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Weekend Box create high-quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together. Recognising the many demands on most parents time and how hard that makes sourcing exciting, high-quality activities for your little ones, Weekend Box steps in to provide the things you need when you need them. Weekend Box are meticulous when it comes to sourcing the highest-quality products from […]

Activity boxes for kids aged 3-6

Weekend Box create high-quality activities for you & your children to enjoy together. Recognising the many demands on most parents time and how hard that makes sourcing exciting, high-quality activities for your little ones, Weekend Box steps in to provide the things you need when you need them.

Weekend Box are meticulous when it comes to sourcing the highest-quality products from the best, independent suppliers across the UK. All of their suppliers are assessed to ensure that their values match the high standards set by Weekend Box. Every box sent out is different and will contain four different activities, sent either fortnightly or monthly.

Some example activities you could expect to find in your box would be; a fun recipe to make with your children with the main ingredients included, a mask making kit with all the paints and stencils included, a gardening kit complete with seeds and compost, a game making kit with pencils, paints and card.

Sustainability is embedded at the heart of all Weekend Box’s ideas. Everything is either reusable or recyclable; 95% of each Weekend Box’s contents coming from recycled material.

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Verified Review - September 2016

Perfect for my 6 year old daughter

By Kellie

The boxes are good value for money and perfect for my 6 year old daughter. We buy the 4 activity per box monthly subscription and my daughter loves to get her personalised box, it was the only reason she was pleased to be back from our holiday! Delivery is great and I have had no reason to use customer services but I have seen how active staff are on their Facebook page. Really pleased with everything we’ve had so far in terms of value, variety and enjoyment.

Verified Review - April 2016

Colourful & fun!

By RelentlesslyPurple

We absolutely love the weekend boxes! I was surprised both boxes we received came through earlier than expected, both boxes we have had so far have arrived on a Thursday morning. I think they are great value as they include pretty much everything you need for each activity as well as step by step instruction that are easy to follow. My 5 year old daughter loved receiving her weekend boxes as they are colorful and fun! She loves the activities, stickers & colour in certificate and I love how easy and quick it is to get her sat down doing a craft when her younger sister is asleep without me having to hunt for things and try to think up something for her to do. I would definitely recommend weekend boxes

Verified Review - April 2016

Great value for money and easy for kids to do, confidence building quality time.

By Ditzy Mum

We love the Weekend Box! We tried it last month and found 4 really fun, straight forward activities to do. We baked cookies with a very simple recipe that our 3yr old son had fun with – he got to squish a banana and mix all the ingredients together. It was recipe he could do almost entirely by himself, so it was great for confidence building in the kitchen. We also made a parrot mask and decorated it – he needed help with cutting out and the elastic, but he loved the decorating and using the mask for dressing up – he does a great parrot impression!

The next activity was a gardening one, with seeds, soil pellets and string which turned into a self watering ‘rainforest’ in a bottle, which is still growing nicely and we haven’t had to do anything but admire the growth ever since! The 4th activity in our first box was a art and craft one – painting a paper plate with bubble wrap as a ‘stamp’ to create a spring snake with googly eyes and a ribbon tongue. Our son loves his finished piece, loved making him and he is now his pet!! So definitely a hit!

The final activity is a bonus really – adding all the reward stickers to their instruction cards and colouring in the certificate. Again, our son loved this bit!

Overall, the box is very good value for money at £7.50 for the 4 activities including postage, as most of the materials are included (this time round we added a banana, a plastic bottle, some water and scissors – all of which we can understand why they couldn’t post them!). You get a lot more from these boxes for your money than if you bought activity sets from a highstreet shop. Plus kids love getting post!

The delivery is quick an easy – the boxes fit through the letter box so no need to be in for delivery.

We would recommend Weekend Boxes, we are impatiently waiting for our next one to arrive! (You can see us do all the activities in our video review on YouTube, just search for Weekend Box Ditzy Channel!)

Verified Review - March 2016

Family bonding

By Amy

Amazing boxes! £7.50 a month for 4 activities! My son (3) absolutely loves them. We used to receive toucan boxes, but find these much better value for money and much easier to receive, they fit through letter box meaning never waiting in for delivery.So far we have only had 2 boxes but we enjoyed making our ‘rainforest’ and making chocolate nests/Easter crafts! Looking forward to our next one. Fabulous customer service.. Email when dispatched so know roughly when to expect them! Hours of mother and son bonding.

Verified Review - February 2016

Fantastic value for time spent together

By Gemma

My kids really enjoyed the first box we recieved. It came in a neat little package through the letterbox addressed to my daughter. It’s aimed at 3to6 yr olds but my 9 and 2 year old thoroughly enjoyed joining in.
We had a rainforest themed box (each box is different apparently). We had the mini box with 2 activities which was priced at £4.95. The regular box with 4 activities is about £7?
I think this price was good value for the effort that is put into it to make it fun and educational. Andy the owner has always responded quick to emails I’ve sent so can’t fault their customer service 🙂
We had fun making a rainforest and parrot masks. The box is good for busy parents who just don’t have time to ‘think’ about what crafts to do with their kids. Thus box has it all in with instructions do just rip open and enjoy fun time together.

Verified Review - December 2015

Weekend box - subscribe for your kids or other kids as a present

By Sassy H

This is a brilliant idea. The box fits through the letterbox so no missed delivery disappointments.
It’s got everything you need, plus you get an email before it arrives telling you what’s coming so you can have a little build-up with your little one!
When it does come, it’s got their name on and everything is bagged up with a little character on each to add to the fun.
It’s fun simple and checks off lots of educational bits along the way – motor skills, problem solving, creativity etc.
It gives you lots of ideas to adapt from, or just buy a few bits and bobs to repeat the most popular ones.
It’s fab for a regular arrival during these dark winter days or if you don’t like near the little ones in your life, you could subscribe so they get al regular little present and activity all in one.
I wish I’d know about them before my little one was small. She could have taken it with her to her nanny’s house to do the crafts in addition to the cooking and big boxes of craft bits she had.
Fab idea, good value and a regular in our house now.
Don’t miss out!

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