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Fresh coffee delivered to your door

Pact are on a mission to get the UK drinking better coffee by making incredible, freshly roasted coffee accessible to everyone – and they seem to be doing it pretty well, having got plenty of attention from investors and a massively increasing user base.

Pact keep it pretty simple and excel at doing that well – so world class beans from all over the world, are roasted in small batches for the best quality, and then shipped to you within 7 days, at a price semi-comparable to supermarket guff or Monmouth-style shopping raids.

Want options – you got it – as the Pact guys ship your first order based on how you brew – so for example, a different grind for your particularly method, be it Aeropress, filter or espresso. They also have plenty of different types of coffee, and give wine tasting-esque short descriptions with each – e.g. “rich, heavy fig and hazelnut” to help you make a choice, or leave it to them to send you the best of the bunch.

More options come with delivery – as this can be scheduled, once a week, fortnightly, or “gimme a break as this caffeine is way toooo much already” – and for the coffee lovers with unexpected needs, you can insta-ship one for next day delivery. Bags of whole or ground beans are letterbox shaped and sent in natty cardboard containers so they fit through the door with ease.

The coffee bags themselves are OK, not overly shelf friendly, a bit too big to lay flat, not sensible enough to stand up, so try and pick up a container for yo beans as soon as you can. You’ll also get a little magazine thrown in to the package, which gives a great sense of community and fun around the company, and even includes some perks from other companies.

Top tips – Pact have recently started shipping to offices too, so ideal to get your boss on it and get your coffee upgraded. Also look out for limited edition coffees that come in occasionally, normally at an extra £1 or 2, but well worth it.

Overall, if you want decent coffee and don’t have a supply conveniently nearby, Pact are a great starting point. They run an abundance of offers, which means it can be grating to see them pop up everywhere offering free bags or £1 bags when you’ve just taken delivery of a £6.99 bag, but thats the business model, and it certainly isn’t going to hurt you to try them out with a starter bag as its easy to cancel or put your account on hold.

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Verified Review - January 2017

Fixed Mistake

By Hannah

I (stupidly) bought a gift voucher for a friend for Pact Coffee, because it seemed like a really excellent service, but neglected to realize that they do not ship internationally! When my problem became apparent, I immediately sent an email explaining my unfortunate situation, and within a few days, everything was all sorted out, refund and all. They have such an amazingly friendly and helpful staff that, even though I could not use their services (hello from America!), I felt it was necessary to let all of my UK friends know how great this company is, and that I will definitely be keeping an eye out for when they begin to ship internationally.

Verified Review - February 2016

For the love of Pact

By Barry

What to write about Pact coffee. Well, firstly, it’s the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, with a wide variety of blends to suit all tastes and moods. Secondly it’s not just for the bean snobs, when you set up your account you have the preference setting which you are most likely to use, but this can be amended or changed as a one off like I did last week, it was a quick call to one of there “coffee wingmen” and it was done.

You never have to worry about running out of coffee, again in your account set up you let them know how much coffee you drink and they do the rest, in my case a 250g of beans lasts about a week, but if I’m running low then I login and send the next bag early, which I normally receive within 2 days via Royal Mail.

The guys there are so customer focus, I’ve only had one delivery that wasn’t quiet right, no problem, a quick call to them resolved the issues, no questions asked.

All in all, the service and the product from Pact is first class, I’ve recommended them to friends who all love the coffee and with the introduce a friend offer we both got bags of coffee for £1, what’s not to love!!

Verified Review - February 2016

Great selection of beans

By James

Delivery came right on time. Great selection of beans that were well roasted and worked really well with my Aeropress. Would strongly recommend Planalto, really nice creamy coffee

Verified Review - February 2016

6 Star Review!

By Dave

Pact are serious about coffee. They care deeply about their suppliers and they love their customers.

As important is their desire to procure the best beans, roast them to perfection and get them to their customers to enjoy at the bean’s peak condition.

The packaging is superb – designed to fit through a letterbox – and is accompanied by a beautifully printed insert card describing the bean, grower and taste impressions.

It’s a subscription service but you’re not tied into a ‘bean of the month’ club. You can stop and start orders easily via their website. Their occasional offers are great, introducing you to new beans and coffee making appliances.

I can speak with authority as I’ve visited their Bermondsey HQ and witnessed first-hand the passion of the whole team and the complex testing, roasting and grinding house.

Verified Review - February 2016

Better than Nespresso themselves and cheaper too!

By Mike

It’s a little cheaper than using Nespresso pods for your machine (no delivery charge on top of price either!) and I find it to be a much better taste! Richer and more oils. It’s a flavour that you can only really link with Pact and they’ve managed to keep it the same in their pods!

Very flexible delivery service can be every week, every month or whenever Inbetween! You can pause the service too if you have an overload. Great company, great attitude, great taste. 5/5.

Verified Review - February 2016

Divine coffee

By ScaifeyJ

I signed up for the £1 coffee offer, and it was delivered the next day! I chose Planalto, you get a large serving of coffee, and when you open the pack the aroma is amazing. The coffee is delicious, and very flavoursome, I can thoroughly recommend you have to try Pact. I shall certainly be ordering some more in the very near future . You won’t be disappointed

Verified Review - February 2016

Love Pact

By Matt

I love everything about Pact coffee. Their smart marketing, gorgeous packaging design, oh and a delicious product too.

The little cards that come with each coffee delivery tell you about the grower, the origins of the bean, flavour profile and lots of little details that help you to appreciate each cupful. I keep all mine.

The subscription itself is flexible if you want some time off or a bag quicker just request it on the website and you choose how you brew your coffee so it comes ground to perfection.

I supported the Kickstarter campaign for Nespresso fit pods and having received them this week I can say that the wait was worth it.

Verified Review - February 2016

Nespresso who?

By Andy M

Ordered my pods on the last crowdfunding round as I am fed up with the same old Nespresso flavours. I really was intrigued to see if Pact’s claims were true and for the price I thought “why not”.

I tried my first pod at 5.45am before work and I couldn’t believe how fresh the coffee tasted, I never thought that kind of freshness could be achieved from a pod but it really can.

Love these and love the fact they are in London.

Keep up the good work and I certainly will be ordering more of these!

Verified Review - February 2016

Two thumbs up!

By Caspar

This is such a great service. I used it when they were very new, then cancelled for a while as i moved to a job where they provided a lot of coffee. Now I’ve switched again to an office without coffee and reactivated my account, and am so glad I did. Every coffee they send is perfect, the deliveries come next day in a package that easily fits through your letter box, the customisation options on the website are really handy – you can get beans or ground coffee, you can tell them if it’s a cafetiere or drip filter or any other type of machine and they grind it the most appropriate way, you can give coffee a thumbs up or a thumbs down so they know which styles you like, can can easily change the date of your next delivery (by default it is every 28 days – one improvement would be ‘same day each month’ so I could make sure it was always pay day and doesn’t slip to a few days in advance which is almost always when I’m trying to make sure money doesn’t get spent!). They’re super helpful on Twitter when you ask any question too. I’m a big fan, and have loads of friends signed up.

Verified Review - January 2016

Sophisticated, smokey and simply delicious

By Anna

Pact is a simple yet smart. The coffee arrives neatly in a sealed up bag, it’s easy to fit in the letter box. As soon as you unzip the bag, the smells are sumptuous. If you like your coffee strong or weak, there are plenty for your choosing and a mere £7 a month.

Verified Review - January 2016

Coffee parents dream of

By Amy

I love the Pact Coffee Subscription. The standard of coffee makes it such good value for the price you pay. The packaging is good for delivery, but not so good for standing up, which doesn’t matter if you store it inside a container like I did. I got a little fridge magnet with how to create good coffee each time, which is super handy.
I wrote a tweet about waiting to receive my coffee (not in a bad way I was just excited), Pact had seen and responded to the tweet, and on expected delivery day, I was phoned by a member from the customer care team to make sure that I had received my coffee. I thought this was super nice touch and really made me feel like I was important. It’s so easy to find answers to any questions, and the customer care team are there to help.

Verified Review - December 2015

[email protected]

By AshleyRGood

I first signed up for Pact Coffee in July this year when they were running a great deal to get a free V60 with your first order.
The coffee is always beautifully fresh and dispatch is very fast. Also their customer service is excellent. I had a recent order arrived damaged by the Royal Mail and Pact sent out a new pack free of charge with no hesitation or quibbling.
I also appreciate being able to change my order at a moments notice, including the grind of the coffee when I recently switched from V60 to Aeropress.
I absolutely recommend Pact Coffee.

Verified Review - December 2015

Couldn't ask for better

By Gary C

From first contact to first cup everything about PACT is superb …. The delivery, service, and aftercare are second to none, and every blend I have been sent has delivered outstanding coffee …. If you love outstanding quality in your coffee then sign up to Pact you won’t be disappointed.

Verified Review - December 2015

Brilliant coffee and best customer service i've ever experienced.

By Martin

I’ve a mate who’s a real coffee addict and he told me all about pact last year, gave me a join up code and I got my first bag for 99p. From the moment you sign up its all really easy. Lots of coffee choices, lots of grind choices and their deliveries arrive when they say they will. Even over Christmas! The coffee is great. It’s fresh, often roasted a couple of days before you get it, and it’s great value for money.

They set a default of sending you a new bag every 2 weeks (subsequent bags are £6.99) however you can easily change your delivery frequency and they send you an email a couple of days before as a reminder.

I’ve given my code and signed up a few friends since and Pact reward me with another £1 bag, it’s brilliant.

Finally the customer service. After your first bag they will call and a real person will have a quick chat with you about any questions, or just to say thank you. Their Twitter is always responsive and they even sent me a Christmas card.

The company is brilliant. The coffee is brilliant.

Verified Review - December 2015

Excellent, Great Service, Great Product

By Brad

Great service and excellent product. Customer service has been exceptional and coffee is beautiful.

As a long time coffee drinker, I know what I like and would highly recommend Pact Coffee

Verified Review - December 2015

Couldn't be more please!

By Dallachy1

I’ve just signed up for service and found the process extremely easy. The coffee I’ve received is matched to my brewing method and I liked that there was choice of roasts available. I liked that they also recommended a roast to try. When the beans arrived, they were fresh and smelled delicious!!! I’ve so enjoyed my espresso and am definitely looking forward to trying what they send next time. From the website it looks like I can order more of the same roast too. Their Twitter feed is responsive and I liked the welcome message. I also appreciated the welcome email from the company.

Verified Review - December 2015

Pact Coffee

By Eyebee

We have been subscribers of Pact Coffee for some time. The coffee is always of excellent quality which is, of course, fundamental. Nothing else would count if the coffee wasn’t good.

The options for the grind are good. Pact Coffee will grind your beans to suit your coffee maker. We like to grind the beans ourselves, because they keep fresher longer that way, so ours are supplied in whole bean form.

The choice of coffees is varied, and there’s always plenty of information about each coffee, including comprehensive tasting notes.

One thing I really like is the flexibility of delivery. One can have coffee sent at regular intervals of one’s own choosing. It’s easy to order extra coffee or to put a hold on deliveries if you’ve not drunk as much as usual.

All in all, a first class subscription to have if you like to drink good coffee on a regular basis.

Verified Review - December 2015

Top draw

By Dom

Fresh coffee, straight to the front door. Ground or Un-ground, full of aroma of flavour. The one time the coffee took too long I notified them it hadn’t came, they immediately sent me another and then the first one came so I had 2! Very good customer service

Verified Review - December 2015

Fuckin' mint coffee, m8

By Dan

I love how it’s just “set it and forget it”. You choose how often you want coffee and how you like to brew and that’s it. Deliveries are bang on time 99 times out of 100 and the coffee is always super fresh.

The selection may not be as big and the coffee not *quite* as good as other online coffee shops such as Has Bean but that is more than made up for by the convenience and fixed price per bag.

Their customer service is absolutely top notch. You even get a phone call from a real life human after sign up, to make sure everything is OK and answer any questions you have.

Verified Review - December 2015

Delicious and flexible

By Steph

Pact is great value. All of the different coffees (I get ground coffe for a stove top) I’ve been sent so far have been delicious and delightfully varied. I was worried that I might end up over-run with coffe but they send you a reminder email before they send out each new scheduled delivery and they make it very easy to postpone if you are still well stocked which I love. If you love a particular type of coffee you don’t have to try the different ones but I’m enjoying exploring the different flavours. Highly recommend to any coffee lovers out there. Great product and service

Verified Review - December 2015


By Dominique

Delivery was on time and well packaged! Lovely set out and even had a Xmas card! I did the taster as it was my first time buying and got it for £1. They will grind the coffee for you or give you whole beans.

I think its awesome idea!

Verified Review - December 2015


By Sam

PACT coffee does exactly what it says on the tin! It delivers high quality coffee in the post at a very reasonable price. If you are a lover of fair trade good quality coffee then this is for you!

The coffee is cheap but exceptional quality, you get a good amount and its ground (wholebean is available) to your method of brewing.

I am signed up and receive a random bag each month although I enjoy the control element with frequency and also tastes (you can browse the site and pick any coffee for your next order or just enjoy the surprise element)

What is also fantastic is there is no fixed contracts and there no quibbles if you push an order back or hold it for a month or two.

There is nothing more to say as I cant really fault it! So far so good no hidden costs no hidden terms and conditions just good coffee delivered at speed for your convenience and preferences!

Verified Review - December 2015

Amazing Service / Fabulous Customer Service / Great Product

By Thady

High quality product for a reasonable price with flexibility and great customer service. Fun to choose your own coffees to receive or easy to let them pick for you. Easily adjust the frequency of delivery or hold the account for a period of time.

Phone, email and online support is top class. I once received some coffee while my account was on hold (while away on holiday) and they refunded with no questions asked.

Would definitely recommend.

Verified Review - December 2015

Best. Coffee. Ever.

By Zoe Inglefield

Pact coffee is absolutely brilliant. A totally customisable subscription like no other I’ve ever had and the coffee is amazing! They always let you know when your delivery is due and exactly what they’ll be sending you and if you don’t fancy it, you can delay delivery or just pick a new coffee you like the sound of! Fantastic 😀

Verified Review - December 2015

First rate service for a reluctant coffee snob

By Amy

About six months ago I finally got a job in a field related to my degree (and hell froze over), which meant leaving my job at a coffee shop that used speciality grade beans. For anyone unfamiliar with coffee grading, 84 and above is rated as speciality (think Monmouth) etc due to the clearer flavours and the quality of the bean. Below that and you’re looking at mass produced *shudders* Starbucks style beans. The benefit of speciality grade beans is the buyers tend to take more care in the roasting process to enhance the natural flavour of the bean, rather than burn it to shazzam and back.

Any way. Leaving the coffee shop meant NO MORE FREE COFFEE. Cue disaster music and Pact riding to the rescue.

I’ve always been dubious about these mail order coffee companies, having been spoilt at my old job. I thought they used inferior beans and it would taste terrible. How wrong I was. My first £1 bag was an absolute delight. I have a grinder at home and the beans worked well as both a cafetière and a cold brew method. Marvellous! I set up my standing order and off we went.

I have never, EVER, had a bag of beans I don’t like. The brilliant part is, the beans are so freshly roasted you have about 5 days from them arriving to being at the peak of their flavour, so if you plan it right you’re always going to have top quality beans ready to go. The bags fit perfectly through the letter box and can be popped upright in the cupboard.

As Pact buy speciality beans, the lots are usually smaller so there’s always something different on the menu. The location of the bean also changes throughout the year, depending on where in the world the growing season is. Sometimes they find a micro lot that is small but epic and you get a limited edition beans. These are slightly more expensive, but that again reflects the quality of the bean and the effort that’s been made to source it. If you order the limited edition bag, they’ll also automatically shift your next order back so you don’t have to worry about having a glut of beans the use.

The Pact team are super responsive too, I’ve always had my queries both on social media and email answered promptly. Their website is dirt easy to use, and they’ll even remind you when your next bag is shipping, so if you’re going through a phase of having too much coffee (it happens, especially around birthdays) you can move your delivery back.

At £6.95 for a 250g bag I honestly can’t fault the price, seeing as that will make me 2L of cold brew to get me through my night shifts (about 6-8 large iced lattes if we’re comparing sizes). It’s certainly a cheaper way for me to drink coffee!

Honestly, you should definitely try Pact, and for £1 for your first bag (and free postage for ever and ever) it’s not a huge waste if you find it’s not for you.

Verified Review - December 2015

Feel like it's my birthday every week!

By Alex

Having invested in a Bialetti stovetop coffee maker a few months ago, we decided it was time to up our coffee drinking game! We started with Illy ground (very nice) and then one day a sponsored post from PACT appeared on my Facebook news feed offering an irresistible deal of a 250g pack of coffee for just £1 including delivery (it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it?!) It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. I love receiving our weekly packages from PACT along with a detailed card explaining the origin of the coffee. The freshness is also a big plus for us, with the coffee usually being ground within a day or two of posting. A recommend a friend promotion means you can spread the PACT love and get some money off for yourself to, win/win! The customer service at PACT is second to none, a genuinely very nice company to deal with. We’ve just recived a voucher for 12 bags as a gift from a family member because we have raved about them so much! Keep up the good work PACT ????☕️

Verified Review - December 2015

In my opinion, there is literally nothing better.

By DJAppyD

Pact Coffee are in my opinion the very best coffee retailer. You can select how much coffee you drink and get the coffee delivered straight to your door when you run out, with no need to worry about going to the website to re-order. They do seasonal special’s like the Christmas blend (yet to taste), but the important bit is that every coffee you get is a different blend. But if you do like the blend, you can re-order for next scheduled delivery time. Aside from that the delivery time’s are perfect “next-day” not failed me yet. I have to admit, it’s on the expensive side at £6.95, but i am more then willing to pay that much for these amazing, unique blends.. As for the coffee, it is the very best, like TOP notch coffee! It is grounded (if you so desire) on the day of shipping, right before. And it freshly roasted a few days before. The blends is seriously heaven for coffee drinkers. I couldn’t recommend them enough, they go so precise to give you the best coffee they even say what the coffee’s work best on, weather you have a espresso stove-top, a air-o-press for whatever you have, it it’s just man. So good, drinking one in the form of a Cappuccino right now. Just… So good!

Verified Review - November 2015

Always a Quality Service

By Mike

Whilst I wouldn’t call myself a coffee-snob, I do like nice coffee. I’ve tried a number of different companies over the past couple of years and keep coming back to Pact. Great tasting coffee, combined with amazing customer service, top offers and random (but great) offers make Pact a winning combination every single time.

I almost never refer people to anything online, but I’ve become a bit of a Pact Evangelist over the past few months. I couldn’t imagine recommending any other coffee company now.

Top work guys!

Verified Review - November 2015

Fabulous coffee

By Jeffers

Wow , I adore this coffee , I’m a newbie , & only had two of there excellent coffee,s so far , I’ve tried lots , but pacted is excellent , sorry no more shop brought coffee for me , I’m convinced this is mine for life

Verified Review - November 2015

Best Coffer ever!

By Alex

Pact our like Tina Turner, they are just simply the best!

Lots of great types of coffee. Loads of information and detail on where it comes from and how it’s made and it just tastes fantastic compared to other coffees, plus it comes straight to your door!

I can’t sing their praises enough.
#ItsTimeForThePercolator ????

Verified Review - October 2015

Coffee is so much better with Pact

By Jordan

I love coffee, and nothing is better than freshly roasted and ground. Pact beats supermarket ground bags hands down. It is roasted and ground within days and shipped out whilst it’s still fresh.. You’d think you’d need to be paying top dollar for coffee like this, but it’s so cheap! There are loads of starter offers, and if you introduce friends you get bags for £1!

Pact are passionate about coffee, and really know their stuff, the great thing is they are also passionate about their customers too. They are incredibly responsive on Social Media – it’s some of the best customer service I’ve seen – other companies could learn a whole lot from them. I’ve spoken to incredibly enthusiastic customer champions via email and phone. Nothing seems to be a trouble. Love them!

Verified Review - October 2015

Just in time for assignments!

By adamjweeden

My first delivery of Coffee was delivered promptly as promised. Within minutes I had found myself making my coffee. I’ve really enjoyed the quality of the coffee I’ve received, and I’m probably not going back to instant coffee any time soon. Pact coffee is almost certainly my wingman in the grind during my last year of University. Keep it flowin’!

Verified Review - October 2015


By Heather

It’s Great!

Verified Review - March 2015

First class

By Patrick

Pact’s customer experience is world class!

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