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A subscription box service that suits every gentlemen. Strengthen your wardrobe every month with a Me My Suit & Tie Style Box. Receive a tie, pocket square, lapel pin, tie bar, socks and bracelet set, exclusively designed by the style team and conveniently boxed for you. There's no contract, they are here when you need them. The box provides the six essential components of a gentleman's suit for only £30 a month.

Men's suit accessories subscription

A subscription box service that suits every gentlemen. Strengthen your wardrobe every month with a Me My Suit & Tie Style Box. Receive a tie, pocket square, lapel pin, tie bar, socks and bracelet set, exclusively designed by the style team and conveniently boxed for you. There’s no contract, they are here when you need them. The box provides the six essential components of a gentleman’s suit for only £30 a month.

International shipping is £7, it’s free for the UK! Me, My Suit and Tie Style Box is a fantastic box to keep you looking sharp in the office.

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Verified Review - January 2019

GREAT Service, FAST delivery and SUPER content!

By Jake

I got a monthly subscription,
Stylish, fashionable and modern twists to classic menswear at High street prices.
Value for Money, looking forward to my next Box!
Great Customer Service, Cheers guys 🙂

Verified Review - January 2019

Tie & socks

By MickS

Great design and quality with brilliant unique blend of colours, plus an excellent service. I would certainly recommend these products and company.

Verified Review - January 2019

Fantastic socks and tie

By Mike Supple

Ties and socks were great, finished the suit really well. Felt great and looked great, I’ll use again. Thanks

Verified Review - January 2019

Excellent service

By Lee Batley

Fantastic service, efficient and excellent quality for the price

A must have for any special occasion ?

Verified Review - January 2019

Cousins wedding

By Amanda

My cousin’s husband wore this brand for his wedding day several weeks ago. They were beautifully matched with the bridesmaids colours and looked like excellent quality, expensive garments. I would definitely recommend.

Verified Review - January 2019

Greatness in a box!

By Nathan

I found the service great, easy an very appealing, great quality and some great styles delivered straight to your door hassle free, I highly recommend this subscription service, I have just used them to put a great box together for my wedding me me and my groomsman who were delighted with the boxes, great for all around daily wear or just for a business meeting! Thank you so much guys keep em coming!

Verified Review - January 2019

Great value

By D.Davis

Signed up as I wanted something different To go with my suits, was very pleased with the first box I’ve received. Great value! Recommended to a few of my colleagues and clients

Verified Review - January 2019

Very pleased

By C.Newman

Signed up in November for my husband and so far he has loved every box he has recieved. Amazing product, he’s looking forward to receive a new box every month! Keep up the good work.

Verified Review - January 2019

Awesome addition!

By Bella R

This seemed like a really good way to make the most of the suits that my boyfriend already has without having to buy an entire new wardrobe and it does exactly that! It’s an easy and cost effective way for him to change up his look and always look fresh- without us having to spend the whole weekend shopping. It’s an absolutely genius idea! And It’s so fun when the box arrives and we get to unpack it!

Verified Review - December 2018

Will highly recommend

By Christian

I got a monthly supscription and I love it, its a Good way to treat yourself and on the same time, it gives diversity to your wardrobe.

Verified Review - November 2018

Monthly treat for the hubby!

By Poppy

I bought this as a gift for my husband for our wedding anniversary. The customer service was second to none as I wanted the first box to arrive on a certain date which was not a problem. So far the boxes have been superb and my husband loves receiving his new set every month. It’s a great little treat for him and I love seeing him in his new tie and pocket square. I just hope the rest of the boxes continue to be as good!

Verified Review - November 2018

Pleasantly surprised

By Ben

I wasn’t too optimistic having read some of the reviews here, but my girlfriend bought me a three month subscription for the style box. I can’t recommend enough.
The boxes work on the principle that you get a whole outfit with none of the effort in the morning, and this was right for me. So far, I have received silk and woollen ties in the boxes and they’ve been great quality – far better than anything I was buying before from Moss Bros for the same price as the whole box.
I really like the accessories changing each month as it keeps things interesting – the leather laptop case was amazing.
I’m not a style guru and can’t afford to be spending an arm and a leg on making my suits look good every month, so this is perfect for me!

Verified Review - June 2017

terrible value for money

By gill

I signed up for my suitandtie’s subscription and have so far received two boxes. the quality of the the contents of these boxes does in no way match the quality of what is shown in the pictures on their website. The socks are thin and cheap, a hole has appeared after three wears. The ties are quite frankly disgusting and the label pins/tie pins are clearly cheap tat. The only things of any quality in the box have been the pocket squares, however white hankerchiefs are pretty readily available for a fraction of the cost. Truly these boxes are awful quality and represent terrible value for money. I would have loved to return my second box, but don’t offer returns. Please do not waste your money ordering from them.

Verified Review - April 2017

Poor product and terrible service

By Simon

The first box was distinctly average quality so I let the subscription run for another month. The second box was terribly poor and contained tacky accessories.

Despite emailing them 3 times to cancel the subscription, they have so far ignored every email and do not answer the phone.

Verified Review - January 2017

Diversity to my wardrobe

By g.will

The style box is incredible value for money. I get a new box every month and it gives me diversity to my wardrobe.

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