Fresh Clean Tees Shirt Club reviews allows guys to keep their closets stocked with simple, stylish and comfortable tee shirts for a monthly price that simply can't be beat. Fresh clean tees come in a variety of colors, and guys can select a style that best fits them.

Men's t-shirt subscription box allows guys to keep their closets stocked with simple, stylish and comfortable tee shirts for a monthly price that simply can’t be beat. Fresh clean tees come in a variety of colors, and guys can select a style that best fits them. Whether it’s the James Dean package which delivers a collection of black or white tee shirts, or the Wild Child which delivers pops of color that are perfect under a blazer at the office. Fresh Clean tees delivers shirts that are reliable, with a fit you can trust. The men’s tee shirts are not your run of the mill undershirt quality. These shirts are pre-shrunk, soft, tagless and can be worn on their own, or layered for a simple, yet stylish look.

The goal at Fresh Clean Tees was to make guys lives a little bit easier. Fresh Clean Tees Shirt Club is taking something that every guy needs — and making the process easier than ever. Once you become a member of Fresh Clean Tees, you literally will never have to worry about an awkward tee shirt moment again. Fresh Clean Tees Shirt Club has been in the fashion industry, and specifically the tee shirt business for over 10 years. We know what guys want in their tee shirts, from a fit, style, and comfort standpoint.  The key is to take advantage of the consistency of having a regular supply of the shirts we love the most, and to bring that to guys across the US, and hopefully in the future the world.

A Fresh Clean Tees subscription costs $36/month, and you’ll get three tee shirts every month. Similar shirts sold at retail stores would cost around 60 bucks, so you’re saving a considerable amount each month. The users can select from 6 different style profiles, and whether they want v-necks, crew-necks or a mix which, That selection allows Fresh Clean Tees Shirt Club to hand-pick a variety of colors to suit that style profile to keep guys closets stocked with great tee shirts, and get rid of their tees that have expired.

The Fresh Clean Tees service is perfect for just about any guy, but is particularly great for young professionals on the go. At the moment Fresh Clean Tees ships only in the US, and shipping is 100% FREE!

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Verified Review - August 2021

Took 5 days to process my order

By Justin

it took these guys 5 days to process my order, and it will now come in 7 days. I had to wait 12 days for a f***ing tshirt. Fresh Clean Target is where I am going from now on

Verified Review - May 2019

No phone number for customer service

By Stacy

Placed an order and it made me type in a code where it self populated with a phone text code number system with an old address and our order went through. I IMMEDIATELY tried to contact you and there is NO phone number for help. I needed to give the right address. I sent 2 urgent emails and no response. Now 6 hours later it shows as shipped. No response to my emails. I will never get these shirts and can’t do anything about it bc nobody to call. A business needs a customer service phone number. Not just an email that goes Unresponded to :((

Verified Review - March 2016

Love Fresh Clean Tees


I’ve received two packages of Fresh Clean Tees so far, the first package (based on my preferences) was a black, white, and a colored shirt mix of v neck and regular tees. I went online before my second package was sent and changed my preferences to a mix of colors of V neck tees. The tees are great alone, or worn as a tee under a dress or casual shirt. It’s very easy to change your preferences, so you can mix it up and just get white, black, or just all colored shirts. They fit great, and so far I have had no problems with them.

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