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The Menswear Club is an Elite Parcel of full-size grooming essentials, accessories & more - shipped directly to you, every month. The priority is to include both full-size grooming essentials and menswear accessories in the Elite Monthly Parcels, as this ensures that members are not only receiving products that last, but getting the best value possible

The Elite Monthly Parcel for Men

The Menswear Club is an Elite Parcel of full-size grooming essentials, accessories & more – shipped directly to you, every month. The priority is to include both full-size grooming essentials and menswear accessories in the Elite Monthly Parcels, as this ensures that  members are not only receiving products that last, but getting the best value possible. The Menswear Club was established out of a desire to take the charming aura of a Fine Menswear retail establishment, and bring it to the online world in such a way where our members can discover 5-6 new products in the most convenient and exciting way.

The Menswear Club team is comprised of individuals with extensive backgrounds in the Fine Menswear industry. The Menswear Club takes great pleasure in using the experience and personal taste in Men’s fashion to curate a new and exciting Elite Parcel for members, every month. It offers subscription plans on a Monthly, 3-Month, or 6-Month basis. The Monthly plan is $34.95 per month, the 3-Month plan is $99.85 every 3 months ($5.00 savings), and the 6-Month plan is $194.70 every 6 months ($15.00 savings). All charges are in USD. There are no hidden fees, and you may cancel at any time!

The Elite Monthly Parcel is good for any savvy Maverick who wishes to compliment their day-to-day style with new full-size grooming essentials and stylish accessories at a great price.

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Verified Review - December 2017

Poor, poor, poor

By Matt

I have nothing positive to say about The Menswear Club. I signed up and made my first purchase on October 15 this year. Days became weeks, and before I knew it November was nearly over. I had received nothing since October 15, other than the intial auto-response ‘thanks’ for signing up email. I asked them what had happened to my box and was given various assurances it would ship and I would receive notification when it had shipped. Eventually, November came and went and still nothing. I was given an apology about the delay and told my box was expected to ship within the net 24 hours, and I would receive notification it had shipped. What do you think has happened since that 24 hours has come and gone? Nothing, nada, zip. No shipping notification. No follow-up email to reassure me that I will still get something for my money. I have (wisely I think) cancelled my subscription. I will stick with my tried and true subscription box providers like Gentleman’s Box and SprezzaBox, who very clearly have their act together in comparison to this very poor imitation of a provider. Guys, don’t do it. Don’t take the risk. TMC don’t deserve your money or your time. Poor, poor….poor!

Verified Review - February 2016

The best men's subscription box I've tried!!

By Stuart Thompson

I just received my February Parcel. This month was more casual – no ties, and no pocket squares (which was nice for a change). The Parcel was curated based on a Romantic Theme. I received a stylish bracelet ($75 retail value alone), a leather card holder, travel size shampoo + a comb, and a great pair of luxury socks (I believe they are made in Los Angeles). I’ll probably sign up for the 6 Months if every month is this good!

Verified Review - February 2016

Great subscription box for menswear

By Eric

Great subscription box. I signed up to a 6 month subscription to save on the value, and it was a good choice. The items I recorded are really stylish and well thought out. Great quality and sizes too. Probably the best menswear/grooming style sub boxes I’ve come across so far!

Verified Review - December 2015

Excellent service

By Chris McIntosh

I am really impressed with The Menswear Club. I received my first Elite Parcel in November, and I wasn’t disappointed. First off, the box… I mean…. “Parcel” is the coolest one out there. Clearly these guys have spared no expense as far as packaging goes. I really dig the Paisley slider inside the box. I don’t want to throw it away! I really like how they include full-size grooming products, instead of sample-size garbage. That alone justifies their higher price-point. I’m looking forward to seeing what they have in store for December. I hope to receive it soon!

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