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box for YA lovers and bookworms

box for YA lovers and bookworms

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Verified Review - January 2019

My owlcrate review

By Nick

When I first started Owlcrate it was a great service and introduction to the “crate service” if you will. I found each them very good and interesting. The pricing was good at times it went up but understanding why. Has new themes came out I had to find myself having to skip that month, reason being it was to girl oriented and being a guy well you get the idea. Other then that I found my self skipping other months because I just didn’t find that theme of the month good. After a year I canceled my service because it was getting to General orientation for a specific age range and the service just didn’t apeal to me anymore. Other then that I find certain items of there’s on eBay that have caught my attention other then that I have found other crate services That work very well for me and happy that I don’t have to find my skipping a month or other reasons. Other then that I would recommend Owlcrate for Christmas presents or gifts for your sister or cousin or other book friends.

Verified Review - May 2017

One of the best YA book boxes I've ever received!

By Becky

I am such a HUGE fan of OwlCrate. I just received my third box from them and I am counting down the days until I get my next one. This box is full of bookish goodies and a newly released YA book (many signed or with a signed bookplate). The best part about this box is that they cater to all genres. The May 2017 box is for comic book fans, April’s box (2017) was great for fans of YA contemporary and a few boxes before that were great for fantasy lovers. It’s clear that the OwlCrate teams takes the time to pick the best items to complement their themes and they have blown me away every time.

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