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Faithbox is a monthly subscription box made to help educate Christian consumers on socially-conscious companies. They provide a handful of products every month from companies with beneficial missions that respect people and creation. Also publish and include a monthly devotional book to help people embrace their faith more regularly. For every box Faithbox ship, they also donate three meals to orphanages worldwide through the partnership with Rice Bowls.

Socially-conscious for Christians

Faithbox is a monthly subscription box made to help educate Christian consumers on socially-conscious companies.

We are a Christian company that wants to help you strengthen your faith in God with our devotional and bring joy with great products from companies that do good.

Each box shipped provides meals for hungry kids via our non-profit partnerships!

Each month, Faithbox is based around a theme and includes:

  • Everyday Faith, our daily devotional book, that is filled with beautiful prayers, scripture, and more.
  • Inspired content, like our spiritual inventory cards, that help you end the month more centered in Christ than you started.
  • Hand-picked, amazing products and books from companies that have a positive mission.
  • Access to our daily morning devotion videos that we share Monday – Friday!

They provide a handful of products every month from companies with beneficial missions that respect people and creation. Also publish and include a monthly devotional book to help people embrace their faith more regularly.

For every box Faithbox ship, they also donate three meals to orphanages worldwide through the partnership with Rice Bowls.

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Verified Review - February 2021

Horrible customer service and delivery always late

By Morgan

This company I believe at one time was amazing. In the past 4 months every box is late. You may not get your box till after the first of the month. Not ok! Also if their system happens to mess up it’s not their fault and they will do NOTHING to try and make it right. They will take your money and tell you “better luck next time!l I find it hard to believe this company is ran by any Christian human being. Read other site reviews. It’s the same. Do not buy a box from this company. They do not care if they have your business or not.

Verified Review - June 2019

Not what I expected

By Sonnie

My faith box is not what I expected at all. I guess it’s my misunderstanding that I thought that the gifts I would receive would be from faith based companies. My bad. I received a coffee cup made in China three CDs a book and a small bag of coffee. I don’t even have a CD player anymore. All of our music is done online. Getting a coffee cup made in China is pretty disappointing. I was really hoping for more products from Christian or faith based companies that were unique. None of the stuff I received in the boxes is anything that I would purchase for myself. Hoping that the end of my three month subscription I don’t have to deal with customer service. It sounds like a total nightmare.

Verified Review - November 2018

November/December FaithBox

By Carrie

I did not really know what to expect from the FaithBox until my November box arrived and I was in love already! Now that the December box has arrived, I am truly excited!
My favorite thing in this box is the bell, what a beautiful sound! I have payed it foward, shared about the box and started try to learn more about myself.
I would recommend FaithBox to everyone!

Verified Review - October 2018

The Best

By Chris

I have been receiving my Faithbox every month for a couple years. They have been delivered on time every time and has met up to my expectations. The products are all quality and have been a great boost to my gift drawer. All of the books have been great. Thank you Faithbox.

Verified Review - January 2018

Irritated and upset with Faithbox

By Janet Alexander

I loved faithbox when Willie Morris was involved..I started faithbox back in 2014 up until they closed down. but since I rejoined in Nov 2017, a 3 month subscription, the customer service is horrible However, I have received ONE faithbox in the month of December and Received my Christmas special box -limited edition which I was very unsatisfied with. I inquired about where my second Faithbox is? and when will it arrived. I was told, That I had received 2 boxes this far and Only one left to get. THEY are sadly mistaken. They are wrong. If I don’t get all three of my boxes, I will contact the better business bureau and will file a dispute with my credit card company. Your tracking numbers are suppose to tell when a package has been delivered. I received TWO tracking numbers…ONE for my Normal monthly subscription and ONE for the Christmas Special edition box which I paid for IN Addition to my subscription, They have no phone number to contact them with and this is a indicator to me that they are out to defame people. That is the impression your company has given me. I will no longer recommend or continue my subscription with Faithbox. The contents of the box are mediocre at best.

Verified Review - November 2017

Faithbox Customer Service

By Misty

As far as content of the Faithbox, I can’t speak highly enough of it. The first box I received was great, the devotional was a wonderful benefit! I had initially ordered one for myself to view the quality of the items, and then I wanted to send boxes to others to share the awesome find. This last order I placed has been awful compared to my first experience. Customer service does not provide a number so all issues take place via email which drags the process out over a several day period, the longer the issues last, the shorter/briefer customer service got with me….no more Grace & Peace for me!? Faithbox you claim to be a “Christian-Based” entity so no matter what issues arise you need to remember what your promoting and how you respond to people!

Verified Review - October 2017

Fabulous Faithbox

By Teresa

Faithbox is made up of a community of Christ loving Christians. I look forward to receiving my monthly box of goodies. It introduces me to companies that I can support to further my ability to share my many blessings. Some items I keep and many of them I share. Our town has many homeless. I fill the boxes with snacks, water, Devotional’s, snd Faithbox goodies. Brandon’s daily message uplifts my spirit. His smile is infectious and the love of God shines through his eyes. Who doesn’t like a little surprise every month, knowing that your money is being shared with the less fortunate?

Verified Review - October 2017

So inspiring. Love the daily reading and that each subscription helps others. Keep up the good work Faithbox

By M

Love getting my book of daily inspiration each month. Thank you Faithbox.

Verified Review - October 2017

Really starting to enjoy beginning each day with the daily read and video!

By Teresa

Items are great so far. Each box contained items I am enjoying, from full books to daily readings. The gift items are great as well. I feel the value is there and will continue to enjoy each box. There Wes an item missing in first 2 boxes, but I’m hopeful that customer service is correcting this. I look forward to each box.

Verified Review - October 2017

Love it!!

By Audrey

I absolutely love my monthly Faithbox, it’s always a surprise Love the monthly/daily devotionals, they start my day off right, coffee, Jesus and a devotional. I’ve received great items, free downloads, coffee, wonderful books, etc… if I get something I don’t need I find someone in need.

Verified Review - October 2017

Faithbox is great!

By Donna

I love receiving my Faithbox every month!! Great products and great devotionals!! I’m so glad its back!!

Verified Review - October 2017

Best thing i have ever subscribed to!

By Amanda

Where do I start? This box is amazing. Getting daily devotions, full size Christian books, free access to Bible studies, even the items that they send are incredible. My box has helped me on my journey so much. I could go on forever about how amazing this box is. I have been a subscriber for over a year and have never been disappointed.

Verified Review - October 2017

Love it

By Paula

I look forward to my faithbox. To me it does not matter what is inside the box,if I can’t use what’s in it, I find someone who can. It’s not about what’s inside it’s what it does to you, knowing you are helping someone else. There’s nothing else to say except where your heart is.

Verified Review - October 2017

Faithbox is powerful in it's many messages

By Marsha

Inspiration mixed with worldly awareness for not only each individual’s spiritual growth, but for the survival of the many who hunger and barely survive each day. Faithbox purchases/ publicizes the goods made in many countries that enable the people to contribute to their own survival, and then share with us. Each item in the Faithbox opens our hearts, our minds and our love for God and all his children.

Verified Review - October 2017

Awesome Inspirational Box

By Stephanie

When I first came to the Faithbox community I was excited to get my first box. I wasn’t sure what to expect but upon my first box I was hooked! I feel that I get adequate products for the value of my money. I have a month to month subscription currently. The impact guide included in the box, informs me of the socially conscious companies and then I can further research them and know about them. Delivery is prompt with a tracking number. Customer service, in my experience has been awesome! The faithbox community is loving, kind, and welcoming. While it was down for a few months, it is BACK AND STRONGER THAN EVER!!!!

Verified Review - October 2017

Love love love faithbox!

By Megan

I have been with faithbox for a short time but I just love everything that comes in my box each month! My dear friend suggested I get it and I have used it in my ministry job often! Thanks so much and keep up the great work! Love the daily videos too:)

Verified Review - October 2017

Faithbox - Encouragement to the Faith Journey

By Kim

This monthly subscription is a great monthly reminder to set and evaluate goals in your faith journey, especially with the included tracker. I consider it a great encouragement in my individual journey, I appreciate the community the new ownership is working hard to build around subscribers with the digital platform, and I love the fun surprise products which offer opportunity to support amazing innovators and world changers.

Verified Review - October 2017

Love it!

By Karen

I subscribed to FaithBox several months ago. The boxes just get better and better! I really like the daily on-line devotions. Keep up the great work!

Verified Review - October 2017


By Cynthia

I absolutely love faithbox. Every month it has meaning for me. I look forward to getting it, and I particularly love the devotions and the books that so often come with it. Hands-down the best subscription box I have ever ordered.

Verified Review - October 2017

Faithbox is a blessing

By Sandi

I’ve been getting Faithbox from the beginning, I love it!!! It inspires me to be a better person. The daily devotional is my favorite, reading them each morning helps to start my day inspired. The whole Faithbox team is a blessing!! Thank you for all you do!!!

Verified Review - October 2017

Faithbox is a blessing

By Sandi

I have been getting Faithbox for at least a year and I love each and everyone of them. It is such a blessing to have you back and spreading God’s word again, helping to feed hungry children, and supporting so many organization and small business from around the world. The daily devotionals are by far my favorite thing that comes in the box, reading them helps to start my day with the right mindset. The whole Faithbox team is a blessing, keep up the God inspiring work.

Verified Review - October 2017

New Owners, Even Better Box

By Tacie

I love my Faithbox. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year, and was super disappointed when they closed. The company was sold in August 2017 and the new owners are doing a fantastic job. Every month you get a devotional full of scripture and quotes based on a theme. There is a product or products that are environmental friendly and does some kind of good for the world. There is an impact guide telling all about the goodies in the box and how you can make even more of an impact. Each box provides meals to kids in need. Each of the boxes, since new ownership, have had a book that goes with an online bible study. There are daily e-mails and videos based on the lesson of the day and a new online group, just for members. I am glad I’m a member.

Verified Review - October 2017

So glad they are back!

By Shonee

I’ve been a subscriber for just over a year and although, I don’t love everything that comes in every box, I do enjoy most of items and getting to learn about all the wonderful company’s who are serving people in need. The items I don’t need or have a personal use for I store away as gifts for friends.
The monthly devotionals are my absolute favorite!!! I get to connect to God on a more focused level and it really has strengthened my relationship with God.

I have recently had issues with the website but customer service was quick to respond.

Verified Review - October 2017


By Linda Mason

I love my box. I look forward to it every month. I’m grateful that they came back. I tell others about Faithbox. My only problem is that sometimes they don’t come on the first of the month. I look Jr it was hen it comes on the first because I can start reading the daily book right away. I don’t have anything else to say about Faithbox other than I love what it stands for.

Verified Review - October 2017

Fantastic Faithbox! Something I look forward to every month!

By Wendy

I cannot begin to explain how much I look forward to receiving my Faithbox each month! It is a wonderful way to keep me on track with my spiritual journey with the Lord. As a mom of five, I tend to put myself last and my Faithbox has become my little prize for the month. I am always pleasantly surprised at the amount of products and the quality of the products that come in the box for the price. If you haven’t subscribed to Faithbox, what are you waiting for??? Treat yourself!

Verified Review - October 2017


By Alice

I absolutely love Faithbox! I started getting it when I was undergoing chemo and surgery 300 miles from home, away from family, friends and church. I looked forward to it every month and the devotions give me daily strength. Delivery is prompt although it took a month to get my new address correct. It is also a privilege to give to various causes and to read the stories behind the products. The daily video devotional is the best way to start my day.

Verified Review - October 2017

Love the new and improved Faithbox!

By Teanna

After reading the other reviews, I’d say that I have to agree with some of the statements BUT I kept my subscription to see what the new management does with this great idea. I have to say that I’m impressed! The contents are much more thought out and actually makes sense with the monthly devotional. The binding on the devotional is also improved so its much easier to take notes on. The items themselves are actually useful and inspiring! I also LOVE the added Youtube component so I can easily share the devotionals with clients at work. This management is SO much more interactive, helpful, and always looking for ways to make their customers happy. If you were disappointed before, its definitely worth it to look into this revamped Faithbox!

Verified Review - October 2017

I love my Faithbox subscription!

By Victoria

My box always arrives on time. Everything is packed appropriately so that nothing is damaged upon arrival. I love the contents of the box. I’m especially excited if I receive a book!! The booklet, Everyday Faith, is always inspirational, and helps put me in the right frame of mind for the day ahead.

I really appreciate the fact that you use socially aware and environmentally friendly products. Thank you!

Verified Review - October 2017

Awesome stuff

By Christine

Customer service first off is amazing. However that’s not (the only thing) what we are rating here. The Faithbox is—— to me, anything that brings us closer to God gets my ?. This company takes the time not to just box up some stuff and send it out make money and be done. Nope, it is a company spreading Gods “word” with companies and people that have Faith in God and how our Lord works in bettering our life and this world. God’s work through others. Can’t beat it.

Verified Review - October 2017

It Gives Back

By Tami

There is nothing better in life than when we are enabled to give back. Thank you Faithbox for making the process and system of doing so less complicated than doing it on my own.

The products are great. The leadership is wonderful. And the little extra of how the product extends beyond ourselves and outside of this community is empowering. Appreciate you all.

Verified Review - October 2017

Such a blessing

By Jess

I have been through the most traumatic year of my life and all the sudden in October I heard about Faithbox. I decided to join and boy am I happy I did. I did NOT know what to expect. I got a book to read, a handmade bracelet from Kenya, an amazing monthly devotional and some other items to keep me on track with my relationship with God. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, my second box came and WOW it was even more amazing! The value for the money is perfect and shipping is so fast! Customer service is great and answers any questions you may have. I am a new customer and I will now be a forever customer! I definitely recommend it!

Verified Review - October 2017

LOVE Faithbox - Growing in Your Walk with God!

By Jess Ann

I have been purchasing Faithboxes for over a year now and I have to say that they add a lot of joy to my walk with God. They are a wonderful Christian-based subscription box that sends a variety of goodies to your door each month. In each box you get a monthly devotional, a faith tracker card that helps you see the growth in your faith, and a variety of other items that often come from feel-good socially conscience organizations. Typically you get 5-6 items for $30 a month (including shipping). These items range from books to CDs to everyday use items to decorations. Many of the items that are included are ones that can be used repeatedly so the gift keeps on giving. Faithbox also posts videos everyday for their Everyday Faith daily devotional on Facebook and Youtube. On top of that, when you become a member you are invited to join a Facebook group where you can connect with all the other members of Faithbox as well as the staff. The best way to get value out of these items is to USE them. If you read the books, hang the decor, wear the jewelry, listen to the bible studies, read the daily devotionals, and track and work on your walk with God, you will surely feel that the value of the box greatly surpasses the price.

Faithbox is a great gift for others and for yourself! If you get the box yourself, it’s easy to find ways to pass on the items to bless others in the process. One month, cards were sent out and it was so great to see how sending a letter blessed others in my area.

If you want more information on the boxes, you can easily message the wonderful staff.
Futhermore, if you want to see unboxing videos you can do a Youtube search of Faithbox unboxings. I do uboxings myself on my channel under the same name: Jess Ann.

Verified Review - October 2017

Well worth it!

By Stacy

This is a great monthly box. I have been a customer for almost one year. Some of the boxes are better than others of course, but I can always find something inspirational in each one. They made some changes a couple months ago and they have done a great job keeping the boxes exciting and worth while each month. Would definitely recommend to someone who wants to keep their Faith a priority!

Verified Review - October 2017

Give and get

By Kathy

Faithbox is an amazing way to connect with God and share His love with others at the same time. The changes made since the restart are making it more of a community of believers coming together and support each other, learn more about Jesus and support great charities. Every month when it shows up it’s like a mini Christmas. We see what we get, but also what we gave. I’m not sure who is more excited me or my daughter. It’s been a great tool to teach her about giving God’s love through tithing.

Verified Review - October 2017


By Melissa

Faithbox is like a breath of fresh air to my spirit! These last two months the boxes have really hit home to what I’ve been going through personally, and I know it’s because it’s God inspired. I’m thankful the Lord has used them to speak to me and bring me the resources that have really helped and benefitted me. Amazing company. This is the only subscription box I will EVER use!

Verified Review - October 2017

New and Amazing!

By Laurie

I have been a Faithbox subscriber since the beginning, and the new management has made them awesome! They have great themes, products from Christian authors and organizations that are changing the world, and the best daily devotional videos. I look forward to the boxes every month, and I feel like the price is fair. I love learning about organizations that I can buy products from that will help others. I love Faithbox!

Verified Review - October 2017

In LOVE with Faithbox

By Alexandra

I LOVE Faithbox! At the beginning of every month I cannot wait to come home and find my Faithbox waiting for me at the door. Each month there are devotionals, usually a book, and items from philanthropic organizations that help the world. Not only is this box convenient, but it also opens up opportunities to give back to the world. Every day a video is posted on youtube that follows the daily devotional so I can start my day on a positive note. I have felt like I have been growing in Christ each day. There is also a Facebook group for members where everyone is fully encouraging and supportive of each other.
I definitely recommend Faithbox!

Verified Review - October 2017

The Boxes Just Keep Getting Better

By Rachel

I’m so excited for what Faithbox has turned into. I’ve seen some negative reviews but seem like most of them are old. I’ve heard there is new ownership and let me tell you, they are doing everything right! If you are looking for not only a box, but a super fun community to grow in your faith with, this is it! Love everything about the Journey that comes in each box!

Verified Review - August 2017

Zero Customer Service

By Daniel

Good Luck trying to get ahold of someone. They purposely hide their phone number so you cant contact them and require you e-mail them only. Their response time is abysmal. When someone does contact you their response is generic and comes with attitude. My biggest issue to begin with was them charging your card on the 1st of the month but not shipping the box until the very end of the month. They don’t do a great job of explaining this to you but are rude when you want information. Sad that they tie faith and religion to this mess of a company yet act like money hungry rude careless fly by night business people.

Verified Review - February 2017

Not what my wife expected

By Tony

Where to start. For one thing, the web site is horrible. You would think it was built in 2001. They don’t even offer a gift receipt. How do you not offer a gift receipt? I just had to print the poorly designed receipt and line through the price to give my wife. Customer service is a joke. We moved and I changed the shipping address 2 weeks before they were supposed to ship the package. And of course they shipped it to the old address. Not that my wife really cared. She was less than thrilled with the contents. It just had a few Tim Tebow paraphernalia items in it. Nothing motivational or spiritual. She was very disappointed. I guess the proceeds go to a good cause, but our money would have been better spent sending it directly to a charity.

Verified Review - February 2017

Useless. A waste of time and money.

By Beth

Some anonymous person wasted money sending this useless subscription to my husband. He doesn’t even open it. I try to find something useful in each box, but basically I end up throwing most of the contents away. I’d really be aggravated if I’d sent them money for this, but it’s a gift from a mystery person.

I emailed the company to find out who is sending this, but they wouldn’t tell me. I’d much prefer to give the money to a Christian charity of our choice or use the money for a classic Christian book. I

If we get another one, I’ll probably throw it directly in the trash. A missed opportunity.

Verified Review - January 2016

So disappointed in Faithbox

By Linda

My experience with this company has been bad from start to finish. I ordered starting with the December box. The box I got did not have what was on the website. They even forgot to put in one of the main items.!What I did get was not anything that I wanted. I tried and tried to get help to no avail. They sent me a copy of their refund policy, I didn’t ask for a refund, but the essence their policy says that you have ten days after you place your order to ask for a refund. Sounds fair, but you don’t even get your box for six weeks and by then you can’t get any help with your problem because it’s past ten days. They tell me that no matter what I want or don’t want, I have to receive and pay for two more boxes. Crazy! Don’t give them the chance to cheat you like they did me.

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