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Waldo offer premium daily contact lens subscription at an affordable price, with lenses that feature a flawless fine-edge design and facilitate long-lasting comfort for eyes. By selling online and delivering directly to customers from manufacturers, Waldo send premium lenses, seamless service and savings to consumers doors.

Quality daily contacts, hassle-free

Waldo is the ultimate destination for premium, effortless, affordable vision.

Waldo offer premium daily contact lens subscription at an affordable price, with lenses that feature a flawless fine-edge design and facilitate long-lasting comfort for eyes. By selling online and delivering directly to customers from manufacturers, Waldo send premium lenses, seamless service and savings to consumers doors.

The daily contact lenses are designed for comfort and optimum moisture. The brand has partnered with an internationally recognised and certified supplier to create lenses that have a tapered smooth edge, enabling low-foreign body sensation when blinking. What’s more, the lenses themselves are made up of 58% water which allow wearers to enjoy maximum moisture and comfort all day long thanks to Multilayer Moisturising Hyaluronic Acid agents. Waldo lenses also offer a Class 2 classification which blocks 70% UVA and 95% UVB rays. The aspheric lens design, which mimics the design of the eye’s cornea, mean the lenses also offer outstanding HD vision. Waldo lenses have a DK/t of 25 (oxygen transmissibility (DK/t) of 21 is needed in order to prevent any ocular changes to the eyes), so wearers can rest assured they are fully protected.

Waldo Original is available for just £12 (30 lenses), making them significantly cheaper than other brands of the same high quality. Meanwhile, Waldo Vitamin lenses available for £16 per box (30 lenses). Waldo Vitamin lenses are stored in a patented saline solution formula which boasts Vitamin B6, B12, E, meaning nutrients can reach the eye to leave them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated throughout the day.

With registered opticians in house and a customer service team waiting on hand, Waldo doesn’t add to your to-do lists but ticks things off. Eye-care should be a fun and positive experience, not a chore. Lenses suit prescriptions from -12.00 to +4.00 and are delivered throughout the UK.

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Verified Review - September 2019

Impossible to cancel


did the $3 trial and was charged for a subscription before the date I was supposed to be. I didn’t want the subscription – lenses didn’t work great for me (I’m picky). I called to cancel and the told me I had to wait until my box of lenses arrived and return to sender since they’d already shipped. I did that and never got a refund. Then they charged me AGAIN and sent another box! After I’d canceled and never been refunded for the first order! I called them again and she said the same thing – return to sender, we can’t refund you until then. I am now out $216 and doubt I’ll ever see a penny in refunds.

Verified Review - August 2019


By Sis

DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!! WARNING ?????????? They will continue to charge your card even when you try to cancel. My credit card had to block the company and I’m still getting charged six months later of course it’s not going through only because capital one blocked them !!!! BAD BAD BUSINESS ???

Verified Review - July 2019

I was a loyal customer until...

By Tea

Wow wow wow. So disappointed. First of all, these contacts were super uncomfortable ESPECIALLY for dry eyes.
No astigmatism options either. They charged me $36 and never shipped me my contacts. I called them 4 times in 2 weeks and they gave me the same runaround (your box will arrive within 2-3 days). Don’t waste your money! You’re better off with Hubble or Target.

Verified Review - January 2019


By Cindy

There is no telephone number that you can contact this company. This is your first warning not to use them. I ordered my free trial for $2.95 when I received them I could not see out of them. I emailed the company canceled my subscription and then next month and a full box was sent to me. I refused the box and send it back and wrote canceled on the box. They refunded my money. That was back in October. Today there was a charge for over $36 on my credit card. When I tried to contact Waldo they said my subscription had never been canceled and I could only do it through email on my account do not order from this company ! They are ripping off people by charging their credit card and not sending the product.

Verified Review - January 2019

worst customer service in the world

By htcpa

Absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I never received my trial lenses that I paid $2.95 for after ordering them September 30. I notified the company in an email on October 23 and was asking for my refund and cancelling any further orders. I then moved and they claim that they sent 3 more months of lenses to me and have now charged me over $100 for lenses that I never received. They claim that I did not cancel at my online account. They acknowledge receipt of my October 23 email cancelling the service but failed to take any action. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!!

Verified Review - November 2018

Took money before I had chance to trial the lenses

By Neil

Received the lenses (5 days worth) didn’t get chance to test them as I was still using my current lenses. Tried a pair for one day and appeared to get some irritation. Flew away on holiday and received an email to say my month supply of lenses had been despatched and £24 had been taken from my credit card. I received no prompt or any communication to see how the trial had gone and if I was happy to continue.
I emailed them several times to cancel the order but received no reply after 5 days so took to twitter. They finally replied but would not back down and said if I wanted a refund I would have to return at my own expense. They then offered me a £10 discount to keep the lenses. Im stil away on holiday and will be contacting my bank to stop payment on my return. The principal being they issued lenses a few days after receiving the trial lenses and did not give me time to trial (should have received 10 days supply but only received 5!)

Verified Review - July 2018

Waldo Contact Lenses. Breaking the law and making misleading claims about the Oxygen transmission of their lenses

By Concerned

Waldo contact lenses claim on their website:

“An oxygen transmissibility (DK/t) of 21 is needed in order to prevent any ocular changes to the eyes. Waldo lenses have a DK/t of 25, ensuring Waldo wearers are fully protected.” Despite their claims, do not provide sufficient Oxygen to the cornea.

The Holden-Mertz criteria in 1984 for safe every day wear demonstrated an average Oxygen transmissibility Dk/t of >24 was required for safe daily wear. Waldo’s published Dk/t is 25, but that is for the centre of a -3.00 lens, when calculated average Dk/t over the whole of a -3.00 lens or a higher prescription (Waldo go up to -12.00), this is then below the Holden-Mertz criteria for safe wear.

More recently Papas revealed to a Dk/t of over 125 is required to reduce limbal redness (due to lack of oxygen). Waldo’s lenses are therefore well below this level.

Optometrists and academics are all in agreement that modern Silicone Hydrogel lenses, not hydrogels like Waldo lenses are the first choice lens design due to their significantly higher oxygen transmission.
Waldo’s lens design is from the mid 1990s. Would you rather wear a modern, safe silicone hydrogel lens which has been fitted and assessed by a trained clinician, or a Waldo lens which has not been assessed on your eye and is an outdated and less safe lens design.

By failing to require a valid contact lens specification to supply their contact lenses, Waldo are also breaking the law (section 25 of the Opticians Act).
They are being reported to the General Optical Council (Governing body for Opticians) and to the Advertising Standards Authority for making misleading claims about the Oxygen transmission of their lenses.

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