy enough

Verified Review - December 2017

Stay away....not worth the try


Got a subscription to try this out because it sounds really cool! I received my products as promised, and no issue with the quality. I decided I didn’t want to pay every month so I cancelled my subscription…..or at least that’s what they told me. I received an email from an employee stating my subscription was cancelled. A month later I was charged. I emailed them (because you can’t call) and they said they would correct it. Haven’t received my money back, and I was charged a second time after cancelling. I emailed them again, and I received an apologetic reply but still haven’t received my money back.

Verified Review - December 2017

Scentbird is shady, don't give them your payment info or you'll regret it

By Kacee

Scent Bird is officially one of the shadiest companies I have ever done business with.

First of all, they do not allow you to review their full inventory until you enter your payment information into their system. I did just that, and was immediately disappointed with their sub par fragrance offerings. I then noticed that they charged me for a subscription that I did not sign up for.

No problem, I will just not put any products into my queue and cancel my account to get a refund. I check their FAQ and they include a link to their account page where you can supposedly cancel. Problem is, there WAS no way to cancel in the account page.

I immediately emailed them and asked them to cancel my account and issue me a refund since the box hadn’t shipped out. I got an email in return the next day that gave the same instructions listed in their FAQ “Click the cancel my subscription link on your account page”. AGAIN, this link does not exist on their account page. I responded with screenshots proving that the link did not exist, and was super confused when I got an email saying my first box had shipped. Again, I never put a product in my queue, so there shouldn’t have been anything to ship. I suspect they did this to avoid having to give me a refund.

It has now been 10 days since this all started and they still haven’t cancelled my account and I haven’t received the box they supposedly shipped. I just filed a chargeback with Paypal and am hoping they give me my money back.

Long story short, screw scentbird. Don’t give them your money.

Verified Review - December 2017


By Karen

Fragrances did not seem authentic. Ordered a fragrance I was familiar with for first shipment – definitely was not the fragrance I knew! Gave second shipment a try – fragrance was nice but did not last – poor quality. Requestef to cancel via email as required…no telephone customer service. Clearly dealing with automated canned responses – so really no customer service provided! Email responses kept asking for information already provided. Directions on how to cancel were incorrect. Kept referring to “cancel subscription “ button which did not exist on website. Process should not be as complicated as it is made to be. Feels like it is done to cause customers to give up trying to cancel. Poor business practice. Cute novelty subscription but not worth it. Would not recommend.

Verified Review - November 2017


By Mikki

STAY AWAY!!! If I could give a negative star rating I would!!! The idea is amazing, but execution between payment and delivery is unacceptable. You basically get charged 2-3 months in advance before you receive one fragrance, IF and I mean IF you receive the fragrance at all. The first one comes very quickly to trap you, after that you’ll be waiting and waiting!! Getting fake shipping info that your scent will arrive on the 25th of the month….lies!!!!!! Oh and dont try to contact anyone, unless you like corresponding with BOTS via email, because they dont have a contact number!!!! I’m still waiting on my second fragrance, I signed up in Sept and its almost Dec, where they do that at????!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and steer clear of Scentbird!!! Not worth the trouble of wasting money, for some little ass vial that doesn’t even last the thirty days they claim. If you want to sample a new perfume, you’re better off getting a free one from Sephora!!!! If you like the fragrance get the actual bottle and not some crafted bullshit they put together in someone’s basement!!! CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION IMMEDIATELY!!! Not worth it!!!

Verified Review - November 2017

Slow Shipping and product poor

By John

It has been an ongoing issue with the product not arriving until late in the month. In October I never received my product. On Nov 6th I notified Scentbird that I never received my cologne (Typical as the product is billed in the beginning of the month and never arrives in a timely fashion.) I was informed that the product would be sent out again and should expect a tracking number within 3-5 days via email. Its now 13 days later and no product or tracking info. You have no telephone number to contact someone, should have expected the quality of your company would be poor. Also not impressed with the product sent out. I compared the sent product with an actual bottle from the store. Every one of your colognes wear off within an hour, while the confirmed actual product would last several hours, if not the whole day. You are a scam that will be out of business soon if you don’t address the numerous complaints that have already been filed against your company.

Verified Review - November 2017


By Shannon

This company has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced!! I joined and paid my subscription two months ago and have yet to receive a product, when I contacted customer service they didn’t respond for a week and when they did it would take them a day in between correspondence. The rep was short and very rude, she asked me what scent I wanted because the one I picked was out so that’s why I never received a product I paid for….I went to my account to choose another scent and she has deleted my account!!! When I told her I could not see the scents because she had done so she told me I needed to sign up again paying another $14.95 fee!!! I told her absolutely not I no longer wanted the subscription and wanted my money back to which I have not received a response! I will be reporting the charges as fraudulent and I hope the company gets slapped with a law suite.

Verified Review - November 2017

90% BOT replies to your concerns

By Snookie

Be forewarned to check your queue frequently to see if it’s been changed not because you changed it but because some scentbird Fairy changed it. Also if you do decide to upgrade to another subscription (that they’re constantly shoving down your throat) know that when you decide to do it, you’ll be charged that day not on the next billing cycle which every other company does. So you decide on September 6th, for instance, “yes I’d like to upgrade to the two perfumes a month deal”, you will be charged on September 6th for the October subscription that won’t be mailed out until at best October 23rd and they might get it to you by November 3rd. Make sense? And when you bring any concerns to scentbird you automatically get a bot reply by email. And expect at least a 3-day turnaround to maybe get a human who is just as useful as a bot. They could literally put the small container in a USPS envelope and have it arrive within a few days instead they use DHL—>which means it changes hands and this tiny product takes minimum 10 days to arrive. Time tho look for another provider.

Verified Review - October 2017

Worst Ever!

By Alice

I have been/was with Scentbird for merely two months and yet experienced numerous issues with this company. The first month, I was charged three times and contacted their customer care only to get a measly reply of “we are sorry, we will request a refund and submit it to management for processing”. Mind you, Scentbird doesn’t have a phone number or support via chat. So you are left with emails back and fourth and waiting days for a reply- if you get one at all. I did finally get a refund, not a full refund on what they owe me though. Second month I failed to get my shipment and continued to contact customer support 7 times with no response for over a week! They don’t care about their customers nor do they resolve issues promptly or efficiently. This company needs to be shut down immediately! I reported them to the BBB and cancelled my account, but still feel ripped off as I’ve lost money in trying this company that seems like it has a good idea, but needs to be seriously renovated.

Verified Review - October 2017

BAD company

By bre c

I am completely disappointed in this company they used my card info to order me something without my consent, this is completely disrespectful and they gave me a sub for a month without me knowing……… your money and DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!!!!!!

Verified Review - October 2017


By Brendan23

This company is a complete scam. Just like everyone else said, first month is fine they send you the cologne and it smells decent but doesn’t last. Then they charge your card super early in the month and they don’t send anything for a super long time. They sent me a tracking number email which does not work and claimed they sent it. I don’t believe they ever did. Their customer service is a complete joke. There’s no way to talk to anyone. I’ve emailed serveral employees and they never respond. Avoid this nightmare. This company is a complete joke. It sounds like an awesome idea but it’s a complete headache and not worth it what so ever. Would never recommend. This company is a scam. Don’t waste your time or money.

Verified Review - October 2017

Don’t sign up

By Drea

Been a member since February 2015 and never had too much of a problem. I was excited to see I could upgrade to receive 2 vials. Low and behold, they charged my account 4 times and all 4 upgrades were pulled out of my account on a Saturday. Can we say Bank wasn’t open.
Had to file fraud charges with my bank.

Never will order from again and the cancel subscription button mysteriously has disappeared.

Verified Review - October 2017

Not worth the price!

By Tori

The scents are DEFINITELY not like the originals. With my original I can spray it on my wrists and neck in the morning and am smelling it throughout the day. With the (supposedly) same fragrance from Scentbird I spray it on and #1- it’s not as potent at first and #2- after only a short while I sniff my wrists and it’s barely there. Not happy! Obviously these fragrances are watered down or they add alcohol to them. Not a good deal when basically you’re getting a tiny bit of body spray and NOT perfume! I’m canceling for sure.

Verified Review - October 2017

Don't waste your time.

By De

Don’t waste your time subscribing to this service. It’s great in theory, however, their execution is terrible and their customer service is even worse. I subscribed in August because I was offered a free bonus scent. The first subscription scent arrived within about a week and the bonus scent shortly followed. I haven’t received any scents since (mid to late August)…they completely skipped the month of September. In addition, I placed an order on September 17 and was billed…it’s now October 4 and the order still has not shipped. I’ve now contacted Scentbird customer service 4 times via email to try to have this issue resolved with no luck. There doesn’t appear to be an available customer service phone number.

The first two times I contacted them, they didn’t even read my emails and sent a generic response asking me to confirm my mailing address…which I’ve confirmed 3 TIMES now, even though it hasn’t changed.

I spoke with a friend who confirmed that she canceled her subscription due to a similar experience. Her scents either arrives late or not at all. Save yourself the time and headache.

Verified Review - September 2017


By Adriane

I want to give them negative stars! This company has been charging my credit card for 14 months! Over a year ago I signed up ajd never received any perfume. Three months passed, I attempted to contact them. Only through email because they don’t have a phone number. Scam!!! I emailed them to cancel my subscription, all you get is electronically generated emails that say nothing to address the issues you email them about. I never look at my credit card statements, I just pay the bill. Today I find out they have been billing me for over a year!!!!!! I have a fraud case going with my credit card. I’ve sent them threatening emails at this point, there has to be something we can do???? They are robbing people!!!!!

Verified Review - September 2017


By D. Ennis

To start of I was intrigued buy a scent my co worker was wearing and asked where she got it from. She went in to tell me about Scentbird and how it works. Later that day I went online and researched the site and was more intrigued. Before I proceeded to order i read over the shipping policy which i was comfortable with so I subscribed to their services around the beginning of June. My card was charged on July 5th and i received my first order on June the 11th. I was good until i open the package and seen how literally they barely give you enough to last to the next order. I was somewhat dissatisfied but decided to give them a change still. Here it is my second month my card was charged on Sept 5th, so i expected my order around the same time as before. The order never came instead i get an email saying due to Hurricane Harvey they will be having delays getting orders out and to be patient. I then emailed them back letting them know this is an inconvenience and I am patient , but when it comes to my money and they was not patient when the drafted it from my account and since i had to be patient and wait for an items that barely worth the price and the quantity compensate me for my inconvenience. I rudely got an email back about the shipping process from the first rep Kayla Anderson. So I responded that this was not the best business practice nor a way to treat customers. I then got another rude email about explaining the shipping process again from a Jane Kostyleva. Again a big contradiction because they are out of the time frame they provide. So I replied letting them know how unhappy I was with their service and product and that i would be canceling my subscription. I did not plan on writing a review until i woke up this morning with a email that immediately insulted my being from a Jane Kostyleva stating “If you’re charged on the 5th of the month, your shipment will ship around the 3rd week of the month, arriving at your doorstep 5 to 10 days later.” in bold print. Today is September 20,2017 my card was charged on Sept the 5th., 10-15 days from that is the 15-18. The third week was from Sept. 11-16… So me being the a college grad my math is quite on point.To add insult to it more she added “If you have not received the tracking link for your order by Friday, please let me know so that I can check on this for you.” At this time I don’t want you to do anything thing but run me my money back. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND NO ONE ORDER FROM THIS TACTLESS UNPROFESSIONAL DISTASTEFUL NO QUANTITY PROVIDING RIP YOU OFF FOR YOU LOVE OF PERFUME COMPANY.. YOU WOULD GET BETTER SERVICE ORDERING THRU ALIEXPRESS…

Verified Review - September 2017

I did not have any issues

By Cia

I am not sure why so many people have had issues with Scentbird. It’s really unfortunate to read these reviews because they have been nothing but great to me. I have had scentbird a year now and I have never run into delays and when a delay was even expected, I got an email regarding the POTENTIAL issue. I even unexpectedly got a surprise perfume holder for FREE on my birthday with a new scent. I absolutely love Scentbird, maybe they are just trying to become more efficient or maybe these naggers are not computer savvy and do not know what they are doing when ordering. Scentbird should not be scrutinized like this. Keep up the good work SB!

Verified Review - July 2017

The worst!

By Jen

I received this as a birthday gift and I’m thoroughly disappointed. They keep sending me very similar perfume scents by the same manufacturer. When I called customer service the woman I spoke to had a bad attitude. I would never recommend this company

Verified Review - July 2017

Expect them to STEAL from you!

By chad

Wish I could put a zero for review – on June 12, 2017 clicked on an email link to scentbird from one of these beauty magazine blogger – signed up then saw it was not as described went in immediately un-subscribed/canceled. That should have been the end of it but on July 5, 2017 received a package from scentbird checked my account realized they charged my account June 13, 2017. So gross when companies do things like this!

Verified Review - June 2017

Terrible Company Plain and Simple!!!

By Jimmy D

Ill keep it short and to the point…..I placed an order on 5/12/17 and recieved an e-mail stating it would ship by 5/25/17. By 5/28/17 i still did not get a tracking number so i wanted to call customer service to see if it had already shipped but to my surprise there isn’t a customer service number or ANY number at all to call which at this point knew something was off. I emailed them stating my problem and they emailed me back saying “sorry there was a glitch in our computer system and we will send it out in 7-10 day and you should get it about 5-7 days after it ships” so if it took the full 10 days to ship and 7 days to recieve it it would be a total of 17 days for it to get to me!!! my auto payment would lapse and i would be charged for the next months shipment without ever getting the first one!!!! i saw other reviews online stating that they always use this excuse or “the package must have been lost” excuse. I emailed them back to say no thank you please cancel my order and cancel my account. At this point they stopped responding to me completely! no refund, no product, no return email and i can’t even delete my card on the site. i had to call bank of america to refund my money and order a new debit card. This company is either a scam or terrible at business! if you are looking for a similar company that has WAY better customer service and shipping try luxury scent box.

Verified Review - May 2017

Watch your credit card!

By Erin

Clicked on an e-mail about an offer and they automatically signed me up for a subscription! Once I found out, I cancelled within minutes! A few weeks later, I get an e-mail telling me that product has been shipped – A product I didn’t put in my cart and they still charged me!

Verified Review - May 2017

Slow Shipping

By Pam

It’s nice to get a sample of perfume every month. They charge your cc on the 5th of the month, but they ship between the 15th and the 18th .So you don’t receive it around the 25th. I’m thinking about canceling my subscription.

Verified Review - May 2017


By Beshar

I paid the first month is was only 15 bucks but I neve4 got my colonge. I thought maybe it was late, the tracking number was a fake made up num. I mean its only 15 but come on. Your better off buying a whole bottle it last longer then the little sample they charge for. They dont even have dior or any expensive colonge.

Verified Review - May 2017


By Lucky

They are awful late deliveries , poor customer service.. Run dont walk in the other direction

Verified Review - May 2017


By Jennifer

I subscribed on April 13th added like 60 perfumes on my “list” kept checking the website and finally it said my perfume was to be sent out on the 25th. It never got sent out. I emailed them I got a response asking me my address, but I included that in my email they responded to. What a joke. No response yet and its been 3 days. So basically I paid for nothing got nothing. I’m unsubscribing or canceling my card one of the two.

Verified Review - May 2017

I didn't complete my transaction. I never hit confirm and they sent me a perfume anyway. I had to text them, because they do not have a telephone number. I returned the perfume and paid to have it shipped back. I asked for a refund and they said no refunds!!! So, now I am out of the perfume and the money!!! They absolutely do not care. I will never shop online again. This is the eorst customer service ever!!!! Think and read before you join.

By Dawn

This is the worst customer servive I have ever had!! No tele
phone number to call, red flag. I started to get this, but I never hit the confirm button. I changed my mind, because I hate auto drafts. They sent me the perfume anyway. I was shocked. I mailed the perfume back and had to pay shipping cost. Then I asked for a refund. They said no refunds!!! So, now I am outof the perfume and the money. They absolutely do not care!!!! This is not right or fair. Read and make sure you want this every month, because as soon as you put in your card number, they grab it and roll with it. Very pissed off!!!!!!

Verified Review - April 2017

Hacked into my bank account

By George

I subscribed to this service and never received my first cologne…wrote into customer service and have not gotten an answer TWELVE DAYS LATER! Had to write in again because I cancelled and they CHARGED another one of my cards..mind you I never entered this other cards info in their system. How TF do they have my info. Someone needs to sue this company hard. WHAT ARE YOI DOING SCENTBIRD!?

Verified Review - April 2017



They charged my card for perfume I never got. I can’t get anyone on the phone and they won’t call me. I have been charged for two months of perfume and have gotten nothing. Don’t waste your money

Verified Review - March 2017


By Tom

I am not one to write negative reviews but this is one of the worst experiences I ever had with any product or service. Not only did they never send the gift I order for my significant other they failed to address the issue or do anything to make it right. They took over 4 days to get back to my message and then another 3 days to the next. They failed to address the concern and told me some stranger redeemed the gift. When I told them I don’t know this person, never sent it to them, and would like a refund. They simply told me since somebody redeemed the gift I will not get a refund. I had to contact my credit card company and open up a dispute. You are better off going to Sephora or Barneys and getting free samples then buying the perfume you like. This concept could of worked but their execution and customer service is atrocious.

Verified Review - March 2017

Received nothing

By Lizzie

I was charged on the 15th of this month, and have still not received anything. I tracked my package and it says it was delivered but I have received nothing. I have emailed them several times and other than a pointless email from someone named Kayla (which was just a robot email) I just keep getting the initial email saying bare with us. Don’t waste your money.

Verified Review - March 2017

Great Concept - Poor Execution

By Cory

Great premise; however, the execution is severely flawed with no sense of customer service. No one is willing to contact – messages have sat for over a month without being addressed. No phone number, sent emails and attempted to contact via social media.

Verified Review - March 2017

Scent Bird

By Char

I signed up for Scent Bird via a promo, they immediately charged my credit card and then 3 weeks later I received an email stating that my order was delivered!! I never received any order nor any tracking number. Do not waste your time as the customer service was very unhelpful and did not offer to resend or a refund you cannot reach them on the phone just via email which in it’s self is SHADY! After I canceled my subscription via email, 2 weeks late they attempted to bill my Discover card again!!! Stay away just not worth the hassle.

Verified Review - March 2017


By Mike Wright

Unfortunately scent bird lacks in customer service skills. There is no phone number should you wish to communicate with scent bird. I recently put my account on hold, which means absolutely nothing to scent bird. They will bill you and send you a sample bottle regardless if you want it or not. I strongly recommend not starting an account until scent bird prioritizes customer service over making a buck.

Verified Review - March 2017

Horrible Experience

By Heather Gross

I subscribed to scentbird after a friend of mine recommended it, and it seemed like a good deal. After a few months, decided to cancel— ok cool, canceled, shows canceled– BUT now 3 days later, I am getting emails about an inquiry into a missing product, which I never submitted an inquiry. Told them I didn’t submit this inquiry and they proceed to tell me my CC is on file for the account with the inquiry- So again I did not make this inquiry, then I notice some one else responding to tem just like I am, and this girls name is Heather Thompson, from MI, I live in SC. SHE is the one with the issue/inquiry, however somehow we are both getting and responding to these emails— I have requested they call me and called the numbers listed on my CC statements to try and reach them. Has to be some sort of scam—

Verified Review - March 2017

I'm not so sure

By Vivian

I had scentbird for about 6 months. It was perfect because I do not wear perfumes a lot so this subscription allowed me to buy just a little at a decent price and try out some that I am not so sure about. Everything was fine until they increased the monthly rate on me. No customer service number to call. Just waiting on en email reply

Verified Review - March 2017

They SUCK!!

By Chuck

If there was a way to rate them negative stars, that’s what I would do!!
They absolutely SUCK!!
Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever encountered…No phone number…Only contact via email and they respond if and when they want…Signed up 2/9/17 and have yet to receive any product, despite what their website says about when they ship..Contacted them numerous times<5…And they lie to me,telling me that there was a problem with my credit card and they couldn't get my money…Which was an outright lie, I had my statement in front of me, showing they had been paid…I have even requested their physical address and phone number,but they have not responded to that,even though I have requested it twice in emails( now totalling more than 10+!!) I suggest they be reported to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU as well as your state's attorney general's office for unethical business practices and fraud…I know that I will doing so,in addition to contacting my bank and blocking their access to any future debits of my card…As far as I can see, they are scam artists and need to be taught a lesson behind bars.

Verified Review - February 2017


By Shameeca WHite

So initially I have to say I had no problems with them. I paid they sent my perfume, only complaint was that I paid on the 5th but didn’t receive my perfume until the 28th or so. Then one month I decided to “skip a month” but realized after reviewing my bank statement that I was charged. I checked my account and no perfume was in queue to be sent because I skipped a month. I contacted customer service though email (which is lame) and they informed me that they recently changed something in there payments department and my refund should be sent with in 2-3 days to my bank account on file. 1 week later, and I was still not refunded. So, I had no choice but to send them an additional email requesting my refund. At this point its been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t received my refund or an email back from them. I am very disappointed. I mean its only $14.95 but its the principle that counts and that’s bad business. Save your money and just go to Marshal’s or T.J Maxx and purchase at a lower price then at a department store.

Verified Review - February 2017

Disappointed, feeling scammed

By Sarah

I wish I could give this company ZERO stars! First month, December, was great. I am a perfume addict so I really wanted this to be legit. I love switching my scents each day and this made it convenient. Second month, January, no shipment. Emailed SEVERAL times and although it notes a 48 hour turn around on emails, it was 4-5 days before I received a generic response. February is where it went off the rails as they charged my account but sent me multiple emails asking for me to update my credit card but THEY ALREADY CHARGED IT! I emailed, tweeted them, facebook messaged and hit them up on the gram —- NO RESPONSE! Charged my card twice without a shipment and I was still missing Januarys product. They are scamming people. Buyer beware. If anyone is interested in rallying together to file a larger complaint with the BBB, please email me at [email protected]


Verified Review - February 2017




This company couldn’t take out my payments for two months, and then all of the sudden started up again with taking it out, NOT ONCE NOT TWICE BUT THREE TIMES. After my frustration, of course, you can’t call someone, but you have to email which takes about two weeks. Well on January 25th I have an email from “Bobby” saying I could assure my account had been canceled and I wouldn’t be charged anymore! Well surprise surprise, February 7th, I was charged TWICE…AGAIN. And now the girl “Katie” from the website is saying “Oh I’m so sorry, you didn’t cancel it, and we swapped to a new billing operation which has caused certain customers to be charged twice.”


Verified Review - January 2017

Will it ever come?!?!?

By tallbubba

Tracking information provided notes that my order was shipped 1/11, but nothing has happened to it since. The website notes that it shipped 1/15, but still nothing… They have my money though…

When I first ordered in November I did not expect it to take 2 weeks for a small parcel to ship from California to Arizona, but it did. When I finally received the package I received the cologne I ordered, with a white case instead of the black I ordered. I dealt with that, but what I cannot deal with is packages that take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

May need to cancel after I receive this order. Great idea, terrible execution.

Verified Review - December 2016

Awful experience

By Jme

I signed up under the promo “get second month free”. I got my first perfume without any issues. I wasn’t thrilled with the spray mechanism. You get a guaranteed 4 sprays per day, which I thought would be good for a couple sprays in the morning and a couple in the evening. What I found is you need to spray at least4 times to get enough perfume to release.
The real issue is I never got my second perfume, which was supposed to be free. I got tracking info and found it was returned to Scentbird because they didn’t include my apartment # on the shipment. I was never contacted by Scentbird and never got the second shipment. I’ve contacted them numerous times and they finally contacted me back and asked for my address, which is strange considering they’ve shipped to me before and it’s on my account. However, I provided the address again but STILL haven’t received the shipment. I should have received it early November. It is now the end of December. Still nothing. I’ve sent another email a couple days ago but haven’t heard back, which is par for the course. They’re very slow to respond. Needless to say, I canceled my account and will never recommend this to anyone!!!

Verified Review - November 2016

Is this comany trying to scam people


Have happily subscribed to many monthly boxes over the years and have never had such an awful experience. Was so excited to get first scent and when I did it was a perfume that was not on my list of perfumes to be sent, contacted company and was eventually told after many emails that took 2 days of more that I had 2 accounts, but under same email. One account that has a list of perfumes, one that doesn’t. They said they were sending me perfume of month because of account without list. I could not find other said account, so I sent email to cancel subscription. Got another email back telling me that I have 2 accounts again. Feel like company is stalling so they can get money for another month. Crazy excuses as to sending wrong perfume and not wanting to cancel my subscription. Feels like I am being scammed.

Verified Review - October 2016

Scentbird sucks!

By Scentbirdsubscriber

So I purchased a subscription to scent bird. Every single month they ship it out late. They will charge you on the 5th of every month and suppose to ship on 15th. But instead they will ship it whenever they get it together. (Weeks later) and to top it off there is no customer service number you can call only email. Im still waiting for a response from them. Honestly save urself the headache. This company does not have it together.

Verified Review - September 2016

So fed up already !

By Melissa

I have been a member for 2 months now and have been charged for 2 months but still haven’t received either of the perfumes. There is no phone number to contact Scentbird only an email address that you have to google to find because they can’t even provide the simplest way to contact them through their own website. My subscription is showing my 3rd perfume will be shipped out soon and yet I still have not recieved my 1st. I have emailed Scentbird TWICE, with still no reply. I’m going to cancel but I better get a full refund of my own money, because oh that’s the other thing- I just recently found out through another reviewers website that you cannot get a refund for ANYTHING, only store credit! This place is a scam

Verified Review - August 2016

I had to cancel

By Olga

I was so excited to try this subscription, but became disappointed very quickly. First of all – it’s confusing at first on how to choose a fragrance; also I was supposed to get one month free – I never got a free months product and when I asked why I got a very condescending email, my question was ignored completely! The only perfume that I got was just ok, in overall – not worth it in my opinion;

Verified Review - July 2016

Have Not Received Product, Nobody Ever Answers Phone.

By Joann

I purchased this for my husband, was charged on the 5th of the month and it is now the 29th and still have not received it. I have tried to call several times and no answer. I filed a chargeback with credit card.

Verified Review - December 2015

My favorite subscription

By Jay L.

I am a sucker for cute packaging and all things travel sized. Scentbird has the prettiest packaging and for $14.95 each month I get a high end fragrance thats nearly the same size as the rollerballs I had been paying $30+ for, and I love that I can just drop it in my purse and carry it with me on the go. Couldn’t be happier with this sub. 🙂

Verified Review - December 2015

Perfect for the Holidays!

By Jm

great customer service and value for the products!

Verified Review - December 2015

Cologne Subscription

By Brian

It is now my 5th month and I absolutely love Scentbird. I am so happy that a service like this exists, no more wasting money on huge expensive bottles. I highly recommend 🙂

Verified Review - November 2015

First shipment has been confusing.

By Darla Casey Smith

So far I got my first shipment. I was told I wasn’t getting my selected fragrance & that it would be shipped on the 15-18th of the month. I had to select another fragrance. I expected that one to come in the mail.
I checked the mail and on the 13th I had the scentbird I wanted originally and early. VERY confused.
I got a email on the 15th that said my order was being shipped. Still no tracking number and no update on my selection. I thought I was getting another one.
Next day I got a email telling me I had already got my order.
I am happy with my Scentbird.

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