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Hello Fresh aims to make cooking great food at home with carefully sourced fresh ingredients quick, easy and affordable for everyone. Head chef and founder Patrick conceived the idea in his own kitchen – wanting to help change the countries eating habits for the better by giving everyone access to the best ingredients and arming […]

Tasty recipes & their ingredients

Hello Fresh aims to make cooking great food at home with carefully sourced fresh ingredients quick, easy and affordable for everyone. Head chef and founder Patrick conceived the idea in his own kitchen – wanting to help change the countries eating habits for the better by giving everyone access to the best ingredients and arming them with the knowledge of what to do with them.

Recipes are devised every week by the Hello Fresh team and all ingredients are sourced from highly reputable quality suppliers. You’ll be getting your goods fresh from independent green grocers, fish mongers and butchers rather than from corner-cutting supermarkets. The big advantage with Hello Fresh is that they can do this in bulk, so you get the locally sourced freshness much cheaper (and way more conveniently) than shopping at independent shops yourself.

It’s a very personal service with a lot of attention put into customer service and satisfaction. All boxes are offered on flexible subscriptions, meaning you can cancel at any time and there are plenty of opportunities to tweak and refine your box to fit around your lifestyle and meal preferences. It’s very community focused too with growing benefits the longer you stay with them and the more involved you get.

The recipes are all well explained and photographically illustrated and generally very quick to prepare. This combined with the great experience and attention to detail make it a real game changer in terms of diet and lifestyle.

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Verified Review - February 2016


By Zofi

Avoid Hello Fresh! Awful company. Their website is amateurish and not user-friendly at all. Their customer service is apalling. Their rules are rigid and unhelpful. They use yodel for deliveries so i came home to find my first box had been thrown over my fence into my garden rather than left with neighbour as i had specified. I contacted hello fresh but they weren’t particularly sympathetic. Didn’t even ask me about the state of the food. Then i paused all my boxes because i wasn’t keen on a repeat of this but they still took a payment and sent me an email saying a box was being sent. I contacted them to say i didn’t want the box, i hadn’t picked the meals and it was going to be delivered while i was away for work. They told me that i had missed the deadline to cancel my box by 12 hours and even though it was still a few days until the box would actually arrive, they said they couldn’t cancel it! WTF?!?! So it did turn up while i was away. Yodel left it with my neighbour this time but it stayed at my neighbours’ house for 3 days while i was away for work. I have complained to hello fresh but they just said nothing could be done because i tried to cancel my box after the deadline so it’s my fault! They won’t even acknowledge that they took the payment unlawfully! Disgraceful!! They are only interested in taking your money, they don’t care if you have a bad experience. Looks like they make enough money from one-off sign ups and don’t think they need happy regular subscribers. Goodbye and good riddance hello fresh!

Verified Review - February 2016

Fantastic Hello Fresh

By Rosanna

Very good value for money. Everything is ready to cook and recipes are easy to follow. Cooking is easy, ingredients fresh and tasty.

Verified Review - February 2016

Tricky but tasty!

By @damselindemand

Tasty food, but I found the time it took to prepare the recipes a challenge. There were too many steps and ingredients to make this a practical solution for this single-mum family midweek evening meal. Ok if you have the time but difficult to concentrate on pulling thyme leaves off stalks and grating cheese when you’re watched by a hungry toddler!

Verified Review - February 2016

You won't regret it

By Kim

We were stuck in a rut with our evening meals and was recommended HelloFresh by a friend. We have not looked back. 6 boxes in, we have increased to 5 meals per week for the two of us. The quality of the produce is incredible, the variety is brilliant and we both feel super healthy. We both exercise lots and were initially worried there wouldn’t be enough, but it’s great, no waste and all measured out. Please give it a go, it’s great.

Verified Review - February 2016

Look forward to box

By Callum Walters

I signed up to Hello Fresh because I got a money off voucher with one of my Amazon orders. I don’t usually subscribe to such services but as I have recently decided to watch what I eat I decided to go ahead with this service and try this out.

The box got delivered by DPD during a time that suited me and and I was stunned by the quality of fresh produce that was delivered, all the food I received was well packaged and fresh. I am not a great cook but with the step-by-step recipes really helped me when preparing my food.

I have cooked using the ingredients sent to me for the last two days and I have really enjoyed both meals, I look forward to using these recipes throughout the week and I will continue to subscribe as long as my monetary situation allows.

Verified Review - February 2016

Hello... Hello Fresh!

By Sasha

I received my first Hello Fresh delivery yesterday and was so excited to get the box home to see what treats awaited. I was barely in the front door when I’d open up the treasure chest of goodies. Everything was beautifully packed, with the fresh ingredients carefully wrapped with ice packs. I was so impressed with how the products were presented. Recipe cards were provided with clear instructions as to which ingredients to use and how to put the dishes together. I opted for Jamie Oliver’s Sicilian Spaghetti Alla Norma with Aubergine, Baby Capers & Basil. The recipe was really simple to follow and within 1/2 hour I was serving up a really delicious meal. My partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the dish and can’t wait to try the next one. I’ve already recommended Hello Fresh to some family members and friends.

Verified Review - February 2016

Fantastic Food

By Susie

Me and my family REALLY enjoyed the Hello Fresh boxes. It was such a refreshing change to our food routines and it taught me new skills in cooking! This was the main highlight! I would definitely use them again!

Verified Review - February 2016

Surprisingly really good

By Bridget

I’ve been really pleased with our subscription (so far). I was sceptical in the beginning because I can cook, and enjoy cooking for us. However, the new recipes have given us some great ideas. I’ve not questioned the value for money as often the amount of ingredients is almost too much for the two of us. We subscribe to just 3 meals a week which works out to be around a £10 a night for the two of us. I’m happy with that and the quality of the goods is well worth it!

Verified Review - February 2016

Hassle free meal times but still fresh and from scratch

By Sharon

The best thing about Hello Fresh is that, after a busy day, I don’t have to think about shopping or looking through kitchen cupboards for inspiration as everything I need for a healthy family meal is in the box. It takes time and hassle out of planning weekly menus and leaves me the pleasure of cooking something new. Some of the meals are not what we would have chosen from a recipe book so it means we all try something new. I find a break every two weeks means you really look forward to the next box arriving.

Verified Review - February 2016

A fresh way to cook

By Reddadaire

I have found a new way of cooking and love to cook everyday.

Verified Review - February 2016

Excellent investment!

By Yusif

I absolutely love the recipes that come with HelloFresh. It’s perfect value for money, especially when living in London. It’s saving us a lot of money from eating out and definitely has bought myself and my partner closer by cooking together 🙂

Verified Review - February 2016

Healthy food

By Paul

Almost 6 months since my first hello fresh box, we love it ,always good quality ingredients and mostly varied menus (some similar) it seems a great way to get well balanced supper and improve your culinary skills.

Verified Review - January 2016

Hello Fresh

By Carol

So far we have been very happy with our boxes . We have had Veggie boxes and the recipes have been really tasty. I am a good Cook and enjoy cooking so it takes a lot to please me and glad to say I have been really surprised at the variation and ease / speed to make a great meal. It’s also easy to add other ingredients if someone I the family isn’t veggie. Great customer service. Now waiting for gluten free !

Verified Review - January 2016

Hello fresh make fantastic meals

By Michael

we have been with hello fresh for over 4 months now. And every meal ( Yes every meal ) has been outstanding with quality you would expect from a top restaurant. I would put my house on it to say you won’t be disappointed in any way whatsoever. Value for money is the key, as my shopping bill has gone down so much we are saving in the long run. No waist. As you get exactly what you need. Most times their is enough for a extra serving on top of the two you get. ( unless I don’t eat as much as the normal person). The only downside is …. No there is not any .. Sum it all up in one word.. FANTASTIC.. Thanks to all the team from top to bottom.

Verified Review - January 2016

Lucky mummy!

By Dorota

Being busy with juggling full time job and a toddler our meals suffered quite badly. We neeed a boost. Especially when time for shopping is limited, hands always full and baby brain never really left me! Idea of someone preparing ingredients and recipes as well as delivering it all to my door sounded wonderful, and I wasn’t disappointed. Products were best of the range (Although I would really accept not so perfect veg shapes as I don’t think that they loose any taste being a bid mishapen) recipes wonderful, easy and quick and meals very tasty. What I love the most is that I never miss any ingredient and I never had to chase for anything in the aisles of supermarket. I also learn a lot from the recipes and they really only take 30-45 minutes. Absolutely looking forward to our next delivery. I love the comfort of not having to worry whats for tea tonight! I know that all ingredients are there and it will be good! Fantastic attention to details and very clever packaging well done Hello Fresh!

Verified Review - January 2016

Never going back

By Donna

I honestly don’t know why everyone does not do this. Hello Fresh is Awesome. Gorgeous Restaurant Quality food delivered to your door. Reduces visits to the supermarket, always a meal at hand when busy and new recipes and tastes to try. I totally and utterly love it. Customer Service is fantastic. Well Done Hello Fresh

Verified Review - December 2015

pleasantly surprised and excited

By Emma Dargie

We first heard about hello fresh from a door to door canvasser. We looked into it and decided to give it a try. We chose the 2 person classic box, we have a four year old too but he eats what he likes and that’s that. We got a half price first box and ordered on the Wednesday. We chose delivery for the following Tuesday.
Tuesday arrived and the box came just at dinner. Very well packaged and meat chilled. I checked all ingredients against the recipe cards and nothing was missing.
I am not a cook. I actually hate being in the kitchen and I hate deciding what to eat even more!
This takes the constant.. “What shall we have?” ….”I dunno what do you want?”..” I don’t know” 🙁 sigh* away and I just chose the easier recipes for me to do and Matt did the others. Because everything is already weighed out and measured it saves having to buy a pot of something you’ll only use a tea spoon of and then it be stuck at back of cupboard for years.
I surprised myself by managing to not only follow the recipes and actually make a very tasty tea! Not once but twice and I didn’t burn anything!.

Looking forward to next weeks dishes too!

Verified Review - December 2015

A wholehearted fantastic experience !

By PeterW

I now prepare gourmet meals which are brilliant (though I say it myself). I can pretend I am a Master Chef. I can impress my wife, sons, and myself. The variation in meals and the different tastes are really fantastic. Hello Fresh is an all round feel good factor in this household. Even the weight watcher of the family has seen the pounds continue to be shed. This despite the fact that we are all seefood crazy – that is “see quality food and eat it” !

We were convinced to sign up by a door to door entrepreneur who was very friendly and answered every question we had. Signing up was efficient. Delivery is on time and even beats the texts which advise a delivery is about to be made. Emails are always informative. The website is easy to manage, including pausing weekly deliveries. The offer to withdraw from the weekly service is not hidden away, which I find Hello-refreshing !

We are only two weeks into the service, yet I can see it continuing. Highly recommended !

Verified Review - December 2015

Simple, Tasty and efficient

By Mikey Rees

We have been using Hello Fresh for around 6 months now, started off as a special offer and liked it so much we just let is run on. The food is always good quality and the range of ingredients is fantastic. We found we have actually saved money as on our weekly shop we were buying more than we needed which often ended in unnecessary wastage. With the meals that they provide there is rarely any wastage and if there is it’s usually enough for a small lunch the day after as the portions are more often than not good sized. You get each and every little ingredient even down to the few chilli flakes or a single garlic bulb, the food is neatly packed and has just enough shelf life to cover you for the week. In the time we have used them I think we may have only had one or two repeated recipes so it really does broaden your taste buds. The instructions are simple and easy to understand for even the most ametuer chef and you get little cards which you can keep to add to the binder for if you ever want to try the recipes again.We will most certainly carry on using them now for the foreseeable future!!!

Verified Review - December 2015


By ShaunaC

We have been using Hello Fresh for a number of months now and we love it! Fresh ingredients, tasty dishes and something new to try! Always excited to see what’s in store for us next week! Costumer service is great and the small treats we get weekly…. Genius!

Verified Review - December 2015

All items were fresh and neatly packed

By Aliciaysl

I wasn’t expecting much from HelloFresh but I was pleased to see how fresh and neat all items were packed in the box. They’ve put a lot of thought into ensure the vegetables, meat, dry and wet stuffs don’t get mixed up. If you’re worried about your meat going bad, fear not! Its wrapped together with a wool pack together with ice packs, and it’s sealed in a bag. All the items are biodegradable and recyclable too.

It’s definitely pricier than going to Sainsburys or TESCO… But probably not too far off the price tag if you’re looking to buy everything organic. Besides this comes with easy to cook recipes and it delivers straight to your doorstep. Might be a good investment for the bad winter weather 🙂

Verified Review - December 2015


By Anna

Nothing is perfect and hello fresh is a constantly evolving and improving service. They take feedback very seriously and improvements are seen rapidly.
It is amazing value for money and I love the variety it provides. I would never think of the incentive and interesting combinations they do.

Verified Review - November 2015

Fast and easy and stunning meals

By Monique

We’ve been using Hello fresh for around 5 weeks, while the first two boxes were at a discount price, the last three boxes were at the usual price of £49.

We bought 3 meals for 3 people (once a week, delivered on a Thursday) and the meals were amazing, the first week we didn’t pick anything in particular and we were sent 3 meals (out of a possible 5). If you log in before the week of your delivery you can pick what you will have delivered that week out of 5 different choices (I believe there is less for different boxes as they have the Classic, Veggie and Family box, they all cost different prices SO CHECK THE PRICE). The meals were fascinating to cook, they tasted amazing, easy to cook and didn’t take every pot and pan in the kitchen to make an wonderful, filling meal (which sometimes has made lunch the next day so much easier to deal with).

We’ve had meals we never thought of making ourselves, such as Korean Beef Bulgogi with Ginger Stir-Fried Tenderstem, which sounds really complicated, but it wasn’t and again it was utterly incredible to eat. Another of our favourites has been Steak Tagliata with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes & Peppercorn Sauce. Thankfully you are given everything to make the meal, from garlic cloves to small pots of sesame seeds.

I highly recommend Hellofresh, however make sure you are fully aware of pricing as it could catch people off guard as they usually offer a deal for first two boxes. Plus you get small gifts (such as a tea bag, some tonic) to try so you are always widening your culinary world.

Verified Review - November 2015


By Rachel

I’m on my second HelloFresh box, I don’t think it is to early to say that getting HelloFresh has really helped me cook for myself. The recipes I’ve had so far have been fantastic and very yummy, obviously some receipes may need adjusts to personal preference, but can’t really fault them as of now. I would highly recommend HelloFresh to family and friends to anyone and everyone, very much worth it. I get the 5meals for 2 people and it leaves me with left overs I can freeze for a later date, its brilliant.

Verified Review - November 2015

Delicious meals that will make you feel like a chef!

By Meinir

Just had my fifth Hello Fresh meal and it was delicious. So far, all the meals I’ve had have been extremely tasty and quick (around 30 mins) and easy to prepare. The recipe cards are very easy to follow and I feel like a chef after I’ve prepared them as they taste so good! I keep the recipe cards and make the meals myself at a later date. The salmon and couscous I had a few weeks ago is a particular favourite. Hello Fresh has also introduced me to things I never would have thought of eating too. I never would have gone for salmon previously. Now I can’t get enough! I highly recommend Hello Fresh. I’m so glad I discovered it! ????????????

Verified Review - November 2015

Got me back my cooking mojo

By Nicola

I’ll admit it I was very dubious about Hello Fresh. My friend had a subscription though and offered me a free box & so I thought I’d give it a go and I’m really glad I did.
I enjoy cooking but I really don’t have time to plan meals and so lately we’ve eaten lots of processed foods and way too many takeaways. Hello Fresh stops me having to plan & shop but still means that I can get in the kitchen and cook fresh, proper food. Everything has been delicious so far and the recipes are really easy to follow. I’m a very very happy customer.

Verified Review - November 2015

Love Hello Fresh

By Zoe

We are massive fans of Hello Fresh. My box gets delivered on a Monday in brilliant condition and is always a treat to receive. All the ingredients are lovingly packed in lambs wool and ice packs which myself and my children have great joy in opening even if we’ve forgotten what’s for dinner! I’ve recommended this to everyone I know. Price wise, in terms of what you pay you receive quality ingredients and easy to prepare receives that are on par with restaurant quality food. What we appreciate the most is not having to think of three meals to cook which used to end in arguments, instead we look forward to the inspirational recipes that are then loving,y prepared at home. Very happy customer!

Verified Review - November 2015


By Naomi

I’ve just received my first box, delivered by two friendly Yodal drivers. It’s well packaged and the food is fresh, you get a lot in a box and I’m actually excited about cooking for a change ????two thumbs up from me ????????

Verified Review - October 2015


By CaroK

I would really recommend Hello Fresh. I was a bit dubious at first by the six recipes we’ve had so far have been wonderful. The food is delivered in a timely fashion and it lovely not having to think what to do for supper!

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