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Boxy Chan is the original themed mystery box shopping experience dedicated to providing an ever growing and ever changing selection of Mystery box themed experiences for your fun and enjoyment. The Mystery box curators are always searching for new and exciting items to ensure that Boxy Chan consistently delivers on the promise of delivering the highest value in each and every box.

Themed mystery box

Boxy Chan is the original themed mystery box shopping experience dedicated to providing an ever growing and ever changing selection of Mystery box themed experiences for your fun and enjoyment. The Mystery box curators are always searching for new and exciting items to ensure that Boxy Chan consistently delivers on the promise of delivering the highest value in each and every box.

You simply pick from our vast menu of themed products and it will be personally select, carefully hand pack and ship your Boxy Chan Themed Mystery Box filled with amazing surprises right to your front door. Buy a single box or save money by choosing one of the subscription options. It’s easy and it’s fun to become part of the Boxy Chan experience. You will not be disappointed!

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Verified Review - May 2019


By Katrina

I ordered three boxes in March never received anything have been emailing and emailing and no response u did receive an email today saying one of the boxes was cancelled but no refund I Am highly disappointed I wasted 100 dollars on this crap company that won’t refund

Verified Review - April 2019


By Michael

Ordered 3 boxes & never recieved them, & have send numerous email with no response, I would not recommend ordering anything from this site

Verified Review - November 2018


By Aoi

****ZERO STAR***
I did a 6 month subscription a d only received 3 of my boxes, 2 of which I had to email them about because it didnt even arrive on time. The last 3 boxes promised did not come and at this point will not be coming. I have asked for refund multiple time and no reply. Rip off and cheats.

Verified Review - July 2018

Same as the rest, pre-paid but no boxes


Couldn’t rate it a 0. Paid over $250 for my son to receive two boxes for several months, all pre-paid. That was April. 6 emails, 3 posts to their website, and a call to my credit card later and still nothing. Not a single thing. They post things on their Twitter, but never reply to anything. It’s a nice little scam. GoDaddy is their web host, so maybe we have to go through them.

Verified Review - May 2018

No items shipped

By Rose Hood

I ordered a boxychan because I heard good things about it last year at Anime Midwest 2017 and its been over 3 weeks no box and not even a shipping notification. I will likely never order again and I don’t see any way to get a refund.

Verified Review - April 2018


By Kitty

I ordered a box in the beginning of February of this year and it is now the middle of April. I have yet to recieve anything and customer service is basically non existant. The only time I recieved any sort of reply is when I attached a wrong e-mail address. Wasted 30 bucks and have nothing to show. Don’t even waste your time.

Verified Review - April 2018

Nonexistent customer service, and no updates

By Zuzu

Id rate no stars if I could, absolutely HORRIBLE. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother buying from these guys, they aren’t worth it, they’re basically a scam!!
I ordered a one time box 2 months ago and haven’t seen any updates, I sent emails to customer service just asking about any kind of info on why it’s taking so long, and I never got a single reply back! Just going to go through PayPal and issue a refund ticket, this is ridiculous. You’re better off getting a mystery box from Etsy, or a subscription like akibento, at least they respond to their customers.

Verified Review - April 2018

Took my money and shipped nothing

By Male1701

When I first signed up with Boxychan I was excited. A cool mystery box specifically for the genre I wanted, not like Loot Crate or Nerd Block where you got different things.
At the beginning I had a couple of issues getting the boxes shipped, but then they started coming regularly.
Then December and January they took my money and never shipped anything. I have been patient with them, but here it is 6 months since the December box was supposed to ship and NOTHING.
I have sent emails of course with no response, but I’m going to keep hounding them till something happens. They are cool boxes, but if they don’t ship then it’s just thievery.

Verified Review - March 2018

So Disappointing

By Cris Gordon

I ordered my daughter a year subscription for Christmas and it has been a struggle to get her boxes every month!!! No response from customer service (I am pretty sure they don’t exist) and we still have not received February’s box and it’s March 21st. Cancelling the subscription due to I am sure this company is going out of business soon and I have a feeling they would not stop charging my card on the way down.

Verified Review - January 2018

Have not received anything

By Unhappy kids

I cannot get a response. Ordered subscription December 20, 2017 and have yet to receive the first box for any of the three subscriptions I purchased. I would like a response from customer service.

Verified Review - December 2017


By Kikasama

I ordered four boxes on December 3rd as Christmas gifts. They were the mystery gift sets, since they were stated to ship out within 2 to 4 days. I spent $153, having supposed to have gotten a discount since I ordered four boxes. The normal price of shipping for one mystery gift set is $5.99, I was charged $28 for four boxes… Not a discount. That is exactly the opposite of a discount … That was the first issue. I received half of my order three weeks later. The other half of my order had not even shipped out three days (one of those days is a Sunday, so only 2 shipping days) before Christmas. I received no help from customer service, even after sending multiple messages. The only response I ever received was a very generic reassurance that I would receive my boxes. As of the time I’m writing this review, I have still not received any updated shipping information or proper responses from customer service. I will never again use the service. I do not recommend, in fact I strongly suggest you find a different company to purchase from.

Verified Review - December 2017

Great items bit...

By Kikasama

This is an awesome box with really great items….but don’t order as a gift unless it’s WAY in advance. The subscription is fine…it shows up every month and the items are great. The customer service is lacking but not the worst. The site says there’s a shipping discount at 4 boxes but there is not-it’s actually 1$ more expensive per box! It’s 5.99 shipping for one box…but I spent 28 shipping for 4 boxes. Yea. Also, I ordered those 4 boxes December 3rd for Christmas and as of the 19th I received 2 and the other 2 have not even been shipped. Use this service as a subscription you don’t track because it always shows up, but never for time sensitive gifts.

Verified Review - November 2017

Box not shipped, no contact from customer service

By Staci

I wish I’d read your review before I bought a box from them. I purchased a box on 10/21 and got the order purchase confirmation and have never received a shipping notice. FAQ said that sometimes it could take up to 3 weeks to ship so I waited – I emailed costumer service on 11/20 to request a refund and have still heard nothing back and there is no phone number anywhere to call.

Verified Review - November 2017

No product and Customer Service non existent

By Lisa

I placed an order on 11/8 for a deluxe box. I received the automated email for my order, but have not heard anything since. I’ve sent 3 emails to their “customer service” for status updates, but have received no replies. They state it takes approximately 2-4 days for shipping. I don’t think I will be receiving anything, so I will attempt to try to get my money back through my credit card. Proceed with caution if you choose to buy from this company.

Verified Review - October 2017

Awaiting my order

By Patricia

I placed an order on 10/11 for a gift themed box to be sent to a friend. It is now over a week and she has as yet to receive this gift box. I have sent a few emails and have not received a reply. All I received was a auto reply to my order and said I would receive another email once it was shipped. On the site, it stated a shipment is usually 3-4 days tops and so far nothing. My friends birthday is on 10/21 with no shipment received as yet. Not excited about having sent a couple emails and not receiving a reply as yet. It certainly was charged on my VISA bill already , so what happened?????? Did this happen to anyone else?????

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